Hyperborea: what if it still exists?


Obviously we know that all the major landmasses, as well as the smaller ones, have already been discovered. We have space satellites providing us with up to date geographic imagery. The International Space Station is out there constantly keeping a close watch on our planet. At least, this is the way it is supposed to be. Yet, some perfectly explainable, but in my opinion, still strange circumstances might suggest that things could be a bit more complicated.

Do I really think there is a hidden continent of Hyperborea in the vicinity of the North Pole? May be not so much, for the power of the dogmatic education is still strong inside this one. But I do think there could be just about anything which we are not allowed to see up there. I will use Hyperborea as a hypothetical hidden object. To get my point across. For that, I will have to cover the following areas:
  • History of Hyperborea including textual sources
  • Hyperborea on the maps
  • Marine and Aerial traffic - satellite data
    • Cruise ship routes
  • Military bases around the Bering Strait
  • GPS challenges in the Arctic
  • Temperature inconsistencies
  • Time Zones anomaly
  • The China-Russia-Canada-America underwater Train
In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a mythical race of giants who lived "beyond the North Wind". This land was supposed to be perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day.

Prioris Hemisphaerii, totiusque Geographici_A.jpg

Once again, we run into this mysterious 15th century which gave us knowledge of the so-called Ancient World.
The earliest extant source that mentions Hyperborea in detail, Herodotus's Histories, dates from circa 450 BC. And this is where we run into the first problem. As this forum members know, I have a big issue with sources of our history. This one is not an exception. Allegedly, Herodotus wrote his "Histories" in the second half of the 5th century BC. Yet, the earliest copy of some other copy this mankind has in its possession is dated to "some time before 1449". This means that the text was "located" in 1449 and could not be produced later then 1449. Hence, we have this 2,000 year old time void during which Herodotus was unaccounted for. Along with Herodotus, Hyperborea was also MIA.

In my opinion these 2,000 years are a lie. If Herodotus ever existed, he produced his texts some time between 10th and 15th centuries AD. This is just my opinion, but I have my own reasons for it:
Yes, I do think that we are being lied to (on some unprecedented level) by our historians. While the majority of these so-called historians genuinely have no clue, there are some that do. The top ones standing behind the Common Core historical curriculum definitely know what's up.

I have no plans to cover all the existing sources of our knowledge of Hyperborea. This is as far as I will go in this thread. For additional information on the early, and other sources Wikipedia and co. will do just fine:
Maps: Hyperborea

Obviously one of the most famous maps of the Arctic Continent of Hyperborea is the one below. It was allegedly done by Gerardus Mercator in 1595. The below map was displayed in his posthumously published atlas, Atlantis pars altera.
  • Born in Flanders, the great cartographer Gerhard Mercator spent most of his adult life in Duisburg, Germany, where he died in December 1594. The next year his son Rumold published the last of the three parts of his famous atlas, which contains this map. It is the first full map of the Arctic, an expansion of Mercator's inset of the area in his world map of 1569, here showing recent Northwest and Northeast Passage discoveries. In the east, S. Hugo Willoughbes land is named for Sir Hugh Willoughby (d. 1554), who, leading the English Company of Merchant Adventurers' three-ship expedition in 1553, became locked in the ice off the coast near Murmansk with two of his ships; Russian fishermen found the boats with their corpses the next year. Willem Barentsz (ca. 1550-1597), the Dutch navigator, while commanding three expeditions in search of a navigable passage to eastern Asia across the top of Europe and Russia, reached Novaya Zemlya and discovered Spitsbergen (1596). Fretum Forbosshers and Fretum Dauis, in the west, refer to discoveries of the Englishmen Martin Frobisher and John Davis in the 1570s and 1580s [read more about them in the next two cases].The roundels in the corners contain the title and maps of the Shetland Islands, the mythical island of Frisland, and the Faeroe Islands. But the interesting feature, of course, is Mercator's depiction of the North Pole as a large magnetic rock, surrounded by four mountainous islands which are separated by four major rivers converging upon it.
  • Mercator explained the source for his cartography in a 1577 letter to John Dee, an English mathematician and astrologer:
In the midst of the four countries is a Whirl-pool . . . into which there empty these four indrawing Seas which divide the North. And the water rushes round and descends into the earth just as if one were pouring it through a filter funnel. It is four degrees wide on every side of the Pole, that is to say eight degrees altogether. Except that right under the Pole there lies a bare rock in the midst of the Sea. Its circumference is almost 33 French miles, and it is all of magnetic stone. . . . This is word for word everything that I copied out of this author years ago. [E. G. R. Taylor, "A Letter Dated 1577 from Mercator to John Dee," in Imago Mundi 13 (1956), p. 60.]

