19th century sci-fi airships: could they fly?

Below we have several images of the 19th century sci-fi related airships.


1892_Eclipse_flying _ship.jpg



KD: Basically, I have only one question.
  • Could something like this fly under any conditions, while using some type of tech?
What if it could?

Fascinating that each of these concepts include those parasol shaped devices. At first I thought maybe they were acting as parachutes to impede descent so the propeller could keep it aloft, but I like the idea of them being antenna.

what's curious though is that the colorized photo at the end makes them look solid, where as it's ambiguous in the b&w drawings if they are solid on top or it's just open cables making that cone shape.
Perhaps they spun or pumped up and down.

The Middle Ages seem to be full of UFOs, the sightings published in the wiki:
They don't seem to convince much, in the absence of more definitive images, then if you take a look at medieval art, they were more direct in showing these flying devices.

This time I refer to a medieval monastery in Romania, right next to Dracula's house, you can see paintings showing flying devices. Some that although my pictures are blurry look just like these flying boats.
And I don't know what to think about them not knowing it was technology and pointing it out as doomsday signs, if true, it's like Europe was under attack during this time and people wrote about signs in the sky (meteors, red crosses, glowing spheres, etc.) in battle, even crashing. So what nations were really fighting and why were people really so ignorant of this technology? it is pure narrative to give a story to certain art that sometimes the author of such works is not known.

Biserica Mănăstirii
Gothic church built in 1289 with baroque interior, which in the past was part of a Dominican monastery.




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