Possible giant skeleton at Mohenjo-daro.

Possible giant skeleton at Mohenjo-daro.
What do you think? Does this skeleton appear a bit bigger than a normal human skeleton should look like, or it's just the way it was photographed?
From the same source :

Can't tell if this is giant bones compared to the size of the steps, but this looks like the corpse is almost melted in a very disturbing way.
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Mohenjo-Dario (aka Harappean civilization) = Mound of the Dead. This fact alone should be a huge clue coupled with Egypt, Canaanite’s, Hittite’s, Edomites et alia etc. regarding worshipping the dead (Mound BuilderS) & human sacrifice being vastly downplayed. what’s also significant about Mohenjo-daro is the 3 headed & itchyphallic worship civilization structure gestalt & Caste system‘s early origins & roots.

We can clearly see Egypt, Mesopotamia/Babylon & Mohenjo-daro cultures all incorporating phallic & death worship into their be-LIE-f systems.

Just another An amazing coincidence lol…

“We” humanity collectively speaking is being culled & controlled by a corrupt & criminal system period end of story. Ancient Knowledge is the real commodity the EL-ite’s are trying to steamroll us all about. They can’t keep up with the lies & deceptions b/c there are so many & the fraud on an Oder of magnitude vitiates it all.

The system is corrupt to the core