World population: where are the missing trillions of people?


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I have recently looked into this. The scientists researching this know that the population is declining in such an alarming rate in western nations that within 2 or 3 generations entire societies will basically disappear. It will start with Japan for example.

The problem is that those global projections do not show this, because they include Africa and India, which is basically the only places in the world were the population is not declining rapidly.

But even at those places, modern technology leads to rapid downfall of fertility rate, within one generation even in Africa we will see sub-replacement levels of fertility.

When this topic will come into the public atttention it will probably be already too late. Many people still think we will see population explosions, but the most dramatic data from Africa is ALL extrapolation. No one knows how many people live in Africa, they do not hold reliable census.

Within 20 years we will see some societies becoming entirely children-free! It's an exponential process, fewer children lead to even fewer children in the generation that follows, so I think we will see dramatic scenes within 20-30 years.

The countrisides are already drying out. You see old people there, when they die within 30 years these places will be empty!

Recently they had protests in Spain, where this process is already very far ahead. The countryside in spain is a desert. Since the young people all leave for the cities, within 40-60 years or so the very concept of a "village" will no longer really exist. With people moving into cities, the fertility rate declines further, as people are focused on working.

It is remarkable to me how almost no one sees that we are dying out.

Birth rates in Japan fall to lowest level on record

Ghost towns struggle to survive in Spain | DW | 29.12.2017

The collapse of the South Korean population: the countdown has begun

South Korea's fertility rate set to hit record low of 0.96

Let's look at the data for South Korea:

South Korea's fertility-rate crisis is so dire that the country is offering cash to entice rich people to have kids

But this study implied that the fertility rate remained constant at 1.19 - 5 years later we are already at 0.95. It was 1.05 in 2017.

It also does not take into account that a society already becomes extinct long before the last birth, due to the society simply collapsing. The data clearly shows that we are approaching zero.

Only 326,900 babies were born last year in a country of 51 million, down 8.6% from the previous year. How long until Koreans simply stop having children tue do lack of support? Maybe 5-10 years?

So I think what we are seeing here is a radical restrucring process how society works, and the media is ignoring this issue, probably because it plays into the depopulation plans, which are ongoing.

I think this lack of children explains some of my feelings what is happening to society. The so called "baby boomers" of the 60s were able to initiate a couple of changes in society due to their enormous size. They had the power to overthrow old concepts. The current generations are basically invisible, and are so few, that we can not work together productively. The internet is an additional factor in keeping everyone lonely and focused on themselves.

Basically since our environment is not limited (as we don't live on a spinning globe), exponential growth of the human population is not only possible, but probably ideal to expanding the human experience, exploring other realms beyond our small "earth".
I see scary sounding numbers but in my experience the numbers are usually showing us one 'wave' behind what is actually going on. I wonder what those population numbers would be like if you removed abortion. Maybe they're just heavily manipulated? Western countries are all in upheaval with what appears to be a sharp trend toward nationalism. People are discovering self-reliance in Canada, Poland, Russia etc (just from the rise in bushcraft videos alone). Here in Texas we have people moving from Austin to small dying cities and doing well with new small businesses. As more technical schools open and we trend from leftist academia, and the associated debt, we may again see Main Street, as opposed to Wall Street, dominating the economy. Times they are a changin...

(Off topic) I really like Dr. Turley's videos. Two per day, positive and showing things MSM doesn't.

Dr. Steve Turley

Doesn't it just 'feel' like people are waking up? Like animals before an earthquake, we know something is coming even if we don't know what. And, if enough people spread out and rediscover skills we might just make it out of the next 'event' in decent shape. I know I don't want to be anywhere near a large city if it happens.


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I was thinking more about this. I wonder if people might br drawn into the west from apparently higher birthrate areas precisely to accelerate the depopulation trajectory in those areas.

I am not sure if people will recall back in the 90s USAID was using development money to bankroll some kind of forced sterilization program in Peru.


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The Hispanic and Muslim populations are booming. It's only the Western and Westernized populations that are dying out.
No, it isn't, as far as I know.

Saudi-Arabia for example, historic low of 2 births per women, Brazil at 1.7.

