The ghost cities of China


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This buying frenzy has driven the cost of real estate sky high in China, so much so that in recent years the Chinese have been scrambling to buy property in the U.S. The Chinese purchase more residential real estate in the states than Americans themselves do, once again artificially inflating the price of property and creating a new bubble.
They've done exactly the same in Australia. Over the past decade, new apartment blocks have been growing like mushrooms after the rain, pretty much backed by Chinese money. It's caused a massive increase in property prices in all major cities, making it really hard for young people to buy property.


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how trump is indirectly blowing the housing marked centered on china up


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I wonder if perhaps there is the high levels of radiation or other chemical / biological fallout (violent and horrid mutations are definitely a thing, jsut not a thing you'll find a picture of) leading them to be abandoned, and this is either residual from the Tartary war, or some other event that just never got exposure to the west like Chernobyl did. I've looked at a lot of pictures of Pripryat (The resident worker city for Chernobyl staff, hence abandoned) and the eerie emptiness is strikingly similar, though the grounds here are much cleaner / more recently maintained.

The Odd thing is though, If you look architecture and infrastructure pics from various countries around the world, this actually inst all too rare to find though just as bizarrely inexplicable and rarely mentioned, requiring a keen eye to notice that these major cities have little to no auto or pedestrian traffic, or other signs of typical "city life".

Another theory could be that these are simply model cities? or even CGI used for perhaps some sort of foolery or propaganda? If you f**k around long enough with an editor its not too hard to make a miniature model look like the real deal, or vice versa..

As for the mini thing, that's a whole other topic itself, see The Tunnel Under The World written 1955, or Downsizing film with Matt Damon, definitely something to it, but int his case still does not explain the lack of population unless its the "its getting ready for ppl" thing discussed already.

Either way, in a country that supposedly suffers so much from dense, overcrowded population issues, there must be a grave reason these cities are not packed, or even sparsely populated, if they exist at all.

Speaking of architecture that i find rather hard to explain by conventional means, here are some "I dunno how the f**k I found em" sites

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Either way, in a country that supposedly suffers so much from dense, overcrowded population issues...
Well, partly. There are very sparsely populated areas, too.
The same goes for Europe.


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I'm not saying any of KD's ideas have zero merit but the idea of 'ghost cities' being a large phenomena in China is mostly western propaganda. In almost all cases these ghost cities were healthily populated 5-15 years later (sounds strange to us but it's just how they ended up planning stuff, they build first and the people will come kinda thing). Anyway western neoliberal media has a raging hate for China atm so keep that in mind when it comes to China topics and sources (i don't excuse everything they do as a nation but honestly it's just ridiculous how any western media presents its view on China).

(my main source for this post but there's plenty of others around, probably healthy to look up general 'china myth debunking' resources if you haven't).