An area as big as the United States, that's never been seen by a human being...

Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr., USN (October 25, 1888 – March 11, 1957) was an American naval officer who specialized in feats of exploration. He was a recipient of the Medal of Honor, the highest honor for valor given by the United States, and was a pioneering American aviator, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics. Additional information on Richard Byrd can be obtained on Wikipedia or Britannica.
But strangely enough, there is left in the world today, an area as big as the United States that’s never been seen by a human being. And that's beyond the pole on the other side of the South Pole from Little America.”, Byrd stated, referencing it as the land “beyond the South Pole” during the show.

It’s “for science”, Byrd said, “It’s an untouched reservoir of natural resources”.
So what was he trying to tell us in his overlooked interview? What lands "as big as the United States" was he talking about?

Traditionally we know that this is a piece of land covered by millions of square miles of thick ice. We are told that this ice is 1.5 million years old or so. There are some penguins out there and a few international research stations representing several different countries. It's the coldest place on Earth.


Miraculously, the land line of the continent of Antarctica is present on the map copied by Turkish Admiral Piri Reis back in 1513. That is over 500 years ago. There are two strange facts suggesting that this map is impossible:
  1. The continent of Antarctica was officially discovered in 1820. This would be over 300 years after Piri Reis created his copy of the map. How is that possible?
  2. On the map, there is one important thing missing. This thing is ice. The ice that is supposed to be approximately 1.5 million years old.
Coincidentally, Antarctica is the only continent on Earth where no oil drilling activities have officially been known to exist. Is there something more important than money?

Please watch the interview and judge for yourself.
  • Was Richard E. Byrd lying?
  • Was he telling the truth?
  • Is the truth being hidden from us?
  • Is there a continent beyond the Antarctic?

KD: Coincidentally, Antarctica is the only continent on Earth where no oil drilling activities have officially been known to exist. Is there something more important than money?
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I am impressed by the immense seabed that divides Chile from the continent, which is not really as icy as they tell us. If you look at it through google, you will see that at that end there is a footprint of something very large that dragged an unimaginable amount of water, when colliding, the same type as that of Xinjiang in China. It has such a trajectory that it divided and that is why today it does not fit the Piri Reys map. That impact must have created the tidal wave never imagined. Besides that their lands burned for about 50 years ... Tierra del Fuego. (Or the impact?) If we put into a computer the impact of sinking, together with the physical mechanics of the overturn caused, plus the string of tectonic breaks, it can be deduced that what happened must have been horrible. Genesis was right, in his story. The famous Achilles or Achilea Heel is where the empire that owns the largest deposit of saltpeter, ammonium and explosive sulfates and active oxidizers in the world is wounded. The land where the power of the fasces is nourished by the divine breath ... It is not by chance that Mapuche women are warriors and wear not only the double-headed tapalacucha on their chest but also the symbol of Saint George ... the red Copihue.
So here is a story of interesting topic on the note of this thread. Could fit better in a different one. But hey, I gotta get some work done today. Citation is crazy uncle Clif's sub stack. Not sure if any of you are scribed but the content is interesting and of quality.

That day the Invaders came.


We didn’t see them coming. They hit us hard from Space. Brutally hard.

It took them about twenty hours to attack and defeat Earth’s defenses, so the war was over at that point, technically anyway, but it took the Invaders another thousand years to mop up residual problems.

The attack was coordinated to be simultaneous on both hemisphere’s of the planet. The central hub of Earth’s planetary civilization located in the Southern hemisphere was destroyed, it’s infrastructure in shambles, it’s population damaged, and in shock, rocked by the ferocity of the attack, never to recover. All they could do was to flee the ruins. Most of the refugees, tens of millions, perished in the attempt.

The continents in the Northern Hemisphere were not spared. They were devastated. Vast regions of deserts were created by the initial Attack of the Invaders. Their weapons destroyed large regions of heavily forests in the Western parts of North America, as well as in Siberia, and Europe. Fires burned with an intensity that fused clay soil vitreous. Land dried and cracked deep into the Earth. Soils down to the level of bedrock were blasted away. Giant new valley systems were scoured out by the Attack, though it decades for the forms of the valleys to stabilize.

Vast grasslands in Northern Africa and Mongolia were set ablaze as millions of inhabitants fled the attack and the flames, only to be harvested by the Invaders.

So much biomass burned around the planet that the weather was changed in a day. Smoke blocked the sun in most of the Northern hemisphere. Falling ash in amounts in the millions of tons brought a sudden Winter. Freezing rains collected around the ash, falling as giant, dirty hail. Snow storms began that lasted for years. Tens of millions tried to flee to the South. For decades the northern Hemisphere weather was in chaos, with large regions blocked from light. It grew cold, and the Ice Age that would end with the Younger Dryas began.

In the Southern hemisphere the attack was even more destructive. A large land mass, nearly 500 miles by 500 miles, or about 3/4s of the size of the island of Great Britain including England and Scotland, was completely destroyed. Obliterated. It was as though a giant thumb had come down and pressed the land mass into the ocean while dragging it along, scraping it down to a few loose rocks.


