1902: Passenger Train Car in India - what model is this?

I stumbled upon a sold Sotheby's auction lot which had a few pictures in there. You can see the images I'm talking about at this link:
1902 Railroad Car
I am not an expert on train cars, therefore I figured to ask for your opinion. What do you think about the passenger railroad car you see below. The photograph was allegedly taken by Herzog and Higgins. This is what we know about this H&H studio:
  • Little known about this firm in India which was owned by two Englishmen - P.A. Herzog & P. Higgins.
  • Herzog was an assistant to John Blees in Jabulpur and probably learned the art of photography from Blees who produced an instructional manual on the subject. Both worked for Lala Deen Dayal and Johnson & Hoffman before opening their own studio at Mhow (Central India) in 1894 and continued till 1921.
  • As official photographers for many important events, including official visits and Durbahs, they preserved an important record of the British Raj and were considered a very successful commercial photographic studio.

Using that bigger image we can take a better look at them windows, reflecting dignitaries and vents. Judging by the coat of arms and the album title, the car was being used to transport George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston.


KD: I tried to google for this model but did not find anything with similar windows, or vents. This 1902 Royal Train Car appears to be different. Hence I have a few questions:
  • Do these design solutions appear normal, and expected for 1902?
  • What model of a train car is this, and what company was it made by?

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