1. KorbenDallas

    California State Library Online Collections

    Established in 1850, the California State Library is the central reference and research library for state government and the Legislature. The library collection includes more than 4 million titles, 6,000 maps, and 250,000 photographs. In 1850, California's new legislature, seeing that the...
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    Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

    The goal of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB) is to offer everyone unrestricted access to Germany’s cultural and scientific heritage, that is, access to millions of books, archived items, images, sculptures, pieces of music and other sound documents, as well as films and scores, from all...
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    The Bavarian State Library

    This service provides an image-based similarity search. The only criterion is the similarity of motifs based on characteristics such as colors, textures, shapes and contrasts. The image-based similarity search currently offers access to a growing portfolio of 2,707,596 digitized works from the...
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    The Morgan Library & Museum

    Pierpont Morgan's immense holdings ranged from Egyptian art to Renaissance paintings to Chinese porcelains. For his library, Morgan acquired illuminated, literary, and historical manuscripts, early printed books, and old master drawings and prints. To this core collection, he added the earliest...
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    ULS Digital Collections

    The ULS has digitized over 115,000 unique objects (resulting in over two million digital pages and images!) from several special collecting units, including the Archives & Special Collections and Center for American Music as well as several Pitt Faculty members and regional partner institutions...
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    Digital Bodleian Library

    Digital Bodleian first launched in 2015 with the aim of bringing together digitized content from the Bodleian Libraries’ extraordinary and rich collections into a single portal. The Bodleian Libraries have been digitizing content since the early 1990s and Digital Bodleian was and is designed to...
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    The NYS Historic Newspapers

    The NYS Historic Newspapers The NYS Historic Newspapers project provides free online access to a wide range of newspapers chosen to reflect New York's unique history. To search the entire collection, use the Search Tab. Or, click on a county to search or browse geographically. The New York...
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    1906: Seattle Central Library. Demolished in 1957.

    Seattle Central Library On the night of January 1, 1901, the Yesler Mansion burned taking most of the old library collection with it. The library records were salvaged, along with the 2,000 volumes of the children's collection. Other than those, though, practically the only books salvaged were...
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    HathiTrust Digital Library

    HathiTrust Digital Library is a digital preservation repository and highly functional access platform. HathiTrust provides long-term preservation and access services to digitized content from a variety of sources, including Google, the Internet Archive, Microsoft, and in-house member institution...
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    NYPL Digital Collections

    Explore 901,706 items digitized from The New York Public Library's collections. This site is a living database with new materials added every day, featuring prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, streaming video, and more. Visit website
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    The World Digital Library

    Launched in 2009, the World Digital Library (WDL) was a project of the U.S. Library of Congress, with the support of UNESCO, and contributions from libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, and international organizations around the world. The WDL sought to preserve and share some...
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    National Trust Collections

    National Trust Collections make up, as a whole, one of the world's largest and most significant holdings of art and heritage, a living cultural resource accessible to everyone. Here you can: search the collections as a whole explore highlights of each place (just start typing the name of the...
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    Gallica BnF - National Library of France

    Gallica is the digital library of the National Library of France and its partners. Online since 1997, it is enriched every week with thousands of new features and today offers access to several million documents. Gallica is one of the major digital libraries available for free via the Internet...
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    INHA Library

    Since 2006, the digital library allows all of its users to view digitized documents in the public domain drawn from the collections of the three libraries that merged to form one of the foremost international sources of information in the field of art history. The following types of documents...
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    1932: NE Bookstacks Construction, Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building

    The oldest of the four United States Library of Congress buildings, the Thomas Jefferson Building was built between 1890 and 1897. The Beaux-Arts style building is known for its classicizing facade and elaborately decorated interior. Its design and construction has a tortuous history; the...
  16. KorbenDallas

    1892: Bells of the Library of Congress

    Below is the Library of Congress under construction. This is allegedly circa 1892. Any idea what those 6 or 7 bells are doing there? Do we have any such bells inside the Library of Congress today? Library of Congress construction with Capitol Dome
  17. KorbenDallas

    1874: Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

    If you visit a corresponding Wikipedia page for Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, you will never know what it used to look like. In this case we are not talking about the outside of the building, but rather about its interior. The outside is just a normal looking older building...
  18. KorbenDallas

    1911: New York Public Library Sectional View

    They were serious about reading back then. Figured this image could generate a few comments. As far as I understand we are talking about 1911 here, but I'm not sure. Wondering whether our underground library could be a reclaimed interior of the entirely buried structure. Do we have any other...