Year 1902: 1,200 foot long Noah's Ark found in Alaska.

Oct 29, 2020
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While replying to the article published by @Recognition, ran into the following 1902 publication.

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TACOMA, July 1, 1902. - W. A. Reid, secretary of the Skagway Young Men's Christian Association, has returned from the interior of Alaska, where he talked with Indians, whose earnest statements he believes fully confirm previous reports that, the Indians of the lower Yukon have discovered an immense petrified ship on Porcupine River near the Arctic circle and north of Rampart, Alaska. The Indians first told their story to H. F. Lischke, editor of the Koyukuk News. Secretary Reid talked with the Indians, who convinced him that they saw the great boat, which is lying partly on its side. When asked regarding its size they traced its dimensions on the ground, indicating a length of 1200 feet. The Indians said that everything connected with the boat was petrified. Among the things inside of it was a large safe or chest. Thinking there might be something within this, they rolled it out of the ship and down the mountain side, using levers and skids for the purpose. They thought it might break open, but in this they were disappointed. While the chest was hollow, it remained intact. The Indians finally became convinced that the whole contrivance was something connected with the holy spirit, so they left it, but promised to pilot others to the spot at any time. The Yukon mission Indians familiar with the Bible are convinced that the ship is none other than Noah's ark.

Reid intends to return to the interior of Alaska this summer, in which event he will take some Indians and also request army officers to detail soldiers to accompany his expedition. The ship is located near the top of a hill, thousands of feet above sea level.

KD: Figured this could prompt a further investigation. First time I hear about this claim.
The ship was located on a hill thousands of feet above sea level, definitely does suggest deluge!

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