  • The identity of the author cited by Mercator, a "Jacobus Cnoyen of Herzogenbusch," has never been established. Jodocus Hondius acquired the printing plates in 1604; later editions of the Hondius version of the map show the separation of Greenland and the re-drawing of polar coastlines, particularly in the Spitsbergen and Novaya Zemlya areas, as the demythologizing of the Arctic continued by explorers and whalers.
Septentrionalium Terrarum descriptio
1595 Mercator_Septentrionalium_Terrarum_descriptio_1.jpg

As we can see, the true source for the above map is named as Jacobus Cnoyen of Herzogenbusch. Who this gentleman was and where he acquired his information is anyone's guess.
Hyperborea Maps

1492 Martin of Bohemia Globe

Martin Behaim - Wikipedia

1565 Americae Pars Borealis
1565 Americae pars Borealis_M.jpg

1570 Ortelius Europe Scandinavia
1570 Ortelius Europe Scandinavia_M.jpg

1586 Terra Septemtrionalis Incognita America
Terra Septemtrionalis Incognita America.jpg

1587 Urbano Monte's World Map

The impossible 1587 Urbano Monte's World Map

1587 Ortelius Typus Orbis Terrarum
1587 Typus Orbis Terrarum_M.jpg

1592 Prioris Hemisphaerii, totiusque Geographici
1592_Prioris Hemisphaerii, totiusque Geographici_M.jpg

Prioris Hemisphaerii, totiusque Geographici.jpg

Related to the above map: 400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

Marine and Aerial Traffic
Marine Traffic
While we have tons of conventional ways to explain the lack of ship and aircraft movement North and through the Bering Strait, I think it is worth addressing the issue. We will use the below website. It allegedly uses satellite signal to track ship movement around the world:
Bering Strait


Bering Strait: 65.765066, -168.911138
Spitsbergen: 78.702680, 15.749018


  • Spitsbergen is approximately 910 miles north of Bering Strait. It experiences plenty of marine traffic. Gulfstream alone, if it even exists, can not account for this ability to travel in the North Seas. Sure enough, they can say that Norweigian Current is the one to blame, but its existence is as verifiable as the rover on Mars.
Good luck waiting on a ship going through the actual Bering Strait. I have been sporadically checking for about two months now, while thinking about posting this. No luck so far. Ships pop up in the vicinity now and then but not going through. This lack of traffic can not be explained if you actually think about the bigger picture of marine traffic as it relates trade, fishing and pleasure. If you do luck out with one phantom crossing, would that be sufficient to explain the issue?

Whole World

Alaskan Ship Cruises
At some point I thought that there was some Alaskan cruise going through the Bering Strait, but the routes below are self-explanatory. Cruse ships do not appear to enter the Strait. You can cruise Bering Sea all day long, but you will not go through the actual Strait.



Cross on Foot
Alaska Cruise Tour Coldfoot.gif

At some point I thought I found a cruise going through the Bering Strait. At least the below map and this article suggested that it would be possible. But it does not exist. At least I failed to find it available for booking.

