The history of monsters. Ulisse Aldrovandi Bologna, 1642


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What do you think this is a fantasy of the author? or the consequences of nuclear war?

Chronicles history of animals with a history of monsters.

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Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_0.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_1.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_2.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_3.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_4.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_5.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_6.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_7.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_8.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_9.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_10.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_11.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_12.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_13.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_14.JPEG Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum_15.JPEG

Illustrations de Ulyssis Aldovandi Monstrorum / Jean-Baptiste Coriolan

Ulisse Aldrovandi

Aldrovandi obtained a degree in medicine and philosophy in 1553 and started teaching logic and philosophy in 1554 at the University of Bologna. In 1559 he became professor of philosophy and in 1561 he became the first professor of natural sciences at Bologna.

In June 1549 he was accused and arrested for heresy, for espousing the anti-trinitarian beliefs of the Anabaptist Camillo Renato. By September he had published an abjuration, but was transferred to Rome, and remained in custody or house arrest till absolved in April 1550. During this time he befriended many local scholars. While in semi-captivity there he became more and more interested in botany, zoology and geology (he is credited for the invention/first written record of this word). From 1551 onward, he organized a variety of expeditions to the Italian mountains, countryside, islands, and coasts in order to collect and catalogue plants.

In the course of his life he would assemble one of the most spectacular cabinets of curiosities, his "theatre" illuminating natural history comprising some 7000 specimens of the diversità di cose naturali, of which he wrote a description in 1595. Between 1551 and 1554 he organised several expeditions to collect plants for a herbarium, among the first botanizing expeditions. Eventually his herbarium contained about 4760 dried specimens on 4117 sheets in sixteen volumes, preserved at the University of Bologna.

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Wackypedia did state this;

He was the first to have extensively documented the neurofibromatosis disease, a type of skin tumour. Recently, however, it has been observed that in a work by Andrea Mantegna's, this type of disease had been pictured 80 years earlier than in Androvandi's work.

And he had a degree in medicine and philosophy, so I think he had a very rich and active imagination.
I think some are his interpretations of various diseases in human and what could result from said conditions. And also he was just messing around being creative. Anyway, weird shit I must say.


I will respectfully disagree with the above opinion. I think that Aldrovandi documented his observation, unless he himself stated otherwise.

It is sad to see time and time again how we discredit scholars of the past based on our own opinion acquired through dogmatic education.

This is exactly the same explanation allowing