What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis. Chapter 4.

What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis

Ch. 4: Compartmentalization and The Common Thread Between the Tower of Babel, Sasquatch, and the Olmecs
This is a particular chapter that may seem "out there" at parts for some people... but it is still relevant in the big picture and understanding this strange hypothesis; try to bear with me and go with the flow. I am by no means stating anything as fact, but rather trying to tie together details that seemingly unrelated topics have in common, which will help us to understand the big picture. I am aware that every thing I mention could be a deeply intricate book of their own in their own rite, but we can't focus on those details for now or there will have to be an innumerable count of chapters. As I had stated in the introduction, the point of all of this is to look at the True Mappa Mundi Hypothesis from a whole body, panoramic point of view in an attempt to unveil the potential for an entirely different understanding of the world.

Colorado: Tower of Babel
Being that the previous chapter brought in a potential Scriptural evidence of Lot's Wife in the middle of the United States, here's another natural question along the same train: "As Gargantuan as the Tower of Babel Was.. Where Did It Go? And Where is it On the Mappa Mundi Hypothesis?"
Ironically a few years ago I was pondering where in the world the remnant of the Tower of Babel could be, which was built by Nimrod not far from his kingdom. It is common knowledge that Sumer was in the Fertile Crescent. After assuming for many years that the Tower of Babel was blown to smithereens, reading the Jasher account corrected my assumption, as it states that the top third of the tower should have been left standing, still visible. When meditating on this thought, a random statement came into my mind: "Search for the biggest tabletop mountain in the world." So I did, and this is what came up: the Grand Mesa Tabletop in Grand Junction, Colorado. Now, as difficult as it was to find a full picture of the full tabletop, finally one day, there she was...

Screenshot 2023-07-18 175109.jpg

And y'know, not saying it is or isn't, but... that just looks massive.

We can get some significant context on the Scriptural narrative through the Book of Jasher. Jasher was originally included in the 1611 King James, as well as mentioned in the amputated Scriptures we are allowed to have these days, being referenced in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Sam 1:18. If you want to see the usual Scriptural characters portrayed in an almost super-hero like fashion, you have to read Jasher, it will change your world. So what else does Jasher say about the tower?

Jasher 9:27 states that tower was so big it would take a year to send brick shipments from the bottom to the top. "And when they were building they built themselves a great city and a very high and strong tower; and on account of its height the mortar and bricks did not reach the builders in their ascent to it, until those who went up had completed a full year, and after that, they reached to the builders and gave them the mortar and the bricks; thus was it done daily."

Jasher 9:38 states that while a third of the tower was destroyed by fire, the other third was swallowed up by the earth, and the top portion was left visible, and that its circumference is three days' walk. "And as to the tower which the sons of men built, the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up one third part thereof, and a fire also descended from heaven and burned another third, and the other third is left to this day, and it is of that part which was aloft, and its circumference is three days' walk."

I did what research I can with Google Earth to measure the "Grand Mesa Tabletop", granted they probably did try to destroy the remnant of the tower as much as possible. Keeping in mind that the earth swallowing up that much material likely did cause a good bit of disturbance to the surrounding terrain, like the many "book hills" seen throughout the area. There is a slight circular imprint that came out to be about 241 miles around give or take; the average walking speed of man today is 3.1 mph, he would cover approximately 223 miles over three days; the difference in number between them is negotiable by people of the past likely being stronger and more fit than we are today.

InkedScreenshot 2023-07-18 175808.jpg

Let's explore this Tower of Babel potential further.

Colorado: Grand Junction, "The Great Turning Point". The Confusion of Languages, And...
What are the odds that this Grand Mesa Tabletop is located in a city called Grand Junction, which pretty much means 'Great Turning Point', very fitting as the whole Tower of Babel incident was indeed a Great Turning Point for all of humanity second to the Flood. While the first third of the builders were killed on the spot as a result of their overflow of frustration towards their brethren suddenly speaking gibberish, the second third lived on with the confusing of languages, which is basically us and the rest of humanity, right? And the last third of men had a rather unique curse placed upon them, which we will read in the quote below.