Crystal Serenity cruise_alaska.jpg

Aerial Traffic
Multiple websites suggest that there are several flights going over the North Pole region. Yet on the aerial traffic satellite map we are witnessing the same issue. Planes do not fly there. Obviously we have traditional explanations which do sound plausible enough to accept them.

Military Bases
We sure have a butt load of both Russian and American military bases guarding the entire vicinity of the Bering Strait. This one is also plausibly explainable from the National Security stand point. But any regular military purpose can not exclude any additional one.



GPS Challenges in the Arctic
I did not think satellites cared where to send their signal to. Apparently this is not quite the case. Navigational difficulties in the Arctic region are partially attributed to poor satellite reception.
More human activity is expected in the Arctic region in the coming decades. However, satellite navigation remains inaccurate and difficult in this region. GPS is not quite as global as its name suggests—the technology is unreliable in the Arctic, an area on Earth that is slowly seeing more human activity due to tourism, research, and industry. As the ice recedes in the Arctic, the region may also become a more common passageway for ships. Accurate navigation is important in the Arctic for all of these situations, made especially crucial by the negative impacts accidents could have on the environment and the difficulty of rescue missions in the case of emergencies.
As you can see, 900 bln dollars spent by NASA to grow crops, play music and defecate in space were not enough to solve this Arctic region satellite signal issue. Shame on them, or shame on us for being so gullible?

Temperature Inconsistencies
Two regions 1300 miles apart when viewed North to South have virtually the same temperature, with Alaskan Anchorage being the warmer one on multiple occasions.

Vladivostok - Anchorage
North to South ~ 1300 Miles/2100 km

43.1198° N vs. 61.2181° N

Refer to: Vladivostok vs. Anchorage vs. Bandon - Climate Zone Maps

Time Zones Anomaly
Two towns, or cities are 59 miles away from each other, yet the time difference on the Time Zone Map is four hours.

Naukan, Russia

60 miles = 4 hours

Tin City, Alaska

As crow flies - 59 miles
Naukan, Russia to Tin City, USA
naukan_tin city.jpg

Refer to: Time Zones: Tin City, US vs Naukan, Russia

China - Russia - USA Underwater Train
Not to question Chinese ability to build this train route, but I do have my own doubts. May be if there was no Bering Strait out there. Sounds way too crazy at the moment. In my home state of Washington they are building this 50 mile long $60 bln dollar Light Rail Train which will take them 10 years to complete.

Probably should have never mentioned this one, but the entire idea is just ridiculous. Quadruple the price, triple the time and enjoy. I think something is left unsaid with this project.

china_usa train_1.jpg

* * * * *
KD: I do not know if they are hiding Hyperborea there or something else, but things are definitely not as straightforward as they should be. Accepting the official position requires one too many plausible explanations to be embraced as something normal.

In general, we are supposed to know what is located in the Arctic Circle: cold water and a bunch of ice. We have satellite imagery and ISS imagery. Finally we have Google Maps and Google Earth which are based on satellite imagery, right?

where is ice?

Faking Bering Strait
Misrepresent some bay...


What are they hiding up there? Hyperborea?


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Hell yeah! Now that's a post!

Reading through all of that I can't help but think of one major conclusion...

We have been, and currently are being quarantined in this "world." Between Hyperborea, Ultima Thule, Tartaria, the terraforming project known as "The Amazon Rainforest, The Sahara, and Neu Schwabenland, whatever this world is, it is nothing like we've been told. The maps, the science, the medicine, the education, the religion - it is 51% majority shareholding lies.

Korben, you have any ideas on who or why?

