The Lost Stone Technology of Ancient Megalithic Builders [FULL VIDEO]

The secrets of ancient stone monolithic construction may be more simple than authorities would like us to believe. Modern geopolymer research has revealed these building techniques. The conventional thought is that these monstrous stones were chiseled from solid rock and moved vast distances to be perched high upon a towering monolith. This simply defies logic. And now we know it defies science.

Ancient craftsmen were exceptionally skilled and prolific in extracting and shaping a wide variety of stones. For millennia, soft and hard stones were quarried, cut, drilled, carved, and polished using a variety of tools and techniques, and it is generally agreed that abrasives played a significant role. Both saws and core drills used particulate abrasives, and the finishing of sculptures and architectural elements was likely carried out with a combination of rubbing stones and abrasive slurries.
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