What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis. Chapter 2.

What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis

Ch. 2: Key Geographical Features; Where is the Western Hemisphere Hidden on the Mappa Mundis?
Here, I will walk you through some of the features of the Mappa Mundi that will help frame everything else we will be tying into this hypothesis in the future. As with anything, any work of mankind contains a degree of human error. Despite the various designs when it comes to the Mappa Mundi universe, eventually you will notice that there are indeed key features that do stay consistent on most Mappa Mundi maps.


From left to right, we have the Dover, the Ravenna, and the Hereford. I have combined pictures so I can get more into each post due to the fifteen image limit (not complaining, I really enjoy how this works so far it's quite easy to use, even for me.) I have linked the names of the maps in case the images above are too small for you to see. As you can see the Mediterranean Sea is a good example of a fairly immovable, hard-to-modify, body of water consistent on the Mappa Mundis; "mediterra" does mean "middle of the earth" in Latin, and notice this sea is somewhat shaped like a number '7' in the middle of earth. As mentioned in many Scripture verses as the Great Sea.

"GREAT SEA (הַיָּמ׃֙ הַגָּדֹ֔ל). A Biblical name for the sea that lies between the European and African continents; better known as the Mediterranean Sea.
"It was sometimes called simply “the sea” by the Hebrews (Num 13:29; Josh 16:8; Jonah 1:4). It was referred to most often as “the Great Sea” (Num 34:7; Josh 9:1; Ezek 47:15) because of its size. It was also called the “western sea” (Deut 11:24; 34:2; Joel 2:20; Zech 14:8; “hinder,” “utmost,” or “uttermost,” KJV), because of its location in relation to the land of the Hebrews. Once it is called “sea, to Joppa,” RSV; “sea of Joppa,” KJV (Ezra 3:7), and once “sea of the Philistines” (Exod 23:31). In the NT the general term “seaside” (θάλασσα, G2498) is found (Acts 10:6, 32)." Quote from: Great Sea - Encyclopedia of The Bible - Bible Gateway [emphasis mine]
This body of water, according to the Mappa Mundis, is indeed the Mediterranean Sea, on the Ravenna Mappa Mundi it states "Mare Magnum", which means 'Great Sea' in Latin.

Mountain Ranges: The Curious Finds
Out of older maps, there are maps that focus on mountain ranges, and other maps that seem to almost entirely forget them. While generally there appears to be mountains all over the place, mountain ranges are more unique in that they apparently had subsequent patterns and shapes that were known to be true.

We will be using a Mercator-based mountain range map, looking for similar forms to compare on the Mappa Mundi. No matter how much the enemy distorts reality, aspects of truth must be present for them to be able to put the blame on us. As you will see in the images below, the very long mountain range with slight curving on the ends on the Ravenna Mappa Mundi appears to match the Rockies range. There is a seeming break on some maps but, who's going to prove that in this day and age right? Are any of us going to go on a trek of the entire Rockies mountain range to confirm it's exact distance, shape, girth, and whether or not it has a gap in it?

Screenshot 2023-07-16 234326.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-28 231445.jpg

Notice on the Ravenna Mappa Mundi, there is a shorter mountain range near the Rockies - perhaps being the Appalachians or the Sierra Nevada's. Even modern maps constantly vary details slightly, perhaps proving different cartographers noticed different things and the earth is harder to measure than we think. Remember, almost no map is drawn to perfect scale.

Interesting but nothing too crazy yet, right? Well, hang on to your britches for the next one.

Another unique mountain range that stands out is one that has somewhat of a distorted 'm' appearance, as you can see below. The Andes mountain range in "South America" is indeed special, as it appears to be the only range with the 'm' appearance on *both* ancient and modern maps that care to depict this nuance. The Andes Range is actually even more peculiar, as oddly enough, on the Ravenna Mappa Mundi it does indeed say "Amazones" right by that mountain range, which does match the topography we are taught that the Amazons are next to, or near, the Andes Mountains.
Screenshot 2023-07-16 222644.jpg

Hmm now that's curious.. naturally we need to ask ourselves.. If this is indeed an ancient map of the "old world", why are there details that should *only* exist in the "new world" portrayed on top of the "old world"?

