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Cynocephali: The Dog-Headed Men

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As bizarre and fantastical as it sounds to our modern ears, there is a long history of recorded accounts of a race of creatures known as the dog-headed men. Everyone is probably familiar with the Egyptian depiction of Anubis, the jackal or dog-headed deity. Anubis is a Greek translation of the...

Willamette Meteorite: why, and what is it?

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The Willamette Meteorite weighs about 32,000 pounds. It is classified as a type III iron meteorite, being composed of over 91% iron and 7.62% nickel, with traces of cobalt and phosphorus. The approximate dimensions of the meteorite are 10 feet tall by 6.5 feet wide by 4.25 feet deep. Most iron...

Who Was Junius?

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The seditious writers, knowing the penalty for their actions, wrote under assumed names: Atticus, Lucius, and most notoriously, Junius as well as others. These 3 argued amongst themselves as much as they warned of doomsday predictions should the situation not be speedily ameliorated. King George...

1898 and 1899: Trans-Mississippi and Greater America Expositions in Omaha

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Here we have another one of those Expos allegedly made out of horse hair and plaster. I suggest we look into this Expo, analyze available construction photographs, the crowds, the exhibits, etc. May be, in the process, we could develop some sort of an opinion on what this next "build to destroy"...

Tamerlane a.k.a. Timur: what was his ethnicity?

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Timur, historically known as Amir Timur and Tamerlane, was a Turco-Mongol conqueror. As the founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia, he became the first ruler in the Timurid dynasty. According to John Joseph Saunders, Timur was "the product of an islamized and iranized society"...

Patent Law Enforcement in the Past

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What kind of society did they really have to allow for proper enforcement of the Patent Law? From my “narrative compliant” understanding of those times, I cannot imagine any patent enforcement being anywhere on the list of priorities back than. Yet, it had to be, according to the above wiki...

Tartarian Language and Alphabet

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May be at some point we will be able to locate the Tartarian alphabet, and examples of their writing. I do not mean the Tatar Language mentioned on wikipedia. The language I'm talking about does appear to be omitted from the narrative compliant history.

Prague astronomical clock: Orloj

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You would think a device of such magnificence and importance would have been heavily depicted by painters, artists and photographers over the millennia, but it appears not at least form a quick internet search, perhaps it is depicted in books, etc not online. The clock was first installed in...

19th Century Prisons: what were they before they became prisons?

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With barely any people in the mid 19th century US, why were these prisons so big? Who were the clients? The original title of the suggested video is "Tartarian Prisons: Not the Original Use". The author analyzes beautiful structures, which somehow ended up serving as prisons. Some of the...

The Evolution Deception

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The foundations of our modern nihilistic evolutionary world, were laid by Darwin and are propagated by NASA and the public education system. It explains how you are here now due to pure chance. Absolute nothing exploded to form matter and life; an explosion from nothing that created everything...

Tartarian Fortresses? Jongs aka Dzongs in Lhasa, Tibet: Gyantse, Phari, Chitishio, etc

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Some 50 miles south-east of this town, in the valley of the Nian-chu, stands one of the oldest towns of Tibet, Gyantse, advantageously situated for trade with India. Carpets and cloth are made in this spot, widely renowned for its immense suburban (temple), which is five stories high, and has...

1694 Zhe-hol: Poo-Ta-La Temple in Tartary

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The site on which the Potala Palace rises is built over a palace erected by Songtsen Gampo on the Red Hill. The Potala contains two chapels on its northwest corner that conserve parts of the original building. One is the Phakpa Lhakhang, the other the Chogyel Drupuk, a recessed cavern identified...

Collaboration and Documentation Ideas

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I think it would be very productive for forums like this to be able to document useful solid info that members are able to agree on. Normally, forums get lots of discussion with sharing of good info, but very little comes of it all. Maybe we can improve on that. One aspect of documentation I'm...

Life Span Pre-Modern Age

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We are taught by official documents that human life span were much shorter in previous ages. Here in Sweden school children are taught it was common that humans did not live past 30-35. How do we know these documents are not forgery? What do you think about past humans short life span? Don’t you...

Weather Vanes vs. Air Travel, and may be Flags

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In my opinion the Weather Vanes mounted on top of the older, or "ancient" buildings had practical, rather than decorative purposes. To be exact, it was to show the direction of the wind to the pilots of the ancient airships. I understand that it probably sounds way too bananas crazy for some...

Ancient Music: where is it?

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Lots of theory on melody and harmony but no written music. It sounds like the scribe hoaxers of the late 16th century figured out it was much easier to put music theory on the map of Greece via copies of copies of fantasy original Greek documents - than actually writing a decent amount of...

Flying Serpents & Pterasaurs: lived alongside man?

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This thread is to expand on some of the additional histories or literature on Winged Serpents or Pterasaur type dinosaurs in the near-distant or ancient past. If you have read some of the other Dinosaur threads, you will likely have come to the conclusion that Dinosaurs have lived alongside man...

Movie: Metropolis (1927), who was it really made by?

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YouTube channel UAP put out an interesting analysis of this movie. I guess it is being suggested that the movie was made using the video footage created by the Civilization of the Builders, Society “X”, Tartary type culture... Then, certain “proof” was created to make it look like it was...

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