Book | 1990: Tower of Babylon. Alternate Universe story by Ted Chiang

I did not look for any confirmation, but rumor has it, that Ted Chiang might have some Freemasonry connections. Whether true or not, I do not know.


Synopsis: Set in the biblical building of the Tower of Babylon, we follow a miner called Hillalum ascending the tower to work at the top. What does a miner there? In the course over several weeks of his climb, we slowly find out that the tower is really huge, not set in our physical universe but in a universe dictated by celestial spheres, passing moon, sun, and stars, before reaching the physical structure of heaven at the very top of the tower. We learn about the culture of workers and their families living in the tower, mysterious wonders and sights from the tower. His task when he reaches the top is to crack the vault of heaven in order to find out what is there.

Synopsys #2: Hillalum is a miner from Elam who has been summoned to the Tower of Babylon, an enormous brick tower that has been in continuous construction for centuries. He and his colleagues have been hired to dig through the Vault of Heaven to discover Yahweh's creation. Hillalum alone passes safely through the Vault. After a perilous journey ever-upwards, he finds that he has reemerged back at the surface, some distance from the Tower, rather than in Heaven as expected.

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KD: interesting reading this ultra short story is. For those interested in the topic, I highly recommend it. Makes you wonder where these authors get ideas like that.

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