What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis. Chapter 3.

What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis.

Ch.3. Some Potential United States Locations on the Mappa Mundi and the Most Unexpected of Coincidental Finds
With the fences to control the people we outlined in the previous chapter, we will use the same consideration to look at finding potential locations of a few states of the USA.

Now keep in mind, while we have the image of Alaska engrained in our minds thanks to the wonderful school systems of the "new world", there is not one picture of the Alaskan coastline that fully depicts these features - actual evidence the coast looks the way they claim it does - composites and CGI do not count.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 122351.jpg

Since the satellite imaging system needs to "resew" images taken of a particular landscape, it seems no height into the atmosphere is high enough to allow the full photographic capture of even a comparatively smaller coastline such as the entire peninsula of Florida, or a smaller country like Japan for that matter- so of course photographic evidence of the coastline of a much bigger area like Alaska is out of the question. In Job 38:18 YHWH states: "Have you comprehended the expanse of the earth? Tell Me if you know!" Not to mention that 99.9% of Alaska is uninhabited, so following the train of cities might indicate that Alaska is more so a strip in shape and potentially connected to Russia, still, even today. But assuming Alaska looks anything close to what they have told us, here are a couple possibilities below.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 150710.jpg

The most interesting coincidental piece of evidence for Alaska is the story of a man who had climbed in the Alaskan mountains in the 1800s. His name was R.G. Willoughby, on a trek upon the Alaskan mountains and claimed to have taken a picture of a Russian town that should not have been visible from his location (below, left). According to the standard map this is a major problem enough to consider his find a fraud or hoax.. But based off the mappa mundi, it is not a problem at all as Russia should not be all that far away at all and it likely would have been plausible to take the picture he had. Also to remember that heading towards the center of the Mappa Mundi would likely read north.. assuming that's what "True North" could mean.
Screenshot 2023-07-18 124902.jpg

Thanks to research by Brent Swancer, there are some supposed 60 million acres of unexplored land in Alaska....that is an insane amount of land. Is this to either deter explorers, or to hide the fact that after some point one will run into some countries or other features of topography that "should not be there" on the modernly-approved maps? Is this why hundreds of people go missing in Alaska every year?

The Everglades is an acclaimed 4000 miles or so of swampland. Who in the world is going to expedition there for months on end to confirm Florida is a peninsula amidst the constant wetness, mosquitos, snakes, and just another infestation of a little pest called.. the Nile Crocodile? What? The Nile Crocodile exists in the Everglades in thriving populations? They do indeed, as admitted in their article. Remember, the enemy must put aspects of the truth in our faces or they can't put the blame on us. The irony is that the Nile Crocodile was claimed to only exist in the Nile River....or maybe they actually are telling us the truth when it comes to this. As, either an avid crocodile lover went through the hassle of illegally transporting them all the way from the other side of the world 8000 miles away, or...
What if, just what if, the Everglades just so happen to make up part of the Nile Delta?

Screenshot 2023-07-17 221657.jpg

Not to forget that the Sargasso Sea and the Bermuda Triangle, mentioned in the previous chapter, would be off of this coast as well, perhaps to make sure no one realizes how close Egypt is to Florida.

New England Coast
Keep in mind, none of us typically verify where exactly we are going on a road-trip or flight.
When the direction of the route changes, do we verify which direction we are going in all the time? If you're anything like me I'll be asleep most of the drive lol. Furthermore, everything about where we believe we are, is based on the say so and direction of our conquerors.

As 'sean' had stated, the "Atlantic Ocean" is really the Red Sea, or 'Sinus Arabicus' on the mappa mundi, in which in parenthesis states 'Mare Rubrum.' This is of course predicated on the presumption that the shape of the USA is somewhat similar to what we have been taught.. it just may be that the true shape is more off than we would think. Because while this location would overall match the shape, Arabia throws it off concerning the climate the area is assumed to have... Even an aquaintance of mine who was from India told me, "Just as there are many states in the USA with varying climates, it is the same with our countries. Some places are yes, very hot, but there are a varying range of climates depending on the region you are in." It is important to mention here that many of our perspectives of location have also been shaped by Hollywood and false history as well, and who knows how long they have been using "climate change".

