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Uncomfortable question about goddess Artemis

It's not gonna be easy to build a logical structure here. I'll give it a try, and will ask for your attention in return. The information is rather scarce, and reading between the lines is pretty hard in this case. Half of this SH blog could probably serve as a prerequisite for this article, so I am only gonna provide several internal links related to the issue:
Hypothesis: The Temple of Artemis aka The Temple of Diana was responsible for providing this planet with creatures of various types, including humans. While this specific temple was located in Ephesus, I doubt that it was the only one. As a matter of fact I would be surprised if it was. The below listed Goddesses represent genetic factories of sorts. They could be one and the same, or they could be located in various places during various historic periods.
  • Terrorist organization known as ISIS was in reality an operation, where multiple human entities were created.
Key components of the article:
Barberini's Fountain and Bees
Located in Rome, the fountain was executed in travertine in 1642–43. At its center rises a larger than lifesize muscular Triton, a minor sea god of ancient Greco-Roman legend, depicted as a merman kneeling on the sum of four dolphin tail-fins. His head is thrown back and his arms raise a conch to his lips; from it a jet of water spurts, formerly rising dramatically higher than it does today. The fountain has a base of four dolphins that entwine the papal tiara with crossed keys and the heraldic Barberini bees in their scaly tails.


Essentially, them bees are to blame for this article. I do not think that heraldry is to be taken lightly. For the family of the Barberini's magnitude to put three bees on their Coat of Arms, the bees had to have a very special meaning. Of course, the official history says that the bees were an upgrade from the previous versions of the Barberini famili crest. The Crest progression was as follows:
  • Common Black Horseflies
  • Golden Horseflies
  • Golden Bees
I have my own opinion on the horseflies, and think we are forced to deal with a lot of historical horseshit in the process.
  • Bees were used as an important symbol by the Barberini family, and therefore used by Bernini to adorn his creations, among which the Canopy of St. Peter stands out for its importance and majestic nature.
Carlo Barberini (1488–1566) and his brother Antonio Barberini (1494–1559) were the founders of the family, and this places us within the time frame of the very important 15th/16th centuries.
  • If we are allowed for the hypothesis of Mr. Columbus rediscovering America, rather than getting it discovered, we have to be allowed for an additional hypothesis. I am talking about a major catastrophe, which lead to the Age of Discovery.
The Temple of Artemis
The Temple of Artemis, also known as the Temple of Diana, was a Greek temple dedicated to an ancient, local form of the goddess Artemis (associated with Diana, a Roman goddess). It was located in Ephesus (near the modern town of Selçuk in present-day Turkey). It was completely rebuilt twice, once after a devastating flood and three hundred years later after an act of arson, and in its final form was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. By 401 AD it had been ruined or destroyed.