Jasher 9:35 And YHWH smote the three divisions that were there, and he punished them according to their works and designs; those who said, We will ascend to heaven and serve our gods, *became like apes and elephants.*

Interesting. Reading this, and considering the potential location of the Tower of Babel being in Grand Junction Colorado, please view the images below.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 180651.jpg

Now as you can see on these Sasquatch encounter maps, though there are encounters worldwide, the USA has a significantly dense swarm of sightings. Interestingly, despite the Tower of Babel being the potential origin of the Sasquatch, is it not strange that the worldwide map shows no Sasquatch encounters whatsoever in the modern Israel area? Now, if you were to image the USA map laid onto the world map where "Israel" is like a puzzle in the Mappa Mundi perspective.. Perhaps it is a pretty good fit.

This concept could also potentially explain the circular bare patch of encounters on the North America map as well, which is coincidentally in the Grand Junction region on the western border of Colorado. While it could simply be that no human has happened upon one in this bare patch circle, could it perhaps mean that the Sasquatch population generally evade this area because the genetic memory of this area being a cursed area is still a part of their genetic memory?

bf7_LI (3).jpg

In Ecclesiastes 8:13 it states that wickedness happens when the people no longer fear YHWH; and in Proverbs 1:7 that the fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom. As annoying as the devil and his minions could be, in the end it is actually YHWH that decides what happens to your soul. And by fear, not in the sense that He is unapproachable, but rather fear in the sense of how a child might fear their father out of respect, knowing that if you do what He says you will be fine and prosper, but if you royally screw up you will royally be punished.. As it appears to be the case with the Sasquatch. Here is a short music video representation of the above for those interested.

So this leads to the question:
Are There Added Curses for Epic Moral Failures?
At the Tower of Babel incident, those who desired to replace YHWH from His throne and worship their idols in His Own domain were turned into being *like* apes and elephants as punishment. Interestingly, humanity is rife with a collective memory that bad behavior equals being turned into an animal. Here are some examples:
  • General conception of witches turning people into animals
  • Mermaids/Sirens. The women who slept with the Fallen Ones to produce Nephilim were cursed into being sirens. This is mentioned in Enoch 19:2. This does not necessarily mean sirens and mermaids are the same thing.
  • Native American Lore of committing rituals to be able to shapeshift into an animal usually at the cost of one's soul.
  • Pinocchio. Young boys are enticed into going to Pleasure Island where they can be as bad as they want, only to learn that there is a price to pay - a curse that turns them into donkeys. This curse is overcome by a greater act of good, such as self sacrifice, in which Pinocchio gets to be a real boy. Hmm... wonder if this applies to theme park world in any way..
  • Beauty and the Beast. A man fails his moral test and is turned into a beast and is given a frame of time to repent and prove that he can be good. An act of self-sacrifice redeems him and he is turned back into a human again.
  • the Princess and the Frog, Shrek. Other modern examples.
It appears that if you are uniquely blasphemous enough, you could indeed inherit something worse than death, like cursing your entire lineage to have to live in a hideous form until the end of time. Notice how most of the time, the initial cursed individual is a male. A particular enigma of the Sasquatch is that their DNA study came back as unknown male and human female. This video talks about more details from Scott Carpenter, who supported Dr. Melba Ketchum's DNA study on the Sasquatch in which she states: "Our data indicate that the North American Sasquatch is a hybrid species, the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens." I think it's important to mention here, despite how monumental Ketchum's research is, true hybrids, such as the liger or mule of even somewhat genetically similar pairings, cannot have offspring - they are usually sterile; and despite the rare chance the hybrid can happen to procreate, likely will not be proficient enough to create generational families. This is especially a problematic conclusion for the Sasquatch, as their children are quite often reported to be seen, family structure is just as complex within the Sasquatch dynamic as it is of regular humans - if the Sasquatch were true hybrids, this would not be the case. Perhaps the option of declaring "hybrid" is so popular because it is the easiest way to answer for an enigma not yet defined within that science - they probably don't have specific DNA sequences mapped out that would indicate "human in an supernaturally altered form." Either way, from men in black to the smear campaign, "they" are doing everything they can to hide any possibility of reaching this conclusion, as proof that the Sasquatch being a cursed version of human would surely be too close to the Scriptural narrative.

So perhaps, only the men were cursed at first and their wives just had to live on with their husband's new forms after this Grand Junction Tower of Babel incident, as it essentially affected everyone living on earth at the time. Men's genes are usually stronger than the women's, hence for example when a nation is conquered, most of the conquered people's men are killed, and they keep the women for, well, y'know. Because if the men were cursed into being Sasquatch, all of his offspring will likely be more Sasquatch no matter how regular human his female mate is. This thought would also answer the more bizarre lore out there of women who were kidnapped by Sasquatch, being impregnated and assimilated into the Sasquatch lineage; the father being Sasquatch will always produce higher Sasquatch tendencies and features; whereas in the opposite case of human males impregnating Zana who was a female Sasquatch who actually gave birth to more-so human children who were still able to live rather seamlessly within human society. This again illustrates that the Sasquatch must be some form of human, as they are able to quite easily procreate with regular human woman.

