Anton de Franckenpoint aka Langer Anton

His real name was Anton Franck, but he called himself Anton de Franckenpoint, which sounded more noble and was reminiscent of his birthplace in the Lower Rhine region. The skeleton measures 8.0" (243.8 cm) in height.

Born: c.1544-1561

In 1810 the skeleton of Anton de Franckenpoint was added to the collection of Museum Anatomicum in Marburg. Before 1810 it was part of the collection of the University of Helmstedt.

Hanging in the entrance hall of the Museum Anatomicum in Marburg is a fullsize oil painting of Langen Anton pictured as a hired soldier. This oil painting comes also from the collection of the University of Helmstedt. This painting was mentioned in an article about the Helmsted Anatomical Theater as early as 1709. In the same article it was mentioned that the skeleton was kept in a box dated 1596.
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