Could our planet Earth be one huge quarry?

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck" - we all heard of this so-called "duck test". It suggests that a person can identify an unknown subject by observing that subject's habitual characteristics. For open minded people, the below "habitual characteristics" could become a sanity test as well.

If we take this "duck test" into consideration, than our planet Earth is nothing but one huge giant quarry. A type of quarry where coal, copper, uranium, nickel, gold and other natural resources were mined long (or not so long) time ago. Striking similarities could make an open minded person to, at least, look into the issue.

Below we can see the pictures of several quarries. These are the result of our civilization mining in various parts of the world.

Quarries: Lebedinsky (RU) / Magnet Mount (RU) / Cheremshansky (RU) / Escondida (Chile) / Carlin Trend (US) / Kenecott (US)


2_Magnet_Mountain_Ural.jpg 3_Cheremshansky_Nikel_quarry.jpg 9_Escondida_Chile.jpg 10_Carlin_Trend_USA.jpg 7_Kenecott_Copper_Mine_USA.jpg

Mount Sorrel (UK) / Kenecott (US) / Mirny (RU) / Yekaterinburg (RU)
5_mountsorrel-quarry_UK.jpg 11_Kenecott_USA.jpg 8_Mirny_Diamond_Mine_Russia.jpg 11_ekaterinburg_russia.jpg

Differently Looking Quarries

quarry_1_1.jpg quarry_1.jpg quarry_2.jpg quarry_3.jpg
quarry_5.jpg quarry_6.jpg quarry_7.jpg quarry_8.jpg
quarry_9.jpg quarry_10.jpg quarry_11.jpg

The above quarries are gigantic in size. And the equipment used to produce such drastic terrestrial changes is impressive indeed. This equipment is presented below.

Bucket Wheel Excavators:
Their larger models reach boom lengths of 260 feet (80m), weigh 13,000 tons, and move 12,500 m3/h. The largest BWE ever constructed is TAKRAF's Bagger-293, which weighs 14,200 tonnes and is capable of moving 240,000 cubic metres of overburden every day. Excavations of 497,000 cubiic yards (380,000 cubic metres) per day have been recorded.

Coincidentally there are some artifacts resembling the machines above. These artifacts are located throughout various museums of the world. They primarily represent Mesoamerican culture, and are dated around 1000 BC.



The above are explained as incenses, and pendants.

We also might have some depictions of the stone cutters, pertaining to the same time frame. It's very easy to dismiss these as pure coincidences, of course. But isn't it exactly the type of explanation we get all the time?



"Natural" Formations #1
Now let us take a look at some of the prominent NATURAL objects. Supposedly they exist for tens of thousands of years. Some of those you might even be familiar with. Some are protected wonders of tourism. Below we have places like Grand Canyon, Antarctica, Greenland, Asian Mountains, Utah parks. These are just a few examples. You can easily find more. You might have seen some other ones yourself. Compare these to the quarries above.


1_1_Siberia.jpg 1_Kolsky_Peninsula_rus.jpg 2_Antarctica.jpg 4_Antarctica.jpg
5_Greenland.jpg 6_greenland.jpg 7_kailash_21000_feet_china.jpg 8_utah_state_park.jpg
9_grand_Canyon.jpg 10_grand_Canyon.jpg 11_grand_Canyon.jpg 12_grand_Canyon.jpg

More "Natural" formations: all over the world

old_query_1_1.jpg old_query_1_2.jpg old_query_2.jpg old_query_3.jpg old_query_4.jpg old_query_5.jpg old_query_6.jpg old_query_7.jpg old_query_8.jpg old_query_9.jpg old_query_10.jpg old_query_11.jpg old_query_12.jpg old_query_13.jpg old_query_14.jpg old_query_16.jpg old_query_17.jpg old_query_18.jpg old_query_19.jpg

Spoil Tips (artificial)
Once all the minerals, (and what not) are taken out, we end up with Spoil Tips. A spoil tip (also called a spoil bank, boney pile, gob pile, bing, batch, boney dump or pit heap) is a pile built of accumulated spoil – the overburden or other waste rock removed during coal and ore mining. And here is what they look like. Once again, these are not natural formations. This waste is a byproduct of mining. Some are known to burn on the inside. Please google-help yourself.


Abraumhalde.jpg Botayama_at_Iizuka_City_in_1950s.JPG budennovskiy.jpg Chumakovskaya.jpg donbus_spoil_tip.jpg Heringen_-_Monte_Kali.jpg KvarntorpRAÄ25.jpg NY_spoil_tip.jpg Panoramio_-_V&A_Dudush.jpg Poulton_spoil.jpg Russian_slavyansk_1.jpg Russian_slavyansk_2.jpg Russian_slavyansk_3.jpg spoil_dump.jpg spoil_tips_pyramids_Llanbradach.jpg Ukrain_7.jpg Ukrain_8.jpg Ukraine_Donetsk_Oblast_Spoil_tip_IMG_1848_1725.jpg

Some colorful iron, copper type Spoil dumps (artificial).

iron_ore_dump_1.jpg iron_ore_dump_2.jpg iron_ore_dump_3.jpg iron_ore_dump_4.jpg
ore_dump_1.jpg ore_dump_3.jpg ore_dump_4.jpg ore_dump_5.jpg

So-called "Natura" Formations #2
And below you can find various natural formations. In other words they were created by "mother nature". The below places are allover the world: China, Russia, Argentine, Japan, etc. We have Mount Fuji, Vesuvius, Etna, Salinas Lake, Santa Anna and a whole lot of others here. Additionally you can google Shikhan Mountains in Russia.

It might be a long shot, but judging by where our Uranium is... may be there is a reason the Grand Canyon looks the way it does. And may be the United States are not the first ones to mine it.

KD: I think this is too much to be just a coincidence. Looks to me like somebody might have done some major mining on our planet, and forgot to tell us about it. Then again, may be they did but it got "lost in translation" through all those burnt books and libraries. And may be that mountain next to you is just a gigantic spoil tip. Go figure now...

Right Arm

When i put this pic of the piri ries map,

Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 22.07.57.jpg

I could not help but think that the volcanoes look like multi coloured tailing piles, and also the Islands look like they all have semi circular cuts from them.

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