Peter the Great


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I've been reading some of the posts here and thought that it might be a good idea to get in depth of this character.

While Peter did change the calendar of Russia, I do not think he was to change the real history, but rather tried to help uncover it. Now this might seem to be a contradiction to what we know here about the chronology and dating today, but there just might be an explanation for it from religious views clouding judgement on the topic in terms of using dates.

On the positive he also would be very far sighted in terms of seeing the dangers looming over Russia in trying to get the people educated and the urgent need to modernize the infrastructure of the country. He also even tried to save the ancient Armenians 200 years before the Armenian genocide happening by the Turks inviting all of them to Russia and requesting great hospitality towards them by his people. In general he was also open minded and held no racial prejudice as he would free an African slave boy brought to him as a gift giving him proper education and rather treated as his godson. That person would become to be the great-grandfather of the 'father' of modern Russian literature Alexander Pushkin.

But he would also be determined in bringing a change to Russia with any cost, even with the people he was doing this for. He was an end justified means type of person, but I will paint that his means were purely for the better of his country and his people and for this his quote "It is my great desire to reform my subjects, and yet I am ashamed to confess that I am unable to reform myself." He would also hold against the Turks and say that never trust a Turk and the Russian empire would have wars against them in the future as well after his time.

The defining moment for his future and actions would become with his early conflict with the Streltsy who might need a thread of their own to uncover who they really were. For me I see them acting as a type of shadow government who were able to remove 'puppets' from the throne at ease and come up with any explanation to the public. The Streltsy were said to be a hereditary order of royal guards and Peter would dedicate his later life to end them once and for all.

I will later add context in a depth analysis to why Peter would not want to cover history, but rather help uncover the real history of the steppes for his people. In general most people can make those deductions from going through his childhood alone. Him doing the former would be in complete contradiction to what he tried to achieve and what became of the Russian empire and their actions for the next 200 years. So consider this text here just as a preface. It's going to be a long task for me so feel free to add perspectives and insights you might have. Did he cover history and why? Did he have any motives for it and was there any continuity for that line of action in Russian history for the next 200 years?

Oh and I don't think he founded St.Petersburgh, but rather re-established it and built to it.

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