Alexander the Great offered to pay for the temple's rebuilding (1st, or 2nd?); the Ephesians tactfully refused, and eventually rebuilt it after his death, at their own expense. Work started in 323 BC and continued for many years. The third temple was larger than the second; 137 m (450 ft) long by 69 m (225 ft) wide and 18 m (60 ft) high, with more than 127 columns.
  • This reconstruction survived for 600 years, and appears multiple times in early Christian accounts of Ephesus. According to the New Testament, the appearance of the first Christian missionary in Ephesus caused locals to fear for the temple's dishonor. The 2nd-century Acts of John includes an apocryphal tale of the temple's destruction: the apostle John prayed publicly in the Temple of Artemis, exorcising its demons and "of a sudden the altar of Artemis split in many pieces... and half the temple fell down," instantly converting the Ephesians, who wept, prayed or took flight.
  • In 268 AD, the Temple was destroyed or damaged in a raid by the Goths, an East Germanic tribe; in the time of emperor Gallienus: "Respa, Veduc and Thuruar, leaders of the Goths, took ship and sailed across the strait of the Hellespont to Asia. There they laid waste many populous cities and set fire to the renowned temple of Diana at Ephesus," reported Jordanes in Getica. It is, however, unknown to what extent the temple was damaged.
  • Whatever the extent of the injuries to the building, it appears to have been rebuilt or repaired, as the temple is noted to have been in use for worship during the rise of Christianity, and closed as a consequence of the Persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire. However, the history of the temple between 268 and its closure by the Christian persecutions is not well known, and it is unconfirmed how big the damage of 268 was, and exactly which year it was closed by the Christians. Ammonius of Alexandria comments on the closure of the temple in his commentary of the Acts of the Apostles in the mid 5th-century, in which he gives the impression that the closure of the temple had occurred in his living memory. The closure of the Temple of Artemis is assumed to have occurred sometime during the course of the early to mid 5th-century, with the year of 407 as an early date. The closure of the temple was followed by the erasing of the name of Artemis from inscriptions around the city of Ephesus.
  • It is unknown how long the building stood after the closure of the temple by the Christians. At least some of the stones from the temple were eventually used in construction of other buildings. Some of the columns in Hagia Sophia originally belonged to the temple of Artemis, and several statues and other decorative elements from the temple, throughout Constantinople.
  • Sources: The main primary sources for the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus are Pliny the Elder's Natural History, Pomponius Mela i:17, and Plutarch's Life of Alexander (referencing the burning of the Artemiseum).
  • Re-discovery: After six years of searching, the site of the temple was rediscovered in 1869 by an expedition led by John Turtle Wood and sponsored by the British Museum. These excavations continued until 1874. A few further fragments of sculpture were found during the 1904–1906 excavations directed by David George Hogarth. The recovered sculptured fragments of the 4th-century rebuilding and a few from the earlier temple, which had been used in the rubble fill for the rebuilding, were assembled and displayed in the "Ephesus Room" of the British Museum. In addition, the museum has part of possibly the oldest pot-hoard of coins in the world (600 BC) that had been buried in the foundations of the Archaic temple.
    • Today the site of the temple, which lies just outside Selçuk, is marked by a single column constructed of dissociated fragments discovered on the site.
  • Temple of Artemis - Wikipedia
KD: With Pliny the Elder who died in 79AD during the Pompeii related Vesuvius eruption, we could adjust some dates. At the very least, prior to 1631, the Temple of Artemis was still up.

Bees, Beehives and this Article
Contemporary and older bee references pertaining to this article are multiple. They are easy to find. The main idea here is that all our "Goddesses" have this bee connection.
  • Barberini family, in my opinion, has bees in their coat of arms for the exact same reason. They participated in the genetic creation of various entities.
  • The honey bee was held sacred in antiquity, and civilizations that embraced its life-affirming gifts flourished; those who did not perished. Egypt was known as the land of the bee, its kings were called ‘beekeepers’ and the founders of the Nile Valley appear to have travelled from Mesopotamia with bees in their boats after the flood, circa 3,000 BCE.​
  • Cybele ruled over wild beasts and was also goddess of the bees.​
  • The Ephesian Artemis had as its symbol, the bee that appears on coins of the city and based on exhibits of Athens Museums on the shields of the Ephesian hoplites.
  • There are tons of various sources on the internet linking our Goddesses with bees. None of them, in my opinion, provide us with the truthful reason for this historical fact.
    • Queen Bees and Beehives are the common denominator here.
Queen Bees and Beehives
In my understanding, the Goddesses we have are the Queen Bees, and the Temples are the Behives. In other words we have factories with genetic machines inside.
  • Queen Bee: The term queen bee is typically used to refer to an adult, mated female that lives in a honey bee colony or hive; she is usually the mother of most, if not all, of the bees in the beehive. Queens are developed from larvae selected by worker bees and specially fed in order to become sexually mature. There is normally only one adult, mated queen in a hive, in which case the bees will usually follow and fiercely protect her.
  • Beehive: A beehive is an enclosed, man-made structure in which some honey bee species live and raise their young. Though the word beehive is commonly used to describe the nest of any bee colony, scientific and professional literature distinguishes nest from hive. Nest is used to discuss colonies which house themselves in natural or artificial cavities or are hanging and exposed. Hive is used to describe an artificial, man-made structure to house a honey bee nest.
KD: I have no clue whether our Goddess Bees were mechanical incubators or flesh and blood creatures.

Queen Bees aka Goddesses
There was a lengthy discussion in reference to whether we are seeing female breasts, bull testicles or dates. It could just come out that those are eggs aka ovum.
  • A mature female reproductive cell, especially of a human or other animal, which can divide to give rise to an embryo usually only after fertilization by a male cell.

Below, I put our Goddesses together. The compilation will also give an additional tie-in into the Barberini Family bee hypothesis.


Please take a mental note of the "Nature" Goddess from the Foundlings Hospital Coat of Arms.


