Questionable antiquity of the "ancient" statues


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Also, part of the problem with dates in ancient vs. medieval times may have to due with the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. I know it was only a loss of 10 days decreed by the RCC but who's to say it hasn't happened more than once? Most societies ran on a lunar calendar rather than a solar one (some still do-Jews) from antiquity. There were smart people way back when who must've been able to calculate that the lunar calendar for counting days in the year was less than accurate over the long haul. It may be that they occasionally adjusted the time table in keeping with the solar count rather than totally abandoning the lunar count altogether. Majority of peoples probably didn't pay a lick of attention to "what day it is" but rather to seasons for planting and harvesting. Over millenia, that would've required several adjustments making our current timeline incomprehensible as regarding historical events. Just spit-ballin' here.

If there were natural disasters of a truly wide-spread calamitous nature then it's possible that no one was paying attention to what day it was but just trying to survive and completely lost track of time altogether.