Screenshot 2023-07-18 125241.jpg

So the question is, if the Atlantic Ocean is really the Red Sea, where did Christopher Columbus really set sail? Could this (right image) have been his *real* journey? Matching Mr. sean's postulation that Puerto Rico is really the island of Crete. So perhaps Columbus didn't cross the Atlantic Ocean at all but crossed the Great Sea, i.e. the Mediterranean Sea.

Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, Mississippi River
The Great Lakes are all possibly by the 'Sinus Persicus' (which is part of the Red Sea by the way) on the mappa mundi.
"But Sparrow, there are many lakes in that region!" Easy to hide to a public half asleep and totally distracted...among other things these days. All they have to do is have the roads go back inland for a time from say "Lake Superior", then curve back towards the Sinus Pericus, put up a sign that claims it is now "Lake Michigan", and voi la! It's the other Great Lake! Because many beachfronts typically look the same, it is highly unlikely anyone travelling these days will take notice the variation of the coastline.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 222450.jpg

The Mississippi/Missouri/Ohio Rivers of the USA would potentially be part of the Euphrates River. Keep in mind, they are very easily able to redirect rivers nowadays, so chances are, the rivers have undergone major plastic surgery to hide what they really are.

Now Utah deserves an article all on its own, but nonetheless we shall try to discuss the important elements. Curiously, nearly all lands of Utah are Federally owned. In my view, this only happens to places of key significance.
There are a few landmarks that stay consistent on many ancient maps. One such feature other than the mountain ranges is the feature of two lakes connected by a river.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 212335.jpg

While the Ravenna map labels the river connecting the two lakes as the Jordan river, the lakes are not labeled. So we have cross-referenced with the Dover map, though appearing more primitive it has clearly labeled them for us. One of these lakes so happens to be named as the Sea of Galilee, or "Mare Galilee"; the other, is labeled the Dead Sea, as it contains the remains of "Sodom" and "Gomorrah" written on the islands. You will notice on many other ancient maps that portray this region that the Dead Sea *should contain at least two islands in it.* Keep this in mind. It appears that the Dead Sea is a dead end, and the water flows from the mountains depicted, into the Sea of Galilee, goes down the Jordan River, and ends up at the Dead Sea. Some other attributes of the Dead Sea are mentioned in Genesis 14:3 "And all these joined forces in the Valley of Siddim (that is, the Salt Sea)". Joel 2:20 mentions a foul stench though depending on translation it can vary. Gen. 14:10 mentions slime pits. So we have the characteristics we are looking for: large, very salty, foul odor, slime pits, containing at least two islands, and having no outlet.

Now I understand we are all assuming that the tiny "Dead Sea" in the theme park state of Israel is the true Dead Sea....but is it? A reminder here that "they" are capable of making fairly large man-made lakes as illustrated in the previous chapter.

Here is a quote from an article by Kyle Pope called "The Modern Dead Sea and Genesis Fourteen"
"Maps will generally show a large northern basin and a smaller southern basin separated by a peninsula that nearly separates the two. A few years ago I saw a satellite photograph of the modern lake and was shocked to see that it is dramatically different from the representations of the lake in Bible maps." [emphasis mine]
Note this article was written in 2002 - a good while ago now. The article above also mentions the Dead Sea was supposed to have a peninsula that nearly severs the lake into two. Recently, "officials" perceiving their lies were coming undone have been claiming "Oh, this Dead Sea used to have another section of water we are trying to reconstruct...!" Along with this inconsistency, the article also states that "there seems to be a lack of the slime pits mentioned in the Bible." It appears that historians are sometimes very aware of the stark differences that could exist between "ancient" and "modern" locations. Beyond this, there are no purported islands in the theme park Dead Sea..