The tail end of this 'm' shape is where begins the River Tina, spelled differently across languages, a key river that separates Europe from Asia, as outlined in Scripture - which we will quote later on when we discuss the division of the lands. You will notice that some maps don't portray these mountains as a continuous range, while some do - so clearly there are details certain cartographers account for while others are missed. You will notice that on newer "ancient maps" they eventually stopped drawing in this Andes range as time went by, in step with the propaganda machine.

Now for the Million Dollar Question: Where exactly is the "Western Hemisphere"/the Americas, on the Mappa Mundi?
Essentially, the "western hemisphere" is over-laid on top of the Middle East/Asia region, in a rough estimate as illustrated below... Using the mountain ranges mentioned in the paragraphs above as a rough framework, here is a primitive estimation.

It never really looked right on the Mercator map, for some reason the "Western Hemisphere" always appeared like a cropped and zoomed out section of the map, as if everything was being portrayed much larger than they should be, likely with some twisting and flipping going on in some places to keep us off their tracks. There is a saying that the devil likes to flip things upside-down and backwards, which is almost the case below, as the Americas should actually be flipped before being inserted into their spot.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 122911.jpg

Even KD has had an interesting question when it comes to peculiar maps and the earth layout as a whole, particularly this post. Even though he may have meant it as a joke in the beginning, the map he found stating "America" where the 'm'-shaped mountain range would be located is a true gem and this particular thought goes hand-in-hand concerning the Mappa Mundi perspective..
How in the world would they accomplish this? We will discuss a few methods they have utilized to pull the wool of deception over our eyes.

Fences of All Forms to Control the People: "Important" Zones and Natural Barriers
This entire hypothesis is strongly reinforced by not only the border patrols of countries, military zones, environmental protection zones, Unesco zones, GPS and even our own dependency on technology, but also by natural barriers, existent or assumed to exist, that are at the perfect locations to ensure the sheeple stay in their rightful pastures.
  • Siberia, acclaimed vast frozen wasteland, is a great example. On ancient maps you will see that Siberia butts up fairly close to where the division between Europe (Japheth) and Asia (Shem) would have been, which we will get in to later
  • Amazon forest Has anyone explored the whole thing as of late without getting lost since there'd likely be no internet service of any kind?
  • Amazon River Gargantuan river complete with its piranha infested waters. Most of us likely lack the skills necessary to even attempt to navigate on, or through it safely.
  • The Everglades in Florida is approximately 4,300 square miles. Who today is going to explore that swampland in it's entirety?
  • Alaska. Here is a recent video stating that 99.9% of Alaska is uninhabited... Meaning that the true shape of Alaska may be significantly different than we are lead to believe, or something else is within the "too hard to cross terrain".
  • Australia. It's acclaimed appearance is also probably filler to aid in the illusion, as almost every modern city is on the edges of the island this piece of land is perhaps more so just a strip of land, such as the land "down under" Africa sometimes portrayed on ancient maps.​
  • Canada. Though Canada is acclaimed to be the second largest country on earth, 98% of its population lives right on the border to the USA, not to mention Canada has it's own collection of mysterious happenings when it comes to land.
Who in this modern day and age, if they travel to any of these "natural barrier" locations, is going to actually travel through the entirety of said location? Or even just the circumference around it? Most people with the faintest of desires will only fleetingly temporarily visit any of these locations that are "approved" by the "authorities", and go back to the entertainment of their choice. The thing is, no one explores anymore - the rare ones that do have the will and skill to actually try to explore you almost never hear about, and if caught they are made into examples of being "rebels." We only travel on roads 'they' want us, allow us, to travel, whether by road, air, or water.

