Dangers of Mudflooded Streets

Pretty sure most of you have seen the below video. It’s kinda funny in the context of a training exercise. Was it a real world mission, these guys would have gotten shot up.

But this is not the point I want to make. What would it be like, if you wake up one day, and you have a foot and a half, or 50 centimeters of liquid mud outside of your house.

How it got there would be a second question to ask. Let’s say it somehow did. What would be your course of action. At some point you would run out of food in your house, or apartment building. Based on what we see in the video, you cannot really go anywhere.

Well, I mentioned a foot and a half. What about 10-15 feet? In my house l'd be buried alive. Some of the people in taller buildings would definitely survive, but what would they do next?

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