1. 1874 Achenbach's Flying Machine

    1874 Achenbach's Flying Machine

    The proto-helicopter designed by Wilheim von Achenbach was probably the first to introduce a tail rotor to counteract the torque of the main blade.
  2. 1882: Captain Kostovich's  Aircraft

    1882: Captain Kostovich's Aircraft

    This project was decades ahead of its time and became unique in a number of indicators; we still use many of Kostovich's inventions.
  3. KorbenDallas

    Victory Columns were Airship Mooring Masts?

    I've been toying with this hypothesis for a while now. I think the primary purpose of some of the Victory Columns was to dock airships. Hopefully, I have enough circumstantial evidence to pick your interest. So, what are the so-called Victory Columns per the PTB narrative? A victory column, or...
  4. Jesuit Bartolomeu de Gusmão's Flying Ship

    Jesuit Bartolomeu de Gusmão's Flying Ship

    Uncolored etching of "The Flying Ship" proposed by the Jesuit Bartolomeu de Gusmão (1685-1724). On August 8, 1709, Gusmão is said to have flown a small balloon before the court in the Casa da Índia in Lisbon. The image in question may be a representation of a heavier-than-air machine proposed by...
  5. Air Combat of Two Ships

    Air Combat of Two Ships

    Two ships, each of 100 pieces of cannon, with Steel arcs instead of gunpowder, and of 1,000 crew, Year 100 of the invention of Aerostatic Machines.
  6. A fresco from the Visoki Dečani Monastery

    A fresco from the Visoki Dečani Monastery

    While some scientists compare the strange objects left and right from Jesus’s head with the spaceships in which aliens used to travel, a majority of domestic experts agree that it is about the heavenly bodies. Serbian historians explain the art as a wish of a former artists to show the Sun and...
  7. Ionocraft Model Demonstration in 1964

    Ionocraft Model Demonstration in 1964

    In 1964, de Seversky built a two-ounce (57 gram) Ionocraft scale model and demonstrated its ability to fly while powered from an external 90 watt power conversion system (30,000 volts at 3 mA), significantly higher that conventional aircraft and helicopters. This translated into a...
  8. KorbenDallas

    19th century sci-fi airships: could they fly?

    Below we have several images of the 19th century sci-fi related airships. KD: Basically, I have only one question. Could something like this fly under any conditions, while using some type of tech? What if it could?