The vast Sasquatch encounter accounts (recommended Ytubes being: How To Hunt by Steve Isdahl and the Sasquatch Chronicles by Wes) appear to to show that not only do the Sasquatch have their own language and culture, but are capable of understanding right from wrong and having a relationship with the Great Creator - showing that they likely are more than mere animals. One critical account to repeat here, a woman who has had extensive encounters with the Sasquatch, stated that she believes they are spiritual. Near their house they had a meeting place where they would gather at night, and she would hear what she thought was chanting - which was very likely praying - as she said it made the whole place feel very peaceful, "almost like you were at church." When she asked one of them what they were doing, they said, "We answer to Creator just as you humans answer to God." Is it possible that the saga of earth cannot continue, because they have programmed us to hate and avoid these creatures, when in Mark 16:15 it states to preach the gospel to every creature, does it include the Sasquatch as a branch of humanity? If they do seem to have their own family generations, language, and tribes... Are they not their own nationality? Similar to the programming done to us humans, it seems that the truth is more persecuted within the Sasquatch diaspora - as those who believe that we, and they, are brothers, are ostracized. Native American lore state that we used to trade with them as well - so... what has changed since then? What is up with this never-ending game of hide and seek? Much like we are fed nonstop propaganda to hate each other when it comes to everything from skin color to gender, perhaps the same spell is being conducted here to prevent our people and their people from working together somehow - while they tell us the Sasquatch are nothing but bears or fairytales, they tell the Sasquatch we are ruining the earth and so to have nothing to do with us. The one account that affirms this hypothesis is that of an old woman that became friends with the Sasquatch in her area to the point that they would have her watch their children while the adults went out to hunt... incredible, I know. She had learned to speak their language and was familiar with their ways; one normality with the tribe near her was, "the young adults had to go with the star people for awhile when they became young adults." One must ask, why? So that they can get a crash course on fake history, fake education, and how oh-so-terrible the hairless humans are? Wouldn't surprise me...

Races Among the Sasquatch
The Tower of Babel being the origin of the Sasquatch would also explain the 'mysterious' enigma that the Sasquatch people, according to Scott Carpenter, appear to contain every race within their genetics. We're not talking just skin color, but eye color, hair color, facial proportions... And this is such a mystery to them.


But this enigma is also answered in the Scriptural perspective, as the people at the Tower of Babel were not long after Noah's Flood, and even though they were instructed to spread out into the earth into the lands of their inheritance, they did not, and stayed in one location for awhile.. So, the Tower of Babel location had every race within its vicinity... which would potentially explain why the third group who were cursed into looking like apes shows genetic diversity.

This is a perfect point to mention another problem in the mainstream perspective when it comes to race and ancient peoples, and that is...

The Olmecs Multi-Race Enigma
Now one of the tactics the enemy uses is to compartmentalize, pretty much any thing, any topic. This can be done to cultures as well, magnifying one aspect of a culture as a people while magnifying another aspect of a culture as a different people, when in reality these cultures are perhaps one and the same.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 204230.jpg

The Olmecs are said to have been a tribe of Native Americans of long ago, predating even Mayan and Aztec civilizations due to corn, or maize, being traced as originating from North America, not vice versa as it was originally thought. This is such a strange concept from the mainstream perspective, but as you can see, in the Mappa Mundi perspective it's not much of a mystery at all.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 191445.jpg

Hidden artifacts of the Olmecs locked away in museums indicate that all races comprised the Olmecs. Even Wikipedia has an article dedicated to "alternative speculation" unapproved perspectives when it comes to the Olmecs. So, considering the Scripture timeline, here is an honest question:
When else, after the Great Flood, were all these races found in one location other than the Tower of Babel incident? As old as they make any ancient civilization appear, all people groups were exterminated by the Flood - making the "start-over" point one general location and one point in time. So, staying consistent with the Scriptural perspective.. the only possible explanation that the Olmecs actually contained every race within their empire, is that...
The Olmecs *were* the Sumerians during the reign of Nimrod during the Tower of Babel.