Fences to Control the Sheeple: The Mystery Triangles, Are They Hex Locations?
It should be no secret now that the rulers and their puppets seem to fancy Satanism, and despite telling us there is no spirit realm, clearly "they" believe in one. Most have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but there are many more of these out there:
  • Sargasso Sea. Essentially an extension of the Bermuda Triangle. Very convenient location for this illusion I must say.
  • Dragon's Triangle. Near Japan. Much deeper reason for it being here but that will be addressed in the future.
  • Nevada Triangle. The Nevada wilderness being near Area 51 and Death Valley probably does make it a hot spot for some hidden reason.
  • Alaska Triangle. Makes the disappearances of the Bermuda Triangle sound like child's play, the triangle makes up most of the state.
  • Great Lakes Triangle/Michigan Triangle. Could this be because the "Great Lakes" actually look nothing like the five lakes they are portraying?
If these Triangles are constructed via utilization of witchcraft, sorcery and ley lines, perhaps they have intentionally placed these in their designated locations as an attempted safety net to catch, in the small off-chance, a modern-day explorer who is about to discover the true layout of the earth.. So why the "hex/witchcraft" assumption? Because severely haunted areas as well as places with high levels of demonic/spiritual activity do indeed cause equipment and technological malfunction, as is common lore of these Cursed Ley Line Triangle locations, not to mention disappearances, mysterious fogs, disorientation, possession...

"Hold up Sparrow, what about lions, tigers and all the other kinds of animals not found in America!"

Well, please by all means take a look at the list of National Wildlife Reserves that are located in the USA, and the absurdly vast amount of lands dedicated to these places just for the well-being of a few rescue circus animals. You will be scrolling for awhile, enjoy. These locations are also likely part of the fences for the sheeple.
Just look at how many there are per state and how much land they are allowed. Some are "small" but some are just massive, and keep in mind how much land we ourselves are allowed to have in comparison... Do we really believe that a handful of exotic pets or some random endangered species (as if "they" actually care) really need this much land to live a happy life? Years ago, Brent Swancer of Mysterious Universe (unfortunately this site now requires payment to consistently read most of their articles, especially Brent Swancer's because he is very, very thorough and writes well) wrote an excellent article illustrating just how many groups of "misplaced animals" pervade the USA.


Another bit of trivia I came across recently from the Cultivate Elevate Ytube channel, who happens to try to research out of the box as well, stated in one of his videos (I think it was this one) that America used to be the world's number one producer of wool. Hmm, now in the mainstream perspective that makes no sense whatsoever, but with the Mappa Mundi perspective... it absolutely would make total sense, especially if America was, and still is, the land of Canaan.

Anyway, as we were saying about the Fences for the Sheeple, the combination of all the weapons in their arsenal would be used to support the illusion.
For an example illustrating how this would work, please see the simplified version of the Hereford Mappa Mundi from the late 1200s below, showing the layout of the countries. While this isn't the best map in terms of geographical topography it is easy to read when looking at the layout of the countries. The area of the Siberian wilderness is a perfect natural fence between Russia, and "Azerbaijan", it is perhaps shared by another country, such as Brazil - being so close to the Amazons right next to the 'm' mountain range. Not to mention the Armenians have indeed gone through their own saga of genocide as well. After having the privilege to eat at a fancy Brazilian joint, I noticed the servers were wearing baggy pants that really reminded me of the ethnic Russian style pants, think the Russians in the bar scene from the movie Fiddler on the Roof at about 2:08; and I remember thinking "It's so odd how the Brazilians have a style so similar to the Russians..." Or perhaps.. it actually makes sense because these countries may not be as far away from each other as we have been taught.


Notice the peninsula near China above the potential Siberia location (above, left image), being a potential Korea, and islands in red may be a potential Japan (above, middle image). Notice the potential proximity of Japan to Russia, would more eloquently explain that the Jomon/Ainu peoples (below, left image) likely having had some Caucasian genetics. With the Mappa Mundi perspective, notice how the enigma of why so many Japanese people living in Brazil actually makes sense because they may not be as far away as they are telling us. And who in this day and age is ever going to confirm that by boat or plane *without* having an authorized guide with him, or flight command making sure he flies an approved route?

