Foundlings and Orphan Trains: video by CONSPIRACY-R-US


Official position: During the 1850s there were thousands of children living on the streets of several major cities. The children were in search of food, shelter, and money and sold rags, matches, and newspapers just to survive. The children formed gangs for protection because life on the street was dangerous and they were regularly victimized. The police often arrested the children, some as young as five years old, and put them in lock up facilities with adult criminals. Determined to remedy the situation, the Children’s Aid Society and the New York Foundling Hospital devised a program to take children off of the streets of New York and Boston and place them in homes in the American West rather than allow them to continue to be arrested and taken advantage of on the streets. Because the children were transported by train to their new homes, the term “orphan trains” began being used.
  • The Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the United States to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854 and 1929, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, abused, or homeless children.
While the official narrative is talking about 200,000 for the US, it is highly probable that there were millions. Similar orphan related operations were getting executed all over the world. Some children were allegedly moved to a different country. Makes you wonder why, right?
I know the issue of orphaned children has been brought up on this blog before. Therefore, I wanted to encourage you to watch the below YouTube video created by CONSPIRACY-R-US. Inspired by a Flat Earth British video, CONSPIRACY-R-US ties a few things together. The presented analysis could explain why our current civilization has no recollection of any of the catastrophic events which might have happened between 1850s and 1930.

Foundlings and the Orphan Train

Sources used:

Belgian_Orphans_leaving_Paris_for_country_homes_LOC.jpg loc-orphans-lined-up-to-go-to-national-horse-show-1913.jpg

KD: Well, when you put everything together, the picture appears to be rather grim. Without any possibility of asking one of those poor children what really happened to their parents, with the help of the above video, I will suggest the following:
  • Their parents were either killed in our famous "no victim" urban fires (were those a part of one big war?) I think there are reasons to doubt the official narrative. Especially the part where mothers were forced to give up their babies. Could such an atrocity be possible? I assume it could, but such numbers of orphaned children suggest that it was hardly probable. A few may be, but hundreds of thousands? For that we are missing historical accounts mentioning hundreds of thousands of pissed off, armed mothers defending their right to raise their children. It appears that those children simply had no parents left... as in... they were dead.
  • The issue was not limited to the United States. Multiple other countries were in the same boat.
  • Orphans were deliberately relocated (including overseas), separated from siblings in order to break ties with whatever emotional attachments they might have had left.
    • And this: child labor is the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful.
  • At this age how much did they understand what was going on? I'm not quite sure, so please help me out.
  • 1850-1930: when they grew up, there was always some war to attend.
Main Question: how much do you think the above could have contributed to the informational void we experience today?

P.S. From what it sounds like, any one of us could be a descendant of one of those poor kids. German, Irish, Italian, Austrian, Russian, American, French... who knows?


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May 9, 2021
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Interesting how the foundlings in Russia in 1882 were sent to all the same places the Circassians lived only about 20 years ago. In 1864, the Circassian peoples (including the Tartars) were exiled to the Ottoman empire. Coincidentally, the same year as our own U.S. civil war was going on. It was like the whole world was being reorganized during that century and we're only told about isolated events so as not to put the pieces together. Very interesting.