I'll admit I have my megalomaniacal fantasies of implementing mandatory education based on the Quadrivium and 100% efficiency recycling, but, I may lack the resolve to rewrite human history in order to accomplish it.
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Korben, you have any ideas on who or why?
Million dollar questions those are.
  • Who? I think the biggest meaning of Freemasonry is hidden within the name itself. While we are trying to figure out all these ancient construction mysteries, we have Freemasons screaming - Look at Our Name. Of course I'm not talking about your neighborhood lodge members. Some of the top ones know "Who"... I think. But it's not them, they are just a part of the management mechanism. Whoever else is on the management team? I think Vatican is, as well as the Lictors.
  • Why? We are limited to the specific lands. We are convinced that what we have on the Globe is the entire world. Contrary to the dogmatically known continents, there could be multiple other ones beyond the limits of the Globe. We work for food and goods. Slaves back in the day worked for food, so we are not that far off. The only difference is that those slaves from the past knew they were slaves, hence they could revolt and get their freedom back. In our current situation we have no reason to look for freedom, for we are convinced that we are free. But are we really? It appears we could be assigned to these labor camps we call countries. We are allowed to visit other camps but are expected to come back to the ones we are assigned to. On rare occasion we can petition for reassignment (immigration), but we still have to be assigned to some camp.
  • KD: Not to derail, but I do think that our Space Program's sole purpose is to provide informational support for the Earth being limited to what we can see on the globe. Re-enforcement of belief of sorts. As long as we have this ISS flying around with "regular people" on board.. they would have told us if something was up, right? We have all the shenanigans with visibility beyond allowed by the known dimensions of the planet. Bar all those "scientific" excuses for visibility facts, the Earth could be hundreds or thousands times bigger.
Above are just my guesses. There are too many variables and hypotheticals involved here.


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Million dollar questions those are...There are too many variables and hypotheticals involved here.
Ain't it the truth!

I wasn't much of an M.I.B. fan (the movie that is, the bio-robot theory is interesting), but this scene is something I contemplate constantly. What if we're just one discovery away from being asked to join "something." I know that "noticing" anomalies in this world isn't a native faculty for everyone. Maybe Hyperborea is a breakaway society and they are evaluating "our" civilizations' aptitude to join, on an individual basis. The Arthurian concept of those who are "pure of heart" being worthy to seek the Grail.
The Quest for the Holy Grail - The Legend of King Arthur


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Here's a thought:

What if the civilization "resets" are an act of "Divine" intervention to keep the NWO from fully establishing its dystopian nightmare. Everytime things get too crazy, boom a big disaster hits and resets the playing field. So ironically, maybe the NWO is doing all this spraying and trying to control the weather to prevent the next catastrophe.

Mathew 24:22 says: "Indeed, if the length of this time had not been limited, no one would survive; but for the sake of those who have been chosen, its length will be limited."

NO ONE would survive. But who survived this recent cycle? Noah...

Freemasons are "noachites"- meaning descendants of Noah from the great flood. It's one big complicated mess but there is satanic inversion somewhere as the original line of Noah was supposedly good.


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  • Why? We are limited to the specific lands. We are convinced that what we have on the Globe is the entire world. Contrary to the dogmatically known continents, there could be multiple other ones beyond the limits of the Globe. We work for food and goods. Slaves back in the day worked for food, so we are not that far off. The only difference is that those slaves from the past knew they were slaves, hence they could revolt and get their freedom back. In our current situation we have no reason to look for freedom, for we are convinced that we are free. But are we really? It appears we could be assigned to these labor camps we call countries. We are allowed to visit other camps but are expected to come back to the ones we are assigned to. On rare occasion we can petition for reassignment (immigration), but we still have to be assigned to some camp.
Maybe what you're saying is true and those who rule over us reside in places outside the known continents. What if they're living in utopias where none of them work while we as slaves provide their basic needs?



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The most plausible explanation is that both Terra Australis and Hyperborea were buried with lots of ice during the ice age that started somewhere in the 17th century.

I think the PTB are guarding the north pole with extra caution because contrary to Antarctica which is mostly under a single sheet of ice nowadays (except maybe some inner parts), the northern parts were originally not a single continent but many different land parts. That means there is the high probability that some parts of the 4 original hyperborean "islands" as well as the inner part (the black rock and entrance into the other world, the original world where the greek myths are based on, i.e. land beyond the north pole) are still somewhat visible.

