1960s: NASA artificial Sun, Moon and Earthlight patents

Apparently this is not even news. It sure is to me though. The fact that these patents are 50+ years old makes it even more intriguing. How far did they manage to improve on the 1960s technology? These inventions are not something BBC, or CNN would report on in their daily news, yet the description of the patented inventions is mind blowing. As a matter of fact, the patents you are about to see sound Sci-Fi enough to question their authenticity, yet they were officially recorded with the US Patent Office.

Illumination System Including a Virtual Light Source
Artificial Sun and Moon

Link to NASA pdf
I am not going to post the entire contents of the below linked patents, for it's fairly pointless. The above posted excerpt should give you an idea of what you are about to see. Just click on any of the below 1960s patent links and read away.
KD: The implications of such artificial human made light sources, if implemented, are hard to comprehend. For example it would be easy to create a never setting Arctic, or Antarctic Sun, and use it as proof of the Spherical shape of our Planet.
Official: 1 Sun + 1 Moon = Hunter's Moon
(or could it be two Suns)

Well, may be there is an explanation for all those Sun hot spots, blinking Suns, two Suns, hexagonal Suns, crepuscular Sun rays, Sun bulb replacement eclipses and what not. It sure does sound crazy, but could it be crazy just because we were trained to think that way?


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Posting a possible explanation on how sun(s) and moon(s) work:

Plus other videos within the channel.

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