1. 1597 Florida et Apalche

    1597 Florida et Apalche

    Uncolored engraved double page map of Florida and the Southeast Coast of North America, part of Cuba and Bahamas. Shows cities, towns, landmarks, rivers, forests and mountains. Relief shown pictorially. Includes decorative title cartouche.
  2. KorbenDallas

    1025-50: Anglo-Saxon Mappa Mundi from the Cotton Manuscript Collection

    Just figured it was an interesting enough map to share: This map was probably created at Canterbury between 1025 and 1050, but is probably ultimately based on a model dating from Roman times. It contains the earliest known, relatively realistic depiction of the British Isles, seen in the bottom...
  3. KorbenDallas

    18th century Cartography and Map Making

    Have been looking at a lot of different maps recently, and came across a few puzzling ones. Their appearance simply does not match my traditional understanding of the eighteenth century means and abilities. At the same time, my knowledge of the semi-ancient surveying techniques is next to zero...