That's why they couldn't simply make everything white, like what happened to Antarctica, because the borders are not clear, so I guess there was some difficulty in the intelligence community to get to a consens as to how to draw it on the maps.

Why don't we see this north pole area of pure whiteness on Google maps? Also note that the light blue area on Google maps is simply a placeholder. Everywhere you see light-blue it is actually not a true satellite image. So what we have is the north-pole area completely surrounded by this placeholder stuff, and than within a darker blue area, which may be a placeholder as well.

But hey, there is a growing threat to the North Pole being exposed: 'The North Pole could ice-free by next summer'

This prediction has lead to some embarrassment in the activist community: Arctic Climate Explorers give up sailing to the 'melting' North Pole because – there's too much ice!

It looks like there's indeed still a lot of ice that keeps people from reaching inwards.

Now you know why the PTB fear global warming. We are going to be re-connected with the universe.
What if the civilization "resets" are an act of "Divine" intervention to keep the NWO from fully establishing its dystopian nightmare. Everytime things get too crazy, boom a big disaster hits and resets the playing field. So ironically, maybe the NWO is doing all this spraying and trying to control the weather to prevent the next catastrophe.
What if we are embedded within a universe that doesn't usually allow evil? So the earthly creation would be directly at odds with the general purpose of the universe. Some guys would need to work hard to keep earth from getting aligned with all of creation.
What if they're living in utopias where none of them work while we as slaves provide their basic needs?
That utopia is called earth. How do you think the rich families spend their days?

No reason to think of a fantasy map devoid of any evidence.

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No reason to think of a fantasy map devoid of any evidence.
It's hard to say on this one whether we have any evidence, or not. We just might, but it's hard to verify how credible this evidence is. Obviously they are not going to announce stuff like that on National TV.

We, allegedly, have this Nazi map obtained by either German, or Russian researchers. It has Asgard and Liberia on it. Reliability of this data is hard to confirm, but it's just as hard to deny. Obviously from the traditional stand point this is a bunch of non-sense. At the same time to make this map fake, even if it is real, it would take a single official to announce it as fake.

Third Reich map of the hollow earth
Credibility is a funny thing, but with Russian president Putin posing in front of the map of Tartary, as well as presenting maps of Tartary left and right... it could bear a totally different meaning. Out of all the people in Russia, he is probably the one with access to everything secret related, as well as the ability to declassify things. I have a feeling that all these map things could be dropped from the very top. Just a feeling.


Putin presented Mintimer Shaimiev with a map of ancient Tartary

And of course we have plenty of other maps showing non-existent lands. I sure know that I have never been there to verify though. One of those maps is well known and is below.


For large size: The impossible 1587 Urbano Monte's World Map

Whether any of the above could be considered as evidence, I do not know, may be. At the same time it's not like we can go and verify.


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Seemingly they are testing some Polar shipping routes just recently due to less ice in the region, and likely due to the fact China has apparently been doing this since 2013. Not surprisingly a permit is required, so don't think we can sail our yachts "up there" anytime soon...
The Northern Sea Route runs from Murmansk near Russia’s border with Norway to the Bering Strait near Alaska. Ships sailing it require a permit from Russian authorities.
China’s COSCO Shipping Company Expands Activities on Northern Sea Route
A Container Ship Is Traversing the Northern Sea Route for the First Time
US, Russia agree on shipping standards for Bering Strait
Maersk launches container ship on Arctic route

arctic route.png arctic route2.pngNSR-Map.jpg



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You mix multiple things together.

1) The Nazi map is not consistent with any sources I ever saw about Nazi Germany. As long as no more information is known, it isn't evidence. I already see multiple inconsistencies, and I know there is a large group of people, in Germany too, that would fake this to create a myth.

Anyway, this map is not related to our globe, but only to the supposed "inner earth", and thus has no direct relation to the maps of our world, so to speak.