Being that the modern Dead Sea seems to be severely lacking in a few key characteristics...
Could it be that the true Dead Sea is the Great Salt Lake in Utah?

It turns out that the Great Salt Lake has a much higher level of salt in its waters compared to the Dead Sea. The graph below and the many details I mention are taken from the Great Salt Lake FAQ by the Natural History Museum of Utah.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 132640.jpg

It is interesting to note from the mention on page 6 that as salty as the Great Salt Lake is, they cannot mine it for food grade table salt because of the cost to actually process, likely because there is quite the combination of minerals from a place that has been supernaturally destroyed... Not to mention due to the research of an acquaintance of mine, blood that has hardened or pulverized will never disintegrate. The same article by the Natural History Museum of Utah has a section addressing the bad smell, foul odor, on page 7. According to the Mysteries of the Great Salt Lake article by Brent Swancer, there is a fairly consistent amount of slime coating the bottoms of the Great Salt Lake, scuba divers mentioned that in the 1960's, a gigantic mass of slime was discovered in the southern section of the lake that had a putrid smell and had a consistency of bread dough - does this slime come from the biblically alleged slime pits?

The check marks for the Great Salt Lake seem to be stacking up, so let us continue. Are there islands in the Great Salt Lake? Why yes, turns out there are actually many islands in this lake, and it is gigantic compared to the theme park one - approximately 233 square miles verses 1700 square miles, or 1,034,000 acres. To illustrate just how large the Great Salt Lake is, it is larger than the state of Delaware. Definitely enough space to have included five metropolises of ancient times.

Note also, while there are many roads on the east side of the Great Salt Lake, nearly the entire western side of the Lake illustrates no roads at all, and also the area below the highway as well... And of course, these areas are owned by the military.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 224137.jpg

These are huge areas of land forbidden to the public. Hiding something perhaps? Could it be possible to hide, perhaps the true Jerusalem or even theme park locations in these pieces of "off-limit" lands? They can indeed easily hide the fact that two "very far locations" when they might actually be fairly close to each other by using multiple flight connections to go "very far away". The top right image is just a random example. Because of the many connecting flights, one is led to believe they are going somewhere "very far away" if they are on a trip from the USA to Israel by the Dead Sea, when in reality it is potentially just a big giant loop (or triangle)to waste more of our precious time and keep us in the dark.

Measurements of the Dead Sea and the Great Salt Lake
Josephus Flavius stated:
"The length of this lake is five hundred and eighty stages . . . and broad is the one hundred and fifty stages." Jewish War, 4th book, 8th chapter.
Presuming that the stage unit of measurement is compare to stadium, which was a unit used to measure distances across water, the image below on the right illustrates what the measurements came out to be.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 231127.jpg


I also took screenshots on Google Earth of the measurement comparison between the two Dead Seas from the measurement details mentioned by Josephus Flavius on how long and wide the Dead Sea should have been, as illustrated in the images above. The top horizontal row illustrates the theme park Dead Sea's measurements, while the bottom horizontal row illustrates the Great Salt Lake. Note that we are looking for a range of accuracy compared to an exact measurement being that we don't know for certain where exactly Josephus took his measurements. As you can see, the theme park Dead Sea barely comes close to said measurements even when measuring the longest points possible to measure, even while accounting for the reconstructed segments comes to be several miles too short in both girth and length; while the Great Salt Lake has many points to choose from to fit the criteria..

Moving on, the feature on the Mappa Mundis is that the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee are connected by the Jordan River. Now let us see if we can find something similar concerning the Great Salt Lake...

InkedScreenshot 2023-07-17 231659.jpg

Curiously, the Great Salt Lake is connected by a river to a lake - Utah Lake, by a river that is called the Jordan River no less. Is this a coincidence? This poor Jordan River has had dams built into it and apparently the native fishes were all "killed off by climate change," but what are the odds of this? Most of the time, they claim that certain places are named after other iconic places because they are "reminiscent" of those certain locations..
Well, what if, just what if, they are "so reminiscent" of those locations because they *are* those locations?

