Renaissance Cannons: Mysterious and Misunderstood

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The very first cannons of the Middle Ages were breech loaded, with gunpowder and shot contained in pots dropped at the back of the barrel, but the poor seals made them dangerous, and they wore quickly and could not be scaled to larger weapons. The main advantage of breech-loading is a reduction...

Pittsburgh 1910: Grant Street Hump cut

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The Hump was viewed as an impediment to the developing city of Pittsburgh, both from a commerce standpoint, as well as a transportation standpoint. Multiple attempts were made to remove the earthen hump, but in 1914, the excavation was finally completed and Grant Street was level for both...

San Francisco: 1906 vs. 1909

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The New San Francisco album contains 24 mounted prints taken by Edward N. Sewell in 1909 representing the state of recovery of San Francisco three years after the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906 which destroyed much of the city. The album primarily features scenes of the city's financial...

Leonardo Da Vinci and his micro-brushes

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Apparently, the paintings done by Leonardo da Vinci cannot be faked by no artist of today. No matter how talented the artists of today are, not a single one of them is able to create a painting of the same quality. I am not even talking about making a copy of Mona Lisa here. None of the today's...

Could Jesus have been a clone?

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Could Jesus have been born in a "feeding box" in one of these buildings for cloning sheep or cattle? Brings a whole new meaning to the term "I am the lamb of god". Additionally, look at this excerpt from a book talking about another aspect of the Hebrew word for manger (urvah) relating to 'head...

1855-59 Australia: University of Sydney, Great Hall Construction

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In 1854, Edmund Thomas Blacket began designing the University’s Great Hall. The original colonial architect, Blacket’s design was intended to mirror the Tudor Gothic style seen in the London Guildhall, the Banqueting House at Hampton Court Palace and Westminster Hall in England. The foundations...

Ancient Tunnels in Puebla, Mexico

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Workers have uncovered tunnels thought to be as much as 500 years old underneath the Mexican colonial city of Puebla. The head of the city's historic downtown district, Sergio Vergara, said two structures uncovered so far were probably old drainage tunnels. The city is excavating the tunnels and...

1888 The Rookery, Chicago & Locations of Previous City Halls

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The Rookery Building is a historic landmark, office building located at 209 South LaSalle Street in the Loop community area of Chicago. Completed by architects John Wellborn Root and Daniel Burnham of Burnham and Root in 1888, it is considered one of their masterpiece buildings, and was once the...

Alexander the Great: Fictional Action Hero

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They made up a ridiculous story of an army that conquered these vast areas and 'marked' it with 'european style'. As if a single pass of an always victorious army is enough to establish not only cities but also kingdoms, and influence the conquered people into a new culture for generations to come!

It's a bit Pompeii-like: The unexpected buried blocks of Melbourne

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Long story short, whilst excavating, they discover a whole block under a city which is suposedly only 70 odd years old. There was no ready explanation for the workers, digging foundations for what would be Swanston Street’s famed Capitol Theatre, as the building they had just demolished had...

The Amazing City of Dubai, UAE

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Records of the area where the emirate of Dubai is situated are very rare for any period before the 18th century. The earliest recorded mention of Dubai is in 1095 in the Book of Geography by the Andalusian-Arab geographer Abu Abdullah al-Bakri. The Venetian pearl merchant Gasparo Balbi visited...

5,000 year old NYC in Israel: Gaser, Gazer, Gezer

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According to the Hebrew Bible, Gezer was one of the great cities fortified by Solomon, in addition to Jerusalem, Megiddo, and Hazor. Its importance was due in part to the strategic position it held at the crossroads of the ancient coastal trade route linking Egypt with Syria, Anatolia and...

Star Fort: Zachary Taylor, Key West FL

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Construction of the fort began in 1845 as part of a mid-19th century plan to defend the southeast coast through a series of forts after the War of 1812. In 1898, the fort was reduced down to the second floor and Battery Osceola was added to the south casemate. The battery consisted of two 12...

Denver Airport: Reset and Art

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"Deep Time / Deep Space, A Subterranean Journey" is a mile-long light and sculpture installation sited in the inbound train tunnel. The work is inspired by Colorado's industrial and social history and transforms the tunnel with images drawn from related environments including a mineshaft, a cave...

White Sands National Monument: who covered 143,733 acres with gypsum?

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White Sands National Monument is a United States national monument located in the state of New Mexico on Route 70 approximately 54 miles (87 km) northeast of Las Cruces and 16 miles (26 km) southwest of Alamogordo in western Otero County and northeastern Doña Ana County. The monument is situated...

Mud Flood in Sardis: archaeologists are silent

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Sardis or Sardes was an ancient city at the location of modern Sart, near the Salihli in Turkey's Manisa Province. Sardis was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia, one of the important cities of the Persian Empire, the seat of a Seleucid Satrap, the seat of a proconsul under the Roman...

Ancient Genetics Factory: The Temple of Artemis

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The Temple of Artemis aka The Temple of Diana was responsible for providing this planet with creatures of various types, including humans. While this specific temple was located in Ephesus, I doubt that it was the only one. As a matter of fact I would be surprised if it was. The below listed...

1906/1914 World’s Largest Resort Hotel “Fireproof” Traymore Atlantic City, NJ

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The Traymore Hotel was a resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Begun as a small boarding house in 1879, the hotel expanded and became one of the city's premier resorts. As Atlantic City began to decline in its popularity as a resort town, during the 1950s and 1960s, the Traymore diminished in...

The Venice High Voltage lines and the Starfort Marghera

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While looking a little deeper into the Venice area and it's correlation with the Starfort Marghera I noticed something interesting. I took the liberty of drawing some lines based of this "Forte Marghera" and these are some of my finds up to now. So we've got this pretty amazing "Forte Marghera"...

Afghanistan: Ground Patterns For You To Scratch Your Head...

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Here is a small portion of my collection of ground patterns in Afghanistan for you to enjoy, scratch your head and help me understand... You will see big holes on the ground in line next to village streets, linear scratches on the soil, together with rectangular ones, which do not look...

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