2) The Putin Map is nothing special, it's just a historic map, of which we have hundreds, in line with all historic evidence thus collected so far. What is interesting is that he is standing before it, which means that he probably knows about some aspects of the true history. And it is concave, btw. But it's just a historic map.

Since Putin was with Mintimer Shaimiev, the President of Tatarstan, the entire meeting was probably related to the history of Russians and Tartarians.

3) The Monte World map is nothing special either from a geographic perspective, it is just like all the other maps from that time, showing all known continents, Terra Australis, etc., in line with everything else.

In contrast, the strange flat map with multiple layers that was shown in this thread has no sources, so it is a fantasy map with no evidence, just as I said.

It's certainly interesting to think about a world like that, just like any other thought experiment, but nothing more, imho. I can also draw a map of a cube and post it here with the question "Do we live on this cube?" And everytime someone questions it I say "Well, they certainly won't announce this cube on TV" You can't prove that something doesn't exist, so the burden of evidence is on those who claim something exists.


I’m not saying I’m right in any of this. Those are just thoughts I entertain for myself. The reality could consist of something entirely different.

May be the German map is faked, or may be it’s not. It’s authenticity is clearly not corroborated by any of the known sources.
At the same time I do think that myths and legends have some obscured merit to them. For me Asgard is a part of the Nine Homeworlds. With Midgard Earth being present in multiple other ones as well. Whether it was a metaphoric product of their imagination or a valid knowledge of the past we can only speculate. Obviously it is not supported by any conventional science. In my personal interpretation, our Space Program’s sole purpose is to eliminate any posibility of public thoughts of any additional lands beyond the allowed “globed” ones.

I also think that strange map with many lands could be supported by the Norse Cosmology.

As far as maps of Tartary go, I do not take lightly Putin being shown on national TV in conjunction with Tartary. I find this timing to be interesting at the very least. The country was virtually eliminated from history, and while presenting it to the president of Tatarstan makes sense, it has been done exactly when Tartary was going through it’s historical resurrection. May be it’s just a coincidence, may be it’s not.

As far as Monte’s map goes. Its Terra Australis has incredible details and humongous size. It’s also not as easily placed on the globe of the known size. Therefore the possible explanations of its presence on the map are somewhat limited. It’s either entirely a product of someone’s imagination, or an evidence of something we are not allowed to see. Obviously, from the conventional stand point it’s just how they imagined that possible yet undiscovered land. I have my reasons to doubt this interpretation.

Once again, this is just one of the possible explanations I see. It could be entirely wrong.


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Just some Translation Work


Secret command thing.
Only for captains of A-class submarines of the leader's special convoy.
U-boat fleet of the Kriegsmariene of the German Reich
Map for passing sea depths
Use only when manoeuvring
Instructions for passing rooms and corridors to drive to Agartha



Top secret 10.03.40
Conspekt of the Command of the Führer of 10.01.1940

The joint and organized research work of our scientists, sailors and submariners of the Kriegsmarine, who accomplished the impossible and the successful work of the SS Department in the field of studying the heritage of the ancestors of the Great Reich have allowed us to discover new and infinite territories for the German Reich in Antarctica which are located under the ice of the South Pole.

In connection with the development of new territories, I order that, within the next six months, a careful and covert selection of volunteers for the development of the new territories of the German Reich in New Swabia be carried out with the forces of the specially formed Commissions for Recruitment in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmariene and in the units of the SS.

The commissions that work on the selection of candidates must take into account that the volunteers will leave the Fatherland forever and will be sent to New Swabia for a permanent stay.

The measures for the resettlement of the best candidates from the ranks of the military and SS must be carried out in strict secrecy.

I appoint Reichsleiter M.Bormann as responsible person in the Reich for the resettlement of a part of the population from purebred Aryans to New Swabia and for the guarantee of the secrecy of this Action.


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Why not a recent whack theory? I no longer subscribe to the globe earth I remember from grammar school back in the 1700s (unless it fits my argument, i'm open to all fantasies) but, what about this whole 23.5degree axis we're supposedly rotating on?

