London: Chronology of Events published in 1686

I am not sure how to interpret the publication date. It appears the below book was published in 1685. At the same time, a book published in 1685 could not cover 1686.

It's kind of important when the book was published, because the below list of events says "since". Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like we are being shown the time gap between the current year at the time (let's use 1686) and the listed events of the past.


Let's start with the city of Philadelphia.
The great Fire of London happened in 1666 per the PTB.
The dates appear to be matching the PTB narrative for the most of the above-listed events. But... what's up with these?
  • Per the PTB, the city of London was founded in 47 AD.
    • Londinium was established as a civilian town by the Romans about four years after the invasion of AD 43.
    • Londinium - Wikipedia
  • Per the above 1686 pub, the city of London was founded in BC 1,107
    • 1686-2793 = negative 1107

KD: A quick scan of other listed dates appears to be more or less correct.
  • Questions - how could this (1107 BC) date of the foundation of London be explained?
  • Why did they black out William Penn? Or... could it be a different name?

The model of a 1600 London from the opening minutes of the 1944 movie "Henry V" is remarkable.
Who made it?

Maybe we really are tiny people living in a giant's realm!

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