Source: The Circassian exile: 9 facts about the tragedy
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    So... I've had this crazy idea lingering at the back of my mind about this subject and, at the risk of sounding foolish, I'm going to give it to you guys and see what happens. It revolves around the use of the word "foundling" for these orphans, and also around these abandoned cities which we have speculated on at length. Let me say up front that I'm not a Bible guy, but clues are where you find them.
    So why would you call a baby a foundling? Doesn't that indicate that you found them somewhere? If you dropped a baby through a chute at the hospital would they call the baby a foundling? Or if you gave it up to the orphanage? Could these babies have literally been found somewhere, maybe out on the countryside?
    At the same time we have the cities that look abandoned, but then only thirty years later are booming with people. Where were the people and how did the cities suddenly become so populated?
    Now what I'm going to speculate on here is certainly what we would consider far fetched nowadays and I'm not saying I believe it. It would definitely take a miracle of sizable proportions, but...
    Could these cities have been the remnants of the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ, after which the dead (those who didn't make it) were to be revived from their graves and given another chance? I know, but consider, what if we are further into Revelation than people believe. And I agree that Revelation is certainly subject to interpretation. But what if we are at the point where the Beast is released again from the Pit, covered in Revelation 20, which seems somewhat reasonable considering what is going on in the world right now.
    So if you were going to bring the dead back to life, would you have them be in their rotten bodies or reborn as babies? If they came back as babies would you just leave them laying about, maybe even in a graveyard, so that they could be found? It would be quite the amazing miracle, placing a lot of trust in someone finding them in time. And who would find them, remnants that didn't make it to Heaven?
    Looking at the remains of this previous civilization we can see a people who must have had a lot of spare time on their hands to create so much art and embellishments on their structures. By comparison, we are kept running and working so we have no time and even less creativity. Possibly they had free energy to a certain extent given those chimney-less fireplaces with the two posts. Many of the buildings have no bathrooms, can't explain that one. They seem to have traveled by airship so once again they weren't in a hurry. Apparently they didn't have predatory governments and corporations looming over them. Maybe what we are calling the mud flood was just from buildings sitting vacant for a long time? Might be why the current crop of "leaders" don't want us to know about the past?
    I don't know. Consider though, if such an amazing thing had come about. The people from the previous civilization disappeared, presumably up to Heaven. Those who didn't make it are reborn as babies and found where they....materialized(?). They grow up and suddenly the cities are populated?
    Don't come down on me too hard, I'm not committed to this idea, its just been nagging at me. And if you don't want to post this KD, I understand. Maybe my open mind is a little too open.


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    Interesting how the foundlings in Russia in 1882 were sent to all the same places the Circassians lived only about 20 years ago. In 1864, the Circassian peoples (including the Tartars) were exiled to the Ottoman empire. Coincidentally, the same year as our own U.S. civil war was going on. It was like the whole world was being reorganized during that century and we're only told about isolated events so as not to put the pieces together. Very interesting.

    Source: The Circassian exile: 9 facts about the tragedy
    This Circassian article has some interesting pics! One image looks like it has a cruiseship or an ark going under (presumably the black sea?) and the other has several fasces lying on the ground, in the middle ground. Def think you are on to something!


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    Well, you guys didn't pummel me over my comment above so lets look at this from a far more practical if nefarious point of view.
    how much do you think the above could have contributed to the informational void we experience today?
    I think that was the whole point of the exercise if we consider the event to be the following:
    Children are removed from their parents/schools and placed in a secure location
    An event takes place which wipes out the population but leaves the infrastructure intact, if under mud
    The children are then brought out to repopulate/restore the cities and infrastructure
    Children, being the definition of innocence, particularly if they are very young, can be taught anything about the past

    I had been putting together clues of an event of this sort getting ready to happen to us today, well about twenty years ago. At one point in Denver high school kids were bused to Mile High stadium and held in the stadium while crisis actors pretending to be the parents gave security goons practice at holding back the parents. I can't find an article about it now but I remember the real parents had not been informed and were angry this had taken place. There have been plenty of comments by politicians, professors and judges saying the children do not belong to the parents. As we know, history repeats itself and psychopaths do the same things over and over. In our time if a mass kidnapping of the children did take place, I think they would concentrate on the very young and would move them to more secure places such as possibly underground locations.

    That seems to be what took place at the last reset. Questions are where would the children have been taken back then, to keep them away from their parents and to keep them safe from whatever killed their parents? What did kill their parents and almost everyone else? Who was there to bring the children back out and distribute them, as well as teach them what "they" wanted them to know? Keeping in mind this seems to have been a world wide event.

