Re-adjusting the direction of the forum


I have noticed that there was a spike in the modern conspiracy threads. This is not what this forum was created for. To discuss everything modern we all have ATS forums.

Our altered history is the purpose of this website, and it will not change, and become ATS kind.

This is primarily attributed to the newer members of the forum, so I wanted to remind that the purpose of this site is our past, not our present. If you think that your thread about the present issues is directly tied in into some events of the past, please make a clear and understandable connection.

Also the threads with nothing but youtube videos will start getting disapproved. If you do not have time to adequately textually explain what you want to discuss, please do not start a new thread.

ALL CAPS in the names of the threads, as well as in the body of the message. You know who you are, and I do not have time fixing things after you. Please use common format observed in the other threads.

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Things like the quote below will get a forum member banned. I do not have time for people who do not understand basic rules of respectful communication. Anyone who wants to talk in this manner needs to find a different place for this.
Basically speaking, you write a lot .... but only empty words, go and do me a favor and do better research, boy! Tired of clowns!

Ice Nine

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I come here because I specifically don't want to discuss current issues. We all know things are effed up! No matter what side you are on nobody is happy. Such is life.


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I think the stolenhistory link has been making rounds on some conspiracy related youtube videos recently, and it appears to me this rise in non-effort low-quality posts has been imported from there. This is what I call the reddit and twitter culture, which has infected the web in recent years. People live in their filter bubbles and live off of likes validation from their peers (I am highly skeptical of any like functionality on the web).

I hope this stays a discussion forum, and the nature of discussion is that it takes an effort to think and a willigness to engage.

I am not sure people should be banned without warning.


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I agree with banning new accounts without warning. From what I've seen, it is the veteran conspiracy theorist type character that just wants to flex their "knowledge" over others in order to feel superior. But if you have spent years researching these things and have not also been using that time as a personal journey to develop yourself into something better than what you started at, then you're just wasting your time in my opinion.

It isn't KD's job to babysit people that have no basic manners, decency or respect for themselves or others. This is a forum for research on a specific topic that has basically flown under the radar for decades among popular conspiracy circles. In other words, all the focus needs to be on the topic and not on trying to solve behavioral problems because we will lose that battle quickly.

Also, a personal request but if anyone here has an idea please explain it as fully as you can. I don't think there is any point in being cryptic and no one is going to mock you for your beliefs. Even if they do, that isn't your problem. But we all have our own experiences and our own ways of looking at things, so clarification on ideas would be greatly appreciated just so I can understand better. I love hearing different perspectives, just sometimes the ideas are really foreign to me.


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Yes. Yes please. This site is about, to me, history and the cracks in the narrative and the mysteries that don't quite add up. I am quite content with banning and whatever else to quarantine the typical 'conspiracy site' stuff from infecting everything here. We've got a good forum here, when it actually focuses on the topics we've come to love. Researched topics, history with photographic evidence, old news paper articles, videos too, all of those things.

I don't think there's a PROBLEM, specifically, with some of that other stuff, but when it begins to pervade ALL of our topics, it becomes a problem and the high quality content we've enjoyed thus far will deteriorate. I hope we can keep the good thing we have going.