This land mass was the connection between South America, and Antarctica. It formed a nearly complete land bridge between the two continents. It was the reason that the South pole, and Antarctica were a tropical paradise. The island was a key element in the wind patterns of the whole of planet Earth. It directed warm equatorial winds across from the Western edge of South America, down into the warm inland seas, and fjords of Antarctica that were the site of a densely populated central city in a pan global civilization. Antarctica was the home of the capital, known as Atlantis, that governed a global empire.

Atlantis was hit first by the multiple tsunami waves as their causeway to South America went under the water, ground down to rubble and spread over nearly a 1000 miles of sub ocean self. The waves were very destructive to a canal, island, and inland sea based civilization. The tsunami waves, originating so close to the fjords, and rising from deep in the ocean due to the displacement effects of the island being broken, and moved, swept inland into the heart of Atlantis, and then reaching terminus, turned on themselves, and rose rapidly up the terraced sides of the populated valleys, scrubbing them of life.

Water, the Ocean, long a staple, stable, primary partner of Life in Atlantis, with its many canals, bridges, and tunnels, turned on the populace that day that the Invaders came. Water rose up from the depths, drowning Atlantis, sending the population scrambling, scraping their way up to the tops of mountains, and pyramids, in a desperate bid for life.

For most of the populace of Atlantis, that effort failed. No sooner had the waters pushed them, desperately seeking height, than the Great Noise began. A terrible giant sound emerged from the melee of noise of the waters assaulting land, buildings, and infrastructure, to slowly, then more rapidly dominate not only all of the ear, but also, all of the mind. The Great Noise was so huge as to be a force of its own, a jaw vibrating, mind numbing, eyes blurring force that threatened to melt the very flesh of those clinging to rocks in what was, in but a brief moment, reduced from being the center of the World, to rapidly become, a fading legend.

Then the Great Noise roared it’s presence and became the ‘GREAT WINDS’.

Never before had WIND grown so large, so powerful on Earth in the Ages of Men. The equatorial breezes began rushing down from South America, pulled, gathering speed and mass, by the sudden freedom to circulate. The Great Antarctic Circumpolar Winds, also know as the South Pole Westerlies, had begun once the barrier, that island, had been removed. Instantly the whole of the weather on the planet was changed.

The opening of the passage between South America, and Antarctica, created a region in the 40s and 50s of latitude without any barriers, and the Winds began to run free. The speeds rose, and lacking impediments other than friction with the waves, continued to rise. The Roaring Forties were born. They still exist to this day. These are still the most dangerous waters of the planet, the Southern 40s of latitude, even to this day. Due to these Winds. These, never ceasing since the Attack of the Invaders, winds.


The Invaders used the planet as a weapon against Humanity. It worked. Humanity was defeated.

It was a real war; brutal, deadly, swift, and final, this war ended the Peak of the Golden Age (Satya Yuga) here on Earth. 10,981 BCE. It had been a good year up until that Day.

The Great Winds howled, and pulled, scraped, and sucked, the Atlanteans to their deaths in the roiling waters of the once placid canals that defined their great city before the Attack. The winds forced the refugees off their perches on the peaks of anything tall, and down, seeking relief, and boats, in what remained of their Empire, now dead at its heart, its inhabitants hiding and dying under the gathering mass of dark clouds formed and herded by the ferocious Great Winds into a towering column of dark mass of smoke, and water vapor, reaching almost to Space.

Once it reached a threshold, the column began to rapidly freeze, sending down a torrent of frozen water as ice that was hundreds of miles across.

It poured down as a ‘dynamic Ice’ that froze everything instantly on contact. It came down in the center of the continent, and started expanding rapidly to the coasts, forcing those few still alive to flee, or freeze.

Fed by the oceans, still unsettled from the loss of the island, and the continuing friction with the water as the Roaring Forties gained mass and width, as well as the sudden shifts in tropical moisture patterns now that all the winds of Earth had been altered, the Ice Mass of Antarctica was created. Humanity fled, leaving the Splendor of Atlantis, to those few animals able to withstand these new conditions.

Note that this is why Antarctica is froze, the swirling Circumpolar Westerlies not only form an impenetrable wall preventing equatorial heat from moving south beyond 40 degrees of S. latitude, but also as they form a dynamic siphon drawing down cold from Space. Unless the ‘wind break’ is restored, no amount of ‘climate change’, or ‘global warming’ will ever melt Antarctic Ice.

The many volcanoes of Antarctica, now growing larger under ever increasing snow and ice, pressured by the swelling Great Ice Mass, eventually relented, forcing back magma into seeking other routes. Thus new volcanic fields emerged in the altering of the plates of the continents of the Earth as Antarctica went under the crushing weight of the Ice, and the shape of the planet was changed. As were all wind patterns, and Humanity, its development, and future.

Tens, if not hundreds of millions died that day, when the Invaders arrived. They used weather against Humanity, at a planetary scale. It would not be the last time.

The northern hemisphere went under the snow, and ice, in larger regions owing to the ‘nuclear winter’ effect of so much burning biomass being ejected into the atmosphere. The masses of planetary life once thriving on the now desert regions became a great solar shield, and the Ice Age settled on Northern Earth, to join the deeply freezing Antarctic continent.

Your world was born that day.



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