Can anyone decipher this map from the Civil War era?


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It allegedly depicts a plan by a General Scott to blockade and cripple the South. But there's a lot more going on that's unexplained, at least as far as I can tell. Odd drawings, misspellings, etc.

scotts great snake map_1.jpg

(Slightly higher quality version here.)

I couldn't find anything about the creator, but it seems his son was a Mason, and it wouldn't surprise me if he was too.

There's a lot to be talked about, but a few things to start...

What does "Trenton 76 + 61" mean?
What's that thing at the bottom of Illinois?
What's up with that dude in Arkansas who's armed to the teeth and wearing a foppish plume?

(BTW, being about a map and history and war and symbology, I wasn't sure where to post this, so I settled here. If it fits better elsewhere, my bad.)
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my first thought is, this looks like the kids place mats they give you at that restaurant that has all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks.


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battle of trenton was 1776 and wiki says
"On May 4, 1861, in a response to President Abraham Lincoln's call to arms the U.S. War Department directed New Jersey to fill a quota of three infantry regiments to serve a three-year term of enlistment. Recruitment took place for the new regiments all over the state, and on May 21, the 1st New Jersey Volunteer Infantry was mustered into the Union Army at Camp Olden in Trenton "

full description from wiki:

Tail of snake is wrapped around flagpole at Washington D.C., with U.S. flag and liberty cap.
New York has winged cap of "FREE TRADE" and a colorful soldier from one of its Zouave regiments; ships are entering the port of New York (unlike the blockaded southern ports).
New Jersey has "Trenton 76 + 61" written.
Delaware has "Union Peaches"(??) written (not sure about second word).
Maryland has "We give in" written.
Virginia has beehive with Stars and Bars flag (representing Richmond) and burning raildroad bridge.
West Virginia (separated from Virginia by dotted line) has man flying U.S. flag and waving sword.
North Carolina has sketch of "POOR EATING".
South Caroline has "CONTRABANDS" (runaway slaves) fleeing for Tennessee.
Georgia has dilapidated "COTTON FACTORY" building falling apart.
Alabama is complaining "DAM OLD VIRGINIA TOOK OUR CAPITOL" (the Confederate capital was moved from Montgomery to Richmond).
Mississippi has sketch of "BURNING MASSA OUT".
Louisiana shows idle men lying on barrels saying "Can't ship now" and a lynched "UNION MAN" hanging from gallows.
Texas has sketch of "COSTLY SHOOTING $1000.00 A HEAD" (a Confederate man firing at fleeing slaves).
Indian Territory shows Indian smoking pipe in front of teepees, cradleboard hanging from tree in background.
The head of the snake is in Missouri, driving "Jackson & Co." into Arkansas.
"Kanzas"[sic] shows "Union Music" (sketch of advancing troops under U.S. flag).
Iowa similarly shows "HAWK-EYE MARKSMEN" advancing.
Illinois, Indiana and Ohio show corn, pork and wheat being speeded eastward by railroad. A cannon in southern Illinois (next to flagpole with U.S. flag) is pointed southwestward.
Kentucky shows soldier with coonskin hat sitting on fence in name of "ARMED NUTRALITY"[sic].
Eastern Tennessee (separated by a dotted line from the rest of the state) shows "KNOCKSVILLE WHIG" in pugilistic attitude, next to flagpole flying U.S. flag.
There are several engraving errors (due to fact that the plate had to be engraved in mirror-image form): the dollar sign and the "S" of "South Carolina" are backwards.