Barberini Connection

Alma Mater and Magna Mater
Alma mater (Latin: nourishing mother) is an allegorical Latin phrase for a university, school, or college that one formerly attended. In US usage, it can also mean the school from which one graduated.
  • The phrase is variously translated as "nourishing mother", "nursing mother", or "fostering mother", suggesting that a school provides intellectual nourishment to its students.
  • TPTB tells us: Although alma (nourishing) was a common epithet for Ceres, Cybele, Venus, and other mother goddesses, it was not frequently used in conjunction with mater in classical Latin.
It appears that when you are ready to place a castle on your head, it does not really matter how many eggs you have attached to your body at the moment.

The Magna Mater was brought to Rome in the year 204 BCE from the Phrygian city of Pessinus in Asia Minor. Although the cult was introduced as a new form of the Phrygian goddess Matar by way of its Greek incarnation, the Cult of Cybele, it was actually a Roman construction of a "foreign" cult. From its first arrival, the Roman cult had a public branch that was established by the state in order to incorporate it into Roman public religion and a private branch that developed separately with its own rituals and modes of worship.


Orphans and Foundlings
There are tons of these egged Mother Goddesses out there. For those interested, I strongly recommend to take a look:
KD: In my opinion the below are orphans, because they were made using a "Mother Goddess" machine/method. Clones if you will...




Checkout this weird compilation I stumbled into while collecting the above images.

Statue of Liberty Tie-in
We all know that the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886. Below we have an image which could tie in the Statue of Liberty into the general "re-population" picture. Could it mean, that 1886 is when the United States acquired its new citizens?


Operation ISIS
These days, when people think about "ISIS", they most likely mean the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. As far as I understand, the mission of ISIS is accomplished. TPTB also renamed it to ISIL. At the same time, never ever again googling for Isis will give you the Goddess at the top of the search. This is probably not important, but little things matter too.

Those living in the United States know well that some of our acronyms do not sound cool for no reason. The words appear to be deliberately chosen to make the resulting acronym sound cool and meaningful. Nothing wrong with that, right? From this perspective I do not think that we ended up with "ISIS" for no reason.

We obviously had multiple news articles and other types of mass media coverage showing death and destruction. This is a PC touchy issue, and I want to make it clear, that in my opinion war atrocities are terrible and unacceptable. This is kind of said that little disclaimers are necessary in this day and age.

At the same time, what was the end result of the entire ordeal. The world ended up with a refugee crisis of unprecedented proportions. Well, at least in our life time it was unprecedented. Something tells me it did happen before. May be 150 years ago, may be 500 years ago, may be both, and may be many times over, and even bigger.

One of the "rumor based" alleged issues the world faced even made it to Snopes and sounded like this:
Well, it was not Snopes alone, for there were also these:
We sure do have various TPTB compliant statistics services related to the refugee crisis. Here is what UNICEF shows. Be your own judge of the official stats.


I'm positive there were women and children among refugees. I have seen TV coverage and photographs. But simultaneously we have photographs like the one below. TPTB can easily explain this statistical improbability with some non-sense. After all they explained how the Egyptian Pyramids were built.

KD: Could it be that some of the ISIS caused refugees were not born in a natural way? I mean exactly what you are thinking right now. Could we have some artificially created people mixed into the refugee crowds? Could it in turn explain certain acts conducted by the refugees? The ones we attribute to cultural differences.

KD Summary: There you have it. This is the direction of my thoughts as far as "ancient genetics" go. I think certain individuals had, have and will have access to this knowledge and technology. This is how our 1860s "abandoned" cities could have gotten repopulated.

These "temple factories" were producing all sorts of living creatures. Meaning they were making everything, including humanoids, and other weird things we do not have properly classified today.


Obviously, there are no official sources for the information of this kind. For the most, this will sound bananas enough to dismiss it right away. For those interested in this particular topic, please contribute with the research of your own.
  • I wanted to make one thing crystal clear. This article is about technology. Nothing in this article should be considered grounds for a political debate. I do have compassion for oppressed and unfortunate people living in the less fortunate countries. At the same time I do not trust TPTB with their explanations.


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Thought you might find the story of Sabrina Sidney to be apropos. She’s the woman on whom Pygmalion was originally based. You know: where an aristocrat tries to transform a beggar woman into “The Queen of Sheba”.

