Cell phone or not? What's on the old paintings?


Pretty sure some of us had a chance to see, one or all of the below paintings. Yet what's the opinion? What is depicted on the paintings? Some of them are less "smart phone" realistic than others, but still... what is on the images, possibly resembling a well known device?

1. In 1933, Umberto Romano painted "Mr. Pynchon and the Setting of Springfield," which shows a 17th century meeting between Native Americans and English settlers in Massachusetts, but it also shows what seems to be a smart phone.

Additionally I was always wondering about that tied up commando looking dude with a crew cut.

Mr. Pynchon and the Setting of Springfield.jpg
2. Die Erwartete - The Expected created by the Austrian painter Ferdinand George Waldmüller in 1860. It shows a man crouching in the foreground holding a flower, waiting for a woman who’s walking his way down a rocky path. But what’s that she’s holding?

3. Apple CEO Tim Cook once admitted to seeing an iPhone in a 347-year-old work by Pieter de Hooch called "Man Hands a Letter to a Woman in a Hall." Cook saw the Dutch master's piece at a museum in Amsterdam and was shocked. He said in an interview, "I always thought I knew when the iPhone was invented, but now I'm not so sure anymore." This painting was done in 1670.



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the 1 picture is automatically out of question because it was made after the lost history period (1933) and likely shows a native seeing for the first time a mirror
as for the other two, weird, number 3 could be a mirror too, though there is something weird about it that i cant quite place my finger on it
number 2 is the best of the lot, the woman is manipulating it just like we do on a smartphone and is it only me or there is light coming from it?