TPTB: Playing Musical Chairs with Geography

The other day while looking for something for this Calabria related article, I came across this wonderful excerpt from the below book:


KD: who can put two different Calabrias (ancient and modern) on the same map based on the above description? The modern one is supposed to be shown on the map below.

One of the earliest Calabria maps I could find is the below 1630 map titled:

Anyways, if you can find an older map with the described Calabria (excerpt) on it, or can place the ancient Calabria on a map, please don't hesitate to share.
  • Additionally, what name was assigned to the area we currently know as Calabria? Wikipedia says that it was Bruttium, but when did we really find out that it was Bruttium? For something being "ancient Roman" these 1700s look somewhat suspicious. I understand that this is English language only.

We also have the below map. I can not find its source, so I have no idea what year it was made.


In general, it appears that TPTB did a very good job renaming, substituting, hiding and concealing. Check the below 1587 map for example.
  • How many Californias do we have?
  • Where is Chersonesus supposed to be at?
  • What do we know about the Southern Atlantis (Australian Atlantis?)

Source +1
What about the below South American Philippopolis city?

KD: The main purpose of this article is to create a place where we could share similar information. If you have any pertaining examples to share, please post those below with related maps and sources.
  • Additionally, I would like to figure out where the true ancient Calabria was.
1597. What separates Tierra del Fuego from Antarctica is just a small strait. That old map shows this area before SOMETHING swept through this area, perhaps causing that 1600's world disaster with impressive tsunamis, floods and mud waves ...and the first one that was destroyed was Philippopolis.

2021-03-21 20.46.44.jpg
Every time I see this particular spot I think about a giant finger pushing land and water masses to the East.

Yup, Philippopolis is definitely not there any more.

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