1908: National Exposition of Brazil at Rio de Janeiro

Exposição Nacional de 1908_1-small.jpg

These worldwide expositions are fascinating. It appears there is no country in the world without one. When we don't find one, we probably did not look good enough. Not like I was specifically looking for this one, but the Monroe Palace kind of pushed me into it. This 1908 exposition was known under the following names:
  • Exhibition of the centenary of the opening of the Ports of Brazil
  • Brazilian National Exposition of 1908
  • National Exposition of Brazil at Rio de Janeiro
Reason for celebration:
  • It marked a hundred years since the opening of the Brazilian ports celebrated Brazil's trade and development.

Interesting: The fair was opened (a month later than planned) by President of Brazil Afonso Pena. The main entrance was through a hundred foot high illuminated gateway designed by René Barba. On arrival, the president was escorted from Catete Palace to the opening gate by lancers from the 9th cavalry, and then escorted by the exhibition's commissioners to the central palace while canons were fired and the national hymn was played.
  • I really start to wonder what the significance of this One Unit (month, or year) delay is. In the United States we are normally One Year Late.

Some Exposition Stats:
  • Participants: 2 countries
  • Opened: 11 August 1908
  • Closed: 15 November 1908
  • Total: 96 days
  • Audience: More than 1 million paying
  • Area: 182,000 square metres (18.2 ha)
  • Held between 2 hills: Babylon and Urca

Is this a temporary bldg with columns on right?
Vista geral Expo 1908.jpg

View of the Expo
...well some of it, I guess...

Night View


Palace of Industries - not a temp...



Zoom in on this one please: flagpoles or tech?




There were pavilions from Brazilian states of Bahia, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and the Federal District of Brazil, along with a Portugal pavilion and ones for industry, Post and Telegraph, the Fire Department, a theater and a music pavilion.
  • They did not have too many buildings. As you can see below, we are talking about less than 40 here.
legend Planta Expo 1908.jpg

Pretty sure we are talking about plaster and horse hair buildings again. I assume that the image below is our construction process. I'm still not sure about that columned building on the right. Is it a permanent one, or a temp?



KD: This exposition is classified as "Unrecognized exposition" per its wiki page. For us that would mean that there could be hundreds of "under the radar" expos like this one.
  • Our 1908 Rio Expo only lasted for 3 months.
  • Why to go through all of this to run the place for such a short period of time?
  • What about the lame "centenary of the opening of the Ports of Brazil" reason?
What could be the real purpose of so many of these? What were TPTB really accomplishing by building, running and destroying these marvels? Were these so-called expositions like "gateways to a new life" of sorts? Could it be that people were getting brought in for education, familiarization and indoctrination from somewhere? Here I mean either cloning/producing "Artemis" facilities, or from some lands not listed on our classroom globe?



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