Couldn't something catastrophic like some massive electrical zap do a few things like, change how you line up with the sun? Could explain woolly mammoths more than likely existing a few hundred years ago and flash frozen. Could also explain Russian statues of Roman looking idiots in skirts and togas. Lack of wood burning fireplaces (and no real wood around to burn anyway) in St Petersburg buildings might also be a sign where the weather was warm and it wasn't too long ago.

Maybe go a little dumber and propose a double whack electrical theory that then immediately caused a shit ton of ice melt which forms the global mud flood. Heck, maybe it's an event that happens over water which pushes Asgard and Liberia and The Shire farther away, sending water across all the continents.


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I think what we are left with is the fact that throughout history, until recently, humans apparently knew or remembered to be connected to something larger than what we are currently experiencing. And the poles seem to play a very large role, a role that has beend downplayed.

With ancient Jerusaelem at the south pole and Paradise at the north pole, gates into the "underworld" etc. are even part of mainstream christian ideology, or at least should be, but people don't remember.

The concept of a globe spinning through space is the perfect myth created to cut humanity from it's roots.

While imho it is most likely that we live inside a hollow earth with the sun creating gravity, most people who wake up to the fact that we are connected to something larger seem to resort to believe in a flat realm of some sorts. Which is bad, because concave earth physics is actually pretty reasonable and could get more people on board.

The elite is known to pervert the truth into the exact opposite. A convex globe spinning through empty space is the exact opposite of our concave earth. Due to it's inversion, it's still possible to make things work in practice because the math stays the same.

Either way, the poles are the practical way of discovering a way out of this place.

One really has to wonder what everyone is doing at the other side of the poles. What are those entities who live in the places surrounding earth thinking? Like "Man, earth people are a crazy bunch, imprisoning themselves with all that ice, ignoring everyone else in the universe"

I also wonder whether all the ice was just an accident, or not. And whether it was caused by some elctro-magnetical sun event, or by humans.

This book could be interesting: Paradise found, the cradle of the human race at the North Pole : a study of the primitive world : Warren, William Fairfield, 1833-1929 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I also find the following quote from Columbus regarding the pear shaped form of our earth interesting:

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I've been a subscriber for a long time to the hollow earth theory, there is a lot of evidence that points to a hollow earth.

Admiral Byrd wrote a diary about his journey to Antarctica that took him into the hollow earth (Operation Highjump, August 26 1946). The military launched the antarctic treaty system in 1959 december 1st. (Antarctic Treaty)

A source once told me that Antarctica contains several temples that have been explored by a group of people in control of the government. Teams have been digging, blowing things up, covering up and stopping people from visiting. They discovered a vial which they believed was a potion of immortality, when one of them injected himself with it he instantly turned blue and froze over.

The temples that were found were big and complicated, containing hundreds of rooms, hallways, traps with all types of symbols on the walls. Large books of ancient texts that no one can read, many vials of liquids which they can't identify. The voynich manuscript was said to be found in one of these temples and made it's way into the public. No one knows what it means but they think it contains an ancient methods of making medicine.

Here's a great book from 1885 by the first president of Boston University William Fairfield, placing Atlantis at the North Pole, as well as the Garden of Eden, Mount Meru, Avalon and Hyperborea.
Paradise found, the cradle of the human race at the North Pole : a study of the primitive world : Warren, William Fairfield, 1833-1929 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Here's another great book:
Worlds Beyond The Poles : some guy : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


As above so below. As within, so without.
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I've seen the second picture that you've uploaded before and I would like to see it translated into English!


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I've seen the second picture that you've uploaded before and I would like to see it translated into English!
It is strange language i can see a lot of old Russian symbols and letters but text is mixed with other language i cant understand which. I red clerly one part where it is said something about "draconians"Screenshot_20181008-212253_Gallery.jpg
I will print it tomorrow and will do more translates
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