Interestingly Judah's land would have been in close proximity to the Dead Sea, hence the fact that 'Utah' does sound like saying 'Judah' with a 'Y' sound instead of the "J" and utilizing a nonvocalized 'd' as a 't' (there is a book detailing this, once I find it I will put it here). And again, coincidentally nearly all of Utah is Federally owned. Just, what are the odds. Curiously, the Mormons (who are essentially just another sect of Freemasons) have a temple in the vicinity called the Jordan River Temple on this Jordan River.. Could this have been built over the location John the Baptist baptized Yahusha? This Mormon Temple is complete with a baptism basin which they baptize their dead in... perhaps to contaminate a once-holy location? The basin being held up by many golden calf replicas too, this wouldn't happen to be blasphemy in any sense right?

Screenshot 2023-07-17 234342.jpg

Pretty interesting to say the least.. So, if the Great Salt Lake has any potential of being the true Dead Sea, then we need to be able to find other curiosities that would match the area...

Such as the statue of Lot's wife, right?

Utah: Lot's Wife
Another natural question was sent to me considering the vicinity of this area being close to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah:
Where is the salt statue of Lot's wife, said to have been standing there to this day?
To answer this, I was looking into concepts and images of salt statues, when this curious statue of an unnamed woman coincidentally came up on the search.. Ironically, also located in Utah, conveniently near the Great Salt Lake/Dead Sea in the Mormon Salt Lake Temple.


She is adorned in the Celestial Room. Apparently people have asked about the identity of this statue often enough that Brigham Young University actually had to write up an article as to why this unnamed woman is venerated within their Salt Lake Mormon Temple with even a shell of Isis behind her...

The article Brigham Young University wrote to address the statue ends up muddying the waters even more.
While stating that "an accurate recitation of the genesis [is this a hint?] of the statue has been elusive" they simultaneously make definitive statements later on:
Based on the history, it is apparent that the statue is *not* the Virgin Mary, Venus, Aphrodite, Heavenly Mother, nor Jesus. It would be misrepresentative to say that we know for certain what Joseph Don Carlos Young saw as the statue's ultimate symblic meaning." The Woman at the Veil: The History and Symbolic Merit of One of the Salt Lake Temple's Most Unique Symbols. [emphasis mine]
Notice the familiar speaking out of two mouths tactic that has not changed.. Apparently, it is a replica of a random statue of a sidekick Mormon who fancied a which was being carved out of Carrera marble by two little boys sitting on a curb in New York, and he loved this little eighteen inch statue so much that he had a replica made of it that looks nothing like the original, and this statue was somehow selected to be put in one of their holy of holy locations.... Um, say what? Feel free to read it for yourself at your leisure, while you still can.

No mention of where the shell came from or who carved it but the article definitively tells us its significance: "It is suggestive of the dignity which comes to those who are deified and reside for eternity in the presence of their God." So what if, just what if... this statue *is* Lot's wife who wistfully turned back to look at the cities has been venerated forever before the god of her heart? Again, they *must* tell aspects of the truth between the lines or they can't put the blame on us. They do claim the statue is made out of plaster, which is critical because apparently plaster of paris (which is typically what is used for fancier statues) is a calcium sulfate hemihydrate, which so happens to be a calcium salt... Many of us likely believe that Lot's wife had to have been turned into table salt, which probably wasn't the case as she wouldn't have stood the test of time. Notice the BYU article was deleted after I had posted it's content... praise YHWH for the WayBackMachine. In a video I made addressing some Q&A on the Mappa Mundi perspective, the addressing of this potential for Lot's Wife starts at 35:12 if interested. (The videos that apparently hit a nerve are quite hard to find, the views were cut in half the first day, the ones that go on a small level of viral are halted in their flight and shackled with a slow-growth spell, but in my perspective the count numbers are real people who actually care, so all is well. YHWH never needed the statistical advantage to accomplish His Will.)