“Sabrina Bicknell (1757 – 8 September 1843), better known as Sabrina Sidney, was a British woman abandoned at the Foundling Hospital in London as a baby, and taken in at the age of 12 by author Thomas Day, who tried to mould her into his perfect wife.“

R: You can read more here (it’s wacky and icky): Sabrina Sidney

Here’s what stuck out to me:
  • Sidney was born in 1757 in Clerkenwell, London, and was left at the Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of Exposed and Deserted Young Children (more commonly known as the Foundling Hospital) in London on 24 May 1757 by an anonymous individual.....
  • One of the requirements of the Foundling Hospital was that babies were to be less than six months old at the time of admittance, but the hospital did not keep more accurate records of age.
  • Another requirement was that foundlings were given a new name and a reference number, so Sidney became Girl Ann Kingston no. 4759.
R: That is a heck of a lot of Ann Kingstons. If you look up the meaning of Kingston, it means “king’s estate”. These numbered children with the same name strike me as beyond weird, and thought I’d share. Maybe it was no accident that this Day character chose someone he hoped to shape to his preferences, from such a place.
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    Bravura !
    One of the best topics I have read here so far. Good cryptonym melding & forensics connecting the dots. There’s lots here that connects with my research & nice to see other’s are tuned into same frequency of consciousness. I’ll attach some other relevant info-glyphs that connect dots of esoteric occulted gnosis to Alchemy/Hermeticism tradition concepts as well. I suspect your down the hole fairly deep & your hypothesis is congruent & consistent with tangents of similar content I have had. Ruling hierarchy has it’s sacred codex’s & tenets. The crowned Serpent. Serpent wrapped around the Cosmic Egg & Ouroboros of infinity is esoteric cosmogony/pantheos/Astrotheology theories that all connect. Palindromes (e.g. SATOR-TENET) are another way they conceal the codex’s. I’ll revisit this after I ratiocinate & cogitate on this. There is some Omphalos Theory (womb of creation) & Crete’ (root of Minoan culture creation hypothesis when Rome was messing with 4+ variations of latin after it stole much of it’s knowledge from Greece & Temple of Knossos aka Gnosis). I see & Merovingian Fluer de lis ties to Babylonian/Chaldean & Bees. Bees are sacred & have sacred geometry code but appears to have Morphic Resonance coded component to them. Which appears to be a Geomagnetism (Noetic Sciences) related & pretty deeply connected to natural source of magnetite in humans blood. The deeper I research the more intelligent design systems of geomagnetic locator system designs I come across. Birds, amphibians, mammals, plants etc. Lots here for further inquiry, perusal & scrutiny. But not too many willing to go there. Nicely researched & I’m encouraged to continue on this azimuth of inquiry.

    More to ruminate on. Everything seems to connect once you figure out the Cryptonyms & codex of it.

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    It’s simple, not complicated at all. All truths are hidden (occulted) in symbols. All ruling hierarchy lies about the meanings of ancient symbols. Numerous codex’s alllead to the same sources & conclusions.

    Hexagon/Fibonacci Codex/Bees/Nature/God are already known but sadly missed by many non-critical thinkers via sociocultural MK Ultra predictive programming.

    “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise.” - F Scott Fitzgerald

    "The individual comes face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind has not come to a realisation of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” - J Edgar Hoover

    Cognitive dissonance & Cognitive bias are the terms correct psych terms used to describe HU-man EGO which kicks in to protect SELF & illusion - beLIEf system -false perception reality of false knowledge-pseudo-intellectualism - Amygdala Hi-Jack Plato’s Cave etc.

    Ego divides & separates - Spirit unifies & heals. Once you figure out the symbols meanings & how Mithraism really works it’s easier to separate Wheat from the shaft.

    Manly P. Hall clearly laid it all out in 1920’s.

    Best book ever by far.

    “The Secret Teachings for All Ages.” 👇👀🧠

    “When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men. They shall then know truth and, more than that, they shall realize that from the beginning truth has been in the world unrecognized, save by a small but gradually increasing number appointed by the Lords of the Dawn as ministers to the needs of human creatures struggling co regain their consciousness of divinity.”

    Free PDF below & less than 1% will even bother to research it or learn the the truth of how it works.
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    Thank you for this KD, after a little hiatus I think I'm back ready to help carve the rabbit hole.

    Hope all is well.


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