Flat Earth by  James W. Lee

Flat Earth by James W. Lee

Flat Earth

This book is like no other book about our modern history. For open minds, it may begin a whole new awakening as to our understanding of who we are, where we came from, and a very profound and powerful re-connection to our common Theocosmology, that has been occulted from most for over 500 years.
  • How can it be that for over 5,000 years, as far back as modern history allows us, that nearly every single culture on Earth believed the land we all have lived upon since our birth was known to be mostly flat, motionless and the center of just one creation we call a uni-verse, just one of many verses, of many creations?
Nearly all ancient cultures previous to the current Roman Dynasty (310 AD – present) held Flat Earth Theocosmological belief systems. I am not just speaking about one or two civilizations of our common past, but the cultures of most civilizations covering thousands of years, across all lands and races.
  • From the Ancient Chinese, with their Ying/Yang symbolism of the dance of the Sun and Moon in circle above, to the Indian Vedic’s, Buddhists, Sumerians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Nordic Vikings, all had geocentric Flat Earth theocosmology.
That all stars, the Sun and the Moon, were centered around our Earth signified the cosmic importance of humans in the really big picture of our universal make up. That Earth was the center for all of this creation. The word “world” comes from the energy vortex created by the electromagnetic battery of our Flat Earth connected through the North Pole and Antarctic Circles positive and negative charges. The salt in the ocean providing the electrolyte catalyst to charge Earth’s plasma battery field. We all are contained in a plasma toroidal field of perpetual regeneration inside a closed system energy vortex which causes a “whirling” action, hence the word whirled or world. We call it a sunrise and sunset, yet, according to the most basic of heliocentric theory, this is a grossly incorrect term, that has never been corrected for over 100 years from academia to the science community. Why? One possible reason was when heliocentrism was introduced to the public education systems of Western world, most worked and lived outdoors.

Even peasants knew the Earth was still and the Sun was moving and if anyone tried to sell them that the Sun was not moving would have been met with complete disbelief and derided for sheer stupidity and the ruling governance would lose instant credibility. So what would be the correct terms for a Flat Earth movement of the Sun instead of “Sunrise” and “Sunset”?

For over the past 100 years, most world education systems continue to this day to teach little-to-none of Flat Earth history and cosmology connecting to this rich history of all our common pasts. Why would they not want us to know a narrative of our existence where the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars were placed in the sky above to help guide and assist us in our own evolution of consciousness?

What would anyone gain by creating a myth so that we would feel insignificant, small and just one of billions and billions and billions of other planets, stars and life?
  • If you were in power, would you want the minions one day to take over your power base that has been created over hundreds, if not thousands of years.
  • The powers in charge of world propaganda, monetary policy, religion and infotainment wish to keep us fully disempowered as to our highest potential of humanities, and our own, evolutions.
  • From Copernicus, all the way to the creation of the Big Bang Theory by Jesuit priest, Father Gorge Lemaitre, the Vatican and the Society of Jesus have had, and still to this day, have large influence in all things Astronomy and space observation.
  • In fact, it was Father Lamaitre, not Albert Einstein, who in 1922 created the scientific “provable” science of our common Theocosmology created an atheistic explanation of how our world came to be.