I know Scripture states that her statue remained where it was "to this day" as in to the day the writer of Scripture was writing stuff down, but if they can move the Tower of Alexandria from Egypt to Rome without breaking it, then moving a statue of a woman should have been achievable, even for them... Besides, as close as this statue is to the Great Salt Lake, potentially the true Dead Sea, perhaps they didn't move the statue very far at all. When coming across all this, especially the potential Lot's wife statue, my heart was tripping over itself to say the least because the odds of all these things being in perfect proximity of each other has to be at astronomical odds.

Utah: Plains of Shinar
When you are driving towards Utah from Colorado via the Grand Junction route, you will eventually see a vast open arid area rife with deep empty riverbeds, and what looks like ancient cities on the horizon, which as far as I could tell is unreachable per the very ample barbed wire fencing on both sides of the road keeping the sheeple away. The view in person, is breath-taking; this place needs no sign whatsoever to tell you that it's important, because you can definitely feel it when you are there. I took what pictures I can of the ruins that are in the distance.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 233341.jpg

Pictures truly don't due justice, this area is just massive, and it takes forever to drive through it with not many streets to turn off onto; potentially could contain the space to sustain the people during the War of the Five Kings (Genesis 14) that occurred and the population that would have supported such a war. The vastness of the plains surrounding the Grand Mesa could potentially be the Plains of Shinar - this is mentioned in Jasher 13.

Curiously Utah has a city named Moab - was this the location of the Moabites? Was the city of Ogden the home of Og? Numerous coincidences here but ho hum di dum the land of Canaan is half a world away when, maybe just maybe, it's just a small world after all...

I pray you are enjoying this journey. I'm sorry it is so long.. I have been feeling this pressing weight on my heart to get it all out there so I am finally doing it after all these years.

In the next chapter we will discuss one more curious find that will set the stage to discuss the division of the lands.

Thank you,
Sparrow the AinuGeisha
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Wow, really taken back by wheat you have put together, this is going to take some time to digest, maybe have to read it a few times but I thuink the coincidences mentioned above are pretty amaziing!

Loving the series, looking forward to any discourse and further findings attached.
Truly remarkable. Gracias. If so often in the realm of esoteric research we encounter worldview-changing tracts of thought. This is one, literally.
Would it be possible to pinpoint where this area is?

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De nada, muchas gracias for reading and for your feedback. Yes so this should be heading West (sometimes SouthWest) on I-70 coming from Grand Junction, CO, not long after driving into Utah; location is approximately past Thompson Springs located at B below, many things to see in this area, but also most of the drive:

Screenshot 2023-08-15 202504.jpg

Screenshot 2023-08-15 202720.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-15 201927.jpg

It is much harder to see on Google Earth, not very clear. Most of the views are facing south of the highway if heading west towards Salt Lake City, UT. They also have a rest area at some point on this road, dinosaur theme as their attempt to "scientifically explain" why the area looks so strange. Pictures definitely don't do justice, the drive through this area was incredible.
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De nada, muchas gracias for reading and for your feedback. Yes so this should be heading West (sometimes SouthWest) on I-70 coming from Grand Junction, CO, not long after driving into Utah; location is approximately past Thompson Springs located at B below, many things to see in this area, but also most of the drive:

It is much harder to see on Google Earth, not very clear. Most of the views are facing south of the highway if heading west towards Salt Lake City, UT. They also have a rest area at some point on this road, dinosaur theme as their attempt to "scientifically explain" why the area looks so strange. Pictures definitely don't do justice, the drive through this area was incredible.
Thank you, i appreciate everything you have offeered and the many many many hours of diligent effort on behalf of the truth. I am still very new to your thoughts, and will start my own research. I have a few challenges to overcome, and may forward some questions to you over time. Cheers!