Everything below 2.1 is below replacement level...

Although it's true that they are booming in contrast to western nations (There are still many muslim countries with fertility rate between 3 and 5), but the trend of a decline is visible everywhere.


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I was thinking about this. While I’m beginning to think the overall world population is probably wrong- too many, I actually know quite a few young people with kids. Most have two but many have even more than 3. I know one couple with 13 and one with 7 (all boys!!) tho these are mostly grown now. They are not Muslim, or Mormon. It could be where I live but some are in AZ, MN. and NC. People do seem to be having them later.

Edited to add I know this is antidotal but that’s sort of the point, right? Not accepting the expert numbers off hand.
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When it comes to Western demographics, I'm often confused as to how much is considered "white"/"non-white". Is a German only white if he is 100% white or blond (weirdly, a lot of pure Germans have brown/darker hair)? Is an American white if and only if she has no non-European blood dating back 3 generations? Which Europeans then? Depending on who you ask, modern Greeks are Turk-raped mongrels and not "real Greeks", same goes for Italians and the Spanish/Portuguese at times. Do we measure it by skin color? But there are mixed people with obvious African ancestry and very pale skin. Do we measure it by "European facial features", i.e. no flattened, wide noses, high foreheads, etc? But there are black people with those as well. I guess if it is very obvious, then yeah, you can definitely tell who is white and who is not but then you get into the nitty-gritty of it and it becomes a mess.

It's curious how our society is more obsessed with sex than ever and teenage pregnancies are apparently out of control despite the government kvetching about the need for safe sex education, yet the population is declining. Anyone ever take a look into the incel/MGTOW movements? The latter especially is interesting to me because it appears to have grown out of PUA groups that were primarily aimed at giving young, socially awkward men advice on scoring with women, yet these guys ironically seem to encourage adherents to swear off women altogether. Surely it wouldn't be too far-fetched a conspiracy to suggest that there is a deliberate effort to destroy male/female relations worldwide. After all, why waste time on wars and natural disasters, when you can simply make boys too cowardly to ask girls out and steer girls' attention towards extreme isolation?


Italy has the highest number of youth working in agriculture in Europe:

(Like others here, I think there's a tremendous resurgence of interest in living off / with the land by people of all ages, a feeling that the system as-is isn't safe.)

abortion and other ways they've tried to get rid of as many women as possible in "too fertile" nations:

As well, I'm reading a book called The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got It All Wrong--and How Eating More Might Save Your Life, by James DiNicolantonio An infuriating and well-documented account of how salt was demonized and the harm that's caused, and how strange it is that agencies haven't changed their recommendations even though proof has been pretty definitive in recent years. It's basically buried and the myth of salt being "evil" and "addictive" (instead of a biological necessity like water) stays in the media and public consciousness. Basically, not having enough salt can increase your risk of death and various health issues...including making a person prone to addiction (sugar, drugs, etc). One more thing: lack of enough salt increases infertility, and women need more salt during pregnancy to have healthy babies, NOT less! :mad::rolleyes: Apparently it's worth the risks involved in getting populations to cut salt and increase sugar...because hey, at least there's more expensive health problems to treat, and fewer babies being born! Anyway, yeah, I recommend the book.

(Also, the more I research the shady business of modern experts telling us how to eat, the more I think you'd have a better life if you reverted to the way your grandparents ate--fewer chemicals, more traditional / fermented / homegrown foods, and the closer to the land the better!)

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We know some ranchers that hire people from all over the world as part of an intern program. Many from France and Italy but other places too, including the US. They have some funny stories but all are interesting. They live WAY out and some just can’t take it.
Getting back to the land was big in the hippy days (plus things like wearing natural fibers, eating local) then sort of died out. I think it’s coming back. Prepping is a great and fulfilling hobby for anyone, plus very practical, and tends to diffuse that Learned Helplessness problem. If you have chores to take care of, especially those that take you outside, it’s better than a gym. Many don’t have animals because what would they do with them during their 2 weeks a year vacation? I get the feeling that there is an effort afoot to keep people from doing just this. We are all supposed to be in planned cities, etc.