Now let's look at another Native American compartmentalization effect going on that will help us understand the Mappa Mundi perspective.

Phoenicians, Canaanites, and...Aztecs?
Now, if we recall Mr. sean's statement from Chapter 1, Phoenix, Arizona is Phoenicia - or "Fenicia". Here it is on the Ravenna Mappa Mundi.

ravennaflorida (2)_LI.jpg

If this is even remotely true then we need to find artifacts of Phoenician influence in the Americas, which a simple Google search will still bring up quite the few websites to look into. To clear up some confusion as to who the Phoenicians really were, they were essentially the same as the Canaanites and worshipped the same Canaanite gods in the same atrocious ways. Here is an article with more details which the quote below comes from. Notice that the city of Sidon is listed under the marked "Fenicia" in the above image.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 130508.jpg

Another valuable source of Phoenician influences being found in America can be found in a very extensive article by Jason Colavito, called "Phoenicians in America."
Based on his research, we can attempt to undo the compartmentalization spell we have been put under. Here are some curiosities that appear to tie the Aztecs and the Phoenicians/Canaanites together:
  • Both Aztecs and Phoenicians were avid traders.
  • They were equal experts on the carving and manufacture of jewelry
  • Both used paper to write on
  • They both have an almost identical cosmogony[i.e. cosmology], or perspective of the universe
  • The earliest legends and histories of the world concerning the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the confusion of languages was common knowledge to both
  • Both the Phoenicians and Aztecs had a very similar spiritual perspective concerning human sacrifice and strange rituals. The article emphasizes the amazing similarity could almost classify the Aztecs as some form of an extension of the Phoenician Empire (!!!)
  • Duplicates of the Phoenician aqueducts they had built for Solomon are found in Mexico
  • The Lotus was a common decorative element to both nations
  • Both nations used the same calendar from the same apparent origin
More details to be found within Colavito's link above. But what are the odds that two nations acclaimed to be thousands of miles apart are so similar? Now, this all just begs the question... Were these two separate people groups, or perhaps, were they one and the same? Is it not the tactic of the enemy to complicate something that is actually rather simple?

The following points will be to illustrate just how many coincidences exist when it comes to the Americas. This is all for the purpose of setting the stage to answering the question: "Why?'
Out of Place Artifacts in South America
In South America there was the artifact collection by Father Crespi, who may have potentially been used to gain the trust of the local peoples to collect these relics.. Or, he was legit and undermined by the Vatican.
"Over time, Father Crespi acquired more than 50,000 objects, many of which were kept in the courtyard of the church Maria Auxiliadora until the Vatican gave him permission to start a museum to house the collection. Unfortunately, many of the artifacts were destroyed in a fire in 1962. After Father Crespi passed away, the remaining artifacts were removed and little trace of them remained . . . Some of the artifacts are Babylonian in style, others appear to have been carved in gold with strange motifs and symbols that do not resemble objects from any South American culture." The Truth About Father Crespi and His Missing Artifacts Finally Revealed. [emphasis mine]
How inconspicuous that the fire that destroys the critical artifacts happens after the Vatican gives him permission to start a museum. Nothing to see here.

The Grand Canyon's Buddha Statue: The Starter of Buddhism Was Potentially a Babylonian King
I know this site is very well acquainted with the amazing research by G.E. Kinkaid of the burial chamber found in the Grand Canyon, which was of course fascinating. Not to mention that, thanks also to his research, the giant quarry of the Grand Canyon used to indeed be a city similar to those found in Egypt, worshipping the same gods with the same pyramids and monuments. While it is clear that the cave he encountered was a burial chamber of sorts, and despite popular Scriptural opinion being that this was the grave of Abraham, considering the peculiar statue of gold somewhat resembling Buddha was found in the chambers as well, perhaps these are not the burial chambers of Abraham as initially thought..


Who is this strange, Buddha-like statue, holding Lotus flowers in each hand? Not forgetting the Lotus flower was an iconic symbol to both Aztecs and Phoenicians.. Is it Baal? Could it be evidence of Tammuz? If indeed this was once the land of the Canaanites, who were the Phoenicians, who had adopted Babylonian ways, who descended from Sumer... perhaps this would make sense. While initially it was somewhat of an enigma trying to understand how Buddhism had any connection to Babylon, interestingly, Ancient Origins had an article illustrating that Siddhartha Gautama may have actually been a Babylonian King. So indeed, it appears all roads seem to lead to Babylon; the fact alone that a golden idol of this caliber is buried underneath the middle of the United States is quite curious indeed.