Screenshot 2023-07-17 213445.jpg

Now, at this point in time I have a newly forming hypothesis on the potential ancient location of Japan on the Mappa Mundi format, but we will explore that on a separate article in the future because this series is already going to be a lot.

In the Mappa Mundi perspective, the magnetic pull hypothetically coming from the center of the earth, presumably Polaris, would cause those travelling away from the center as going towards "south", which as you can see would fit with the proposed location of "South America" on the Mappa Mundi as the compass would read south heading towards away from the center. This is still an enigma to me though as there are places where it appears this doesn't work, but that could also be due to the fact I'm never checking the directions of any location I am travelling to with an actual physical compass.


Tip of the Hat to The Giant Theme Park Hypothesis
We will very briefly touch on another thought - the Giant Theme Park Hypothesis, as it goes hand in hand with the hypothesis at hand, like filters that ultimately compose and embellish the same piece of art. It is the idea that essentially, the world has been given masks to disguise it from what it truly looks like, not forgetting that every country as we know them today used to be something else. One way of doing this, paired with selling us a history of 99% lies, is that when it comes to land they build new buildings, or perhaps keep specific post-Tartarian "landmark" buildings to condition mankind's association of a land or location with the buildings....not the land. Here are some examples of this.
  • Giza Pyramids/Sphynx = Egypt.
  • Big Ben = London.
  • The Temple Mount = Israel.
  • Swirlie-topped castles = Russia.
  • Edo style castles = Japan.
  • New World Tower/old Twin Towers = New York.
  • Denver's city has a specific look.
  • Chicago, Los Angeles,... Etc.
Were it not for these landmark buildings, one would likely be unable to tell where they are at based on topography alone - so long as there are signs and flags put in place by the powers that be, we believe those signs are accurate. We, as a society, topographically speaking, have no clue where we are at were it not for these signs and landmark buildings. In my initial video there is a segment to illustrate this point at 21:52, it will be posted at the end of this series of articles.

In essence, they have created a Giant Theme Park that is almost worldwide - much like they have done to Epcot Center, Disneyworld; only in this case they have replaced the "entertainment" value of the locations with perceived "significant historical/biblical" value. The same people who created the Disney World Theme Parks are likely related to the same people who rule the world, and they do indeed still use the same tactics to deceive us the gullible sheep. Honestly, it would probably be a piece of cake for them. Creating lakes? No problem. Lake Oolagah, Norman Lake, Lake Thunderbird, and Lake Tenkiller are all incredible manmade lakes, google pictures at your leisure. Some poor folks had their homes taken from them to create these lakes, a common story. Much like the Native Indians of America had their lands taken from them, much like the Japanese Native Indians, the Ainu, had their lands taken from them - all for a separate agenda but the same endgame goal of deceiving those who were potentially somehow related to being YHWH's people. This pattern is indeed all over the world, just follow the trail of blood of those who have mostly been erased in the not too distant past. Similar to the fate as the people living in the modern state of "Israel" whose homes were bulldozed for the sake of creating a theme park...

Wait, did I just say 'the modern state of Israel might be a theme park?

Screenshot 2023-07-17 002808.jpg

Why yes, yes I did. We will address Jerusalem more fully a little bit later. Phantom of the Opera's Masquerade song puts it well: "Masquerade! Paper faces on Parade. Masquerade! Hide your face So the World will Never find You." This tactic also aids in the grand illusion of shattered glass pieces being portrayed as if they were always shattered and separate, when in reality they used to be one whole smooth piece to begin with.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 001150.jpg

In the next chapter we will carve out some potential states of the USA locations on the Mappa Mundi and address some of the curious coincidences that surprisingly support this perspective.

Thank you,
Sparrow the AinuGeisha
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