Michelle Gibson: Tartaria, The Moors, The Old World Order, & The Mudflood Reset

From a very young age, we are indoctrinated and implicitly told not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. It is not a matter of if our history has been rewritten, but who did it and why. The parasite that infects all peoples and nations, destroys history, we are left with no real past, a fake one at best, without real past, we have an uncertain future at best. Why is our history so mysterious? Would our history be so mysterious if we had been told our true history?

So get ready to re-discover the Washitaw Empire in north America, Tartaria in Asia, Barbaria in North Africa, the Mughal Empire in present-day Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, among others, were empires within the advanced Moorish Civilization, with roots in ancient Mu, and that it was a continuous civilization through Atlantis up until relatively recently. Moorish Science and Master Masons are behind all of the sacred geometry applications in architecture and alignments with heaven and earth worldwide. Moorish Masonry has 360-degrees, and Freemasonry has 33-degrees.

Tonight, we uncover not only what has been hidden, but stolen in plain sight: our history. The what , the who, what happened, and how. Negative parasitic and opportunistic beings invented a new timeline based on the existing physical infrastructure and original history.
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