Alexander the Great's Tomb Found in Illinois?
The video of the Illinois Caves discovered by Harry Hubbard is below. And if you prefer to read a quick article, here's one. It's definitely interesting that the scientist who discovered such artifacts that contradict the official narrative are properly shunned by "official" archaeology. This really leads to some interesting questions..

We need to ask ourselves: Why would someone randomly choose to be buried 6000 miles away in a "new" piece of land he had no relevance upon, thousands of years before it is "officially" discovered? Or... what if, maybe just maybe, he was indeed buried over the land he actually had significant influence upon? Why would there be evidence of other empires being found here, in an acclaimed "new land" 6000 miles away from their acclaimed location? What if, just what if.. they were already here to begin with.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 215020a.jpg

What of the discoveries made in Illinois of the Cave of Burrows and the artifacts depicting Joseph? So I can't seem to get this site even from the WayBackMachine. But, what they don't tell you in recent articles on the cave of Burrows is that the name on one of the heads of the pharaohs was written "Zaphnath Paaneah", which was the Egyptian name given to Joseph. So, is this evidence that Joseph of the Scriptures visited "America", 6000 miles away to build a strategic addendum to the Egyptian Empire? Or, again, considering our True Mappa Mundi Hypothesis, maybe it actually wasn't that far away at all to begin with.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 211814.jpg

"But Sparrow, America was the final frontier that was a haven of *new* lands for explorers!"
Oh yeah? If this were the case, why has there been relics from nearly every empire that ever existed found in "North America?" That is like finding seed in an acclaimed virgin - kind of vulgar but true. Even relics of more minor empires like the Hittites for example. The Michigan tablets illustrate these discoveries fully, illustrating that perhaps even the Hebrews may have lived in the vicinity or "visited" the area as well, which such evidence was promptly confiscated by the "officials". The video is here below on the discovery of the many artifacts belonging to Phoenicians, Minoans, Hittites, and even Ancient Hebrews found in the USA - very hastily ignored by the officials.

Other discoveries found alongside the Michigan tablets are acclaimed to have had images of biblical scenes and the Ten Commandments, even New Testament, with both cuneiform and paleo Hebrew writing. Similarly, while the American mounds depicting snakes were left alone, there were mounds shaped in honor of YHWH that were instantly destroyed by the military such as the Hanukah mound, which clearly depicted a menorah and an oil lamp.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 142411.jpg

Of course, to the presenter of these artifacts on the video, how these items got there is such an anomaly, because we are trying to measure something that is outside of the box we have been programmed to stay in. The irony is, considering "their" track record in their ability to tell the truth, it's just as simple as ignoring their signs and fact-checks, and stepping beyond our comfortable lines. Then, instead of looking at everything hyper-magnified, taking a step back to see the whole picture. All they have done is fracture a glass and used it's lines to distort the truth, when the glass was a whole piece to begin with.

As the subject of giants is nothing new to most truther communities, just to briefly mention here another detail concerning Native Americans is their lore of giants (also this article), is a similar characteristic Canaan had being known as the land containing giants. Numbers 13 details when the Yasharelites/Israelites are finally about to enter the Promised Land, that the land of Canaan was inhabited by giants, and that they were as grasshoppers in their sight; and later, David fights Goliath, who is a descendent of the Anakim; the Israelites later encounter a giant named Og.
The Rephaites (or Rephaim) were a group of people who lived in Canaan and elsewhere at the time of Moses and Joshua. The word Rephaites is not an ethnic but rather a descriptive term; it literally means “terrible ones.” The Rephaim were giants and fierce fighters. Earlier, when the Israelites had first tried to enter the Promised Land, the spies reported the land was populated by giants, whom they called “Nephilim” and “sons of Anak” (Numbers 13:32–33).

Seeing all of these numerous coincidences that are piling up by the heap.. It is natural to ask: Has America been subject to the same compartmentalization treatment? What if, just what if, America and the land of Canaan, are actually the same place.. the Promised Land?

While this thought isn't exactly new, most have not considered a few critical details of making such a claim, which we will discuss next. Lots of real talk and many Scriptures in the next one. Hopefully I can get the rest into one more post.

Thank you,
Sparrow the AinuGeisha
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