Country that the Spaniards Found in 1521, Called Yucatan

"The first encounter with the Yucatec Maya may have occurred in 1502, when the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus came across a large trading canoe off Honduras. In 1511, Spanish survivors of the shipwrecked caravel called Santa María de la Barca sought refuge among native groups along the eastern coast of the peninsula. Hernán Cortés made contact with two survivors, Gerónimo de Aguilar and Gonzalo Guerrero, six years later. In 1517, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba made landfall on the tip of the peninsula...." - official bla, bla, bla continues here - Spanish conquest of Yucatán.

This tiny 1521 book has about 11 pages and is titled, "Newspaper About the Country that the Spaniards Found in 1521, Called Yucatan". I am unable to read it, so hopefully someone else can.
  • This small tract contains one of the first European descriptions of the Aztec civilization of Mexico and the earliest known European attempt to picture the city of Tenochtitlán (present-day Mexico City). Most likely published in Augsburg in 1522, the work is a translation into German of an earlier Spanish account of Hernando Cortes’s expedition to Tenochtitlán in 1519-20. The city is pictured rather fancifully as having five towers and five bridges. Another woodcut shows an Aztec religious ceremony involving human sacrifice. Cortés first reached Tenochtitlán in November 1519. He withdrew in July 1520 after suffering a defeat at the hands of the Aztecs, but returned with a large army to destroy the city in May-August 1521. This account does not mention the withdrawal from the city, suggesting that it is based on information from before July 1520.

Which ones are Aztecs here?

Yucatan in 1521?

Statue of Liberty looks pissed.

Aztec religious ceremony involving human sacrifice
Aztec religious ceremony involving human sacrifice.jpg

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Question #1: Wasn’t Yucatan inhabited by Mayas?
Question #2: Where are the Aztecs in the image above?
Question #3: What's up with all the 1521 Yucatan architecture?
Question #4: What does Tenochtitlan has to do with Yucatan?
Question #5: Did somebody forget to tell us about this country the Spaniards found in 1521?

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