    Children are very trusting as lying doesn't seem to be a natural human trait but has to be learned, so if you start young you can teach them just about anything. I have no doubt that was the whole point of the reset; to capture the minds of the new population as it is getting started. And of course the deceit is still affecting what information we can find today.

    These same types seem to still be trying to control the minds of the population today, although through other means such as chips and electronic devices and they still are apparently happy to kill off those they can't control.

    So... lets speculate, maybe even philosophize, about two resets. We have one that happened about two hundred years ago, related to the orphans we see above, which we know about from evidence which we interpret, an important point which I will get back to. Then we have the current reset which we are still experiencing and which we know of because they have told us that's what it is right to our faces.

    Lets begin by dividing the populations of both eras into four groups:
    We have the conspirators and their minions, those who cause the reset (assuming its not natural, though nature probably wouldn't kidnap a population of kids) which we will call the Conspirators
    Then we have the children themselves, focusing mostly on the youngest, which we will call the Children
    Then we have the bulk of the population which we will divide into the go-along-to-get-alongs, those who do what they're told by those who are in authority without thinking about it, which we will call the Get-alongs
    And finally we have those who are more aware, who do their own research (even if the TV says not to) and think things through before they follow Johnny in jumping off that bridge, we will call these the Awares

    Now in the past reset we have the Conspirators and the Children moving to someplace safe before the big event, leaving us with the Get-alongs and the Awares. I'm assuming they had Awares; could there have been a whole population that had never heard a lie? Or at least saw through one? Currently the Conspirators and the Children are still in the population, though we have a huge number of missing children and particularly the immigrant children are hard to account for. And the Conspirators come and go as they please and tend to live on the edge of the population, so if they were currently moving to somewhere safe it would be hard to tell, but I would expect them to empty the elementary schools, particularly the kindergartens. Maybe they don't want so many kids this time?

    That leaves the Get-alongs and the Awares to get hit with the big event. Now we know that previously it took out both groups, probably not 100% but maybe 90% and it took the Awares down with it. We know this because we have to interpret the evidence to even know that there was a reset. If many Awares had survived, wouldn't they have handed down the knowledge of what happened? Wouldn't you want to let future generations know about an event of that magnitude?

    On the other hand, in the current reset we can see the Get-alongs being decimated by events while the Awares stand by in horror and try to warn them. I have to think that the Conspirators don't want to end up with a (smaller) population of all Awares, which would be very hard to control, so it seems like there's another event still to come, maybe a part two.

    I would speculate that there was a part two to the first reset also, which was probably starvation. If we assume, based on the evidence, that the mud flood was part one (maybe the conspirators had a way to produce the vibrating soil liquifying type of earthquake over the majority of the Earth) and it destroyed all the fields and meadows with their crops and livestock, then the people starved. Apparently they didn't have preppers, which I would catalog as Awares, or events took them out anyway. I would hate to think the minions of the Conspirators spread out across the land and shot those who had survived.

    What we are currently seeing as part one is getting a comparatively slow start, though the Conspirators admit they want to get 100% of the population and it doesn't seem like they will. So there must be a part two and we can speculate on what that might be given the evidence we have. When I was in the Army we trained for alternate forms of warfare which we called NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) but I don't think it will be one of those, more likely EMF. And they do have the minions to do the "direct approach" with the bulk of the population of the Earth having been disarmed.

    So we have two resets, both with the same goal which is to drastically reduce the population and gain firm control over the remnant, but we have different methods. Did I miss anything?
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    Every time I think about this topic of orphan trains I am reminded of Henry Darger and his book called The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What Is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion 15,000 page manuscript .

    Supposedly Darger was obsessed with weather and atmospheric phenomena. Perhaps because he had some knowledge about the mud flood? Who can know.

    And Darger's figures remind me of the War of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay against Paraguay from 1864 to 1870, especially how the Brazilian army killed Paraguayan children, at least in one final episode of that confrontation.