Ancient Fossils are Made Up or More Recent?


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Yeah, and leave this thread for the fossils. xD

So I've been subscribed to PBS Eons channel and it's all about the evolution of animals and fossilization. I love they way they present their content, and also ancient history so what's not to love lol. I would like to see if anyone has any thoughts about it.
I'm not familiar with this one. I like the nature shows but, man!, are they heavy on the evolution propaganda. I'll have to look for the PBS channel show mentioned. Thanks for the heads up.


God forbid anyone show that Darwin was wrong. First time my youngest daughter (8 at the time) came home from school talking about having learned about evolution that day I asked her what her opinion was on the matter. She said, "c'mon, people! This isn't Digimon!" Had to LOL at that one.
Evolution within the confines of our genetic blueprint is, of course, possible and demonstrable. Evolution from one species into another is laughable. Millions, even trillions, of tiny mutations and they're ALL beneficial. Having worked as a critical care nurse for a few decades, I've never once seen or even heard of a genetic mutation that was beneficial.
I'm a Christian and not at all threatened by the possibility of evolution but I don't think that's what we're seeing. If anything, I think humanity is experiencing devolution which would conform to the physical laws of entropy. Neanderthals had larger craniums and denser bones. Giants once roamed the earth. Look at humanity now; we're pretty scrawny specimens in comparison.
When you point out the logical fallacies of Darwinian evolution people get butthurt. I don't even try to argue it anymore. "Wallow in your ignorance" is my motto. I've been to Texas and seen the human footprints in the same stratus level of dinosaur prints. There's just too much cultural and archaeological evidence to show that people actually witnessed dinosaurs. Why is that so threatening to accept?
I agree, Macro evoution is the stuff of fairy tales, we only see micro evolution or adaptation and variation with any given species or kind. And you are totally right on the deficient mutations, they are always detrimental.

I believe the Neanderthals were in fact regular humans like us, but there cranium and bone density were simply a result of longer life spans such as pre-flood and immediate post flood conditions. The bone density thickens around the brow the longer you live and other issues are a result of old age. As for the Giants(Nephilim), I believe they were the seed of the serpent in Genesis 3:15.
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its pretty obvious dinosaurs existed until a while ago, when they went pft just like the unicorns and dragons
however i am doubtfull on the authenticity of the ica stones, they look quite primitive and crude when compared to the civilization that existed there
on the topic of impossible fossils, what about that one that shows a shoe footprint that smashed a trilobite?
An interesting thing with the ica stones is that they depict dermal frills which according to the mainstream community was not known about dinosaurs until fairly recent. If they were fakes or not carved, it would be difficult to imagine how they knew of these dermal frills on dinosaurs.

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I found a timeline (not official, but is very up to date) of evolution to a chicken art. Would you think it can work like that?

Chicken evolution
No, especially when the "feathers" have been shown to be non-existent or faked. It isn't hard to scratch lines in a piece of rock, or simply paint in feathery outlines, and then chemically treat it to look ancient. Who's going to check, anyway? Scientists can do no wrong, so nobody would suspect them of lying about their finds. And even if a structure doesn't really resemble feathers at all, but more like wispy hair, they'll still call it feathers.

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Is it a bird? Is it a dinosaur? No, it's a fake
How Fake Fossils Pervert Paleontology [Excerpt]

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