Secret Black History: Amu-Rica the Homeland. The lie of the Civil War.

Our times have become quite confusing and the culprit is IDENTITY CRISIS. We have lost sight of our spiritual ancestral history, the education system teaches that we all came from monkeys in Africa but there are many problems with that theory. Our divinity has succumbed to the constrictions of ego, delegated by the ruling corporate state. They are the ones that provide us with the mainstream education of our history, however, many books and references have been left behind that start to piece together a different story. When we tie together the puzzle pieces from many different sources including concepts held in the occult tradition, we begin to see that our modern perspective of man causes a sense of confusion and purposelessness. This video presents a possible alternate history that has been kept hidden from the masses, an illusion constructed in order to keep our senses within the boundaries of race and color. Many may not be ready to look into this story and that's ok. If you feel that we are wrong, simply educate us, and let's continue this journey of self-exploration and curiosity. It's time that we start asking questions...
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