Construction 3D Printing

KD: This was posted by @Sonofabor as a comment. Figured it was interesting enough to be a stand alone piece.

Did I see this story here?
Interesting architectural styles:

If you look at many of the houses, they look Tartarian (see the example in the OP). Obviously, the tacky stuff is for plebes. Everyone who isn't permanently brain-damaged (perhaps a small minority) can fairly assess quality, if given a choice. And by brain-damaged, I include all those who buy McMansions and other glue-wood constructs under the delusions of advertising and other drivers of the artificial world order. So what I'm saying is this: "their people" wouldn't buy tacky stuff if given a fair choice in a fair world. But they are not given that choice. Imagine if they sold it this way: "Hey Fred Flintstone, do you want a tacky container that looks like a prison cell or this Tartarian castle replica?" That question never gets asked. The no-choice choice goes more like this: "Listen, you and I know that you want out of that Communist-era monstrosity; you can move in here. And by the way, your carbon footprint will be really small. You're saving the environment. And what's more, if you purchase it, you get a free vaccination and a bump in your social credit score."
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