1900: Power Plant in Dresden

If the PTB suggested that it was a church or a mosque, I would have been like... what a cool piece of architecture. Those church builders were real skilled, and where is that construction infrastructure they are hiding from us?

But they claim it was a Dresden power plant, and the history of this building appears to confirm the claim. I think we can believe the PTB on this one. I also think that this example is an unfortunate (for them) unintentionally indoctrinated slip up. The kind which makes me think of how many technology related structures were presented to us as religious marvels.

Construction info: read here
  • Construction began in February 1899
  • Put into operation in December 1900
This structure was destroyed in 1945. I did not look for the destruction info, but I think the below thread covers the destruction event.
Heat and Power Station (Dresden)

In order to produce a particularly "beautiful" black smoke for photos, oily cleaning rags were burned in the thermal power station.



KD: Please share your thoughts on this wonderful piece of architecture, its intended purposes, fate and whatever else you think is worth sharing. My personal thoughts are somewhere in the beginning of this thread.
  • ...how many technology related structures were presented to us as religious marvels and other such non-sense?

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