Single photo: 1908 New York, 5th Ave at 51st St


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Lady on right with the hat and bow is painted in.
Bulbs look very similar to the detroit light tower bulbs likely carbon arc.
The big building on the left is venting steam presumably from water heating. The rectangular structure the right hand vent is connected two sports a pair of big chimney pots so is likely the boiler room chimney.
On the building opposite there are what appear to either huge air intakes or exhaust fan housings. There are also what appear to be a pair of antennas of some kind just to their left or could be windspeed measuring devices possibly connected with the fans?
Disguised or unseen factory of some sort behind the building we see as the same roofline has a coal/wood/gas cowl fitted chimney just to the right of the three fan?
I feel that building is either an apartment building or a hotel and the fans maybe early air conditioning.
There are a matching pair of very big chimneys or air vents in the roofline of the small gothic tower building with the cross on its roof on the left hand side of the street.
There is another much bigger one in the building next to the church. Could it and the others be masonry stove chimneys disguised for aesthetic reasons in what appersa to be an opulent neghbourhood?
The row of chimneys by the twin X flags look very germanic.
The statue of the chap building along the swan dragon metalwork feel very Dutch or Flemish.
There are a pair of wires running up to the pointy tower which could be phone/telegraph wires.
The neighbourhood feels to me like it s hosting a lot of embassy's.
just above the metal railing adjacent to the empty lot there is what appears to be word written/painted on the wall in white lettering but I cannot make out what it says.
What replaced all this is so inferior it is literally beyond belief.



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That crazy looking fireguy. I can't place it, but it looks so familiar to me. The fireguy building had many of these panels, but the upper ones looked randomized, or something, not damaged. Everything else being perfect, you have to assume these were intentional. Reminded me of QR codes. Could those have been some other kind of information panel?
That fireguy immediately reminded me of the pagan Jack in the Green, Spirit of Jack for seeing in the summer on May Day
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What were they trying to hide? Google maps of it now... wow!

Noticed these CCTV cameras on one building...

I am beginning to think we live in Westworld


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