1. 1904 St. Louis Controller World’s Unfair Expo | UAP

    1904 St. Louis Controller World’s Unfair Expo | UAP

    They got the abandoned masonry cities for free. They unloaded the Orphan trains. They claimed to be the architects. They made up the false narrative. They cleared out the physical mud. They muddied the waters of history.
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    1905: Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland, Oregon

    Please watch at least some of this video. Steve appears to be a regular main stream guy who loves history, yet his intro is priceless. 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition Portland, Oregon This is one of the expos I wanted to take a look at for a while. A few years ago I actually drove through the...
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    1902: Pittsburgh Exposition Hall

    Could not prevent myself from sharing the below photograph. Nice spires, super fast rebuilding speed after a devastating fire the previous year, and of course those 1902 horses as a reflection of the transportation tech they chose to share with us. Are we sure this is a 1902 photograph? After...
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    Restoration of Maya ruins at the 1893 Columbian exposition

    What kind of materials do you think we are looking at here? This is allegedly the Mayan Exhibit built for the purposes of the 1893 Columbian Expo in Chicago. Image Description: Restoration of Maya ruins at the Columbian exposition. - [Replica of Mayan temple ruins in what is now Uxmal, Mexico...
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    1885: Industrial Exposition Building in Minneapolis

    The Industrial Exposition Building was located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The building stood from 1886 to 1940 and was briefly the tallest structure in Minneapolis. In addition to smaller local exhibitions, it was the site of the 1892 Republican National Convention. Built in 97 days... The...
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    1911: International Hygiene Exhibition in Dresden

    At this rate I will never get down to what I really want to write about. But some things simply stop you dead in your tracks. Well, at least this is what this hygiene Expo did to my original plans. I just find events of this nature highly ridiculous when viewed in light of the time frame they...
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    1882: Industrial Exposition Building in Milwaukee

    The Milwaukee Exposition Building hosted events until it was destroyed in a fire in 1905. This would be a very versatile building, featuring a Music Hall with a seating capacity of 6,000, and presenting concerts, carnivals, expositions, festivals and gatherings of all kinds. The chief entrance...
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    1901-1902: Charleston West Indian Exposition

    This is one of those under-the-radar "INSIGNIFICANT" expositions you can only find if you accidentally run into, or are looking for it on purpose. All the buildings here were supposed to be brand new, and the entire "theme-park" was supposed to be brand new. Just like many other expos, the event...
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    This article is not about Exposition Architecture, but rather about some phenomenal attendance numbers as they pertain to the pre-commercial flight era World Fairs (Expositions, Exhibitions, Centennials, Jubilees, etc). I will allow the reader to make any appropriate conclusions on the matter...
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    1876: Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia

    Go Figure what that means: The formal name of the Exposition was the International Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures, and products of the Soil and Mine, but the official theme was the celebration of the United States Centennial 1776-1876. Are we being told to adjust our comprehension? I...
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    1908: National Exposition of Brazil at Rio de Janeiro

    These worldwide expositions are fascinating. It appears there is no country in the world without one. When we don't find one, we probably did not look good enough. Not like I was specifically looking for this one, but the Monroe Palace kind of pushed me into it. This 1908 exposition was known...
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    1915: Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco

    It's kind of weird that there is no dedicated article to the 1915 San Francisco Expo. Anyways, here is what we have in a nutshell. The Panama-Pacific International Exposition was a world's fair held in San Francisco from February 20 to December 4, 1915. Its stated purpose was to celebrate the...
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    1907: Jamestown Ter-Centennial Exposition

    I was actually gonna do a write up on a different Expo, but ended up stumbling upon this one in the process. Figured the other one can wait. Anyways, the Wiki page dedicated to this 1907 Expo is rather poor, so we'll see whether we can supplement it with a few things here and there. By the way...
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    1898 and 1899: Trans-Mississippi and Greater America Expositions in Omaha

    Here we have another one of those Expos allegedly made out of horse hair and plaster. I suggest we look into this Expo, analyze available construction photographs, the crowds, the exhibits, etc. May be, in the process, we could develop some sort of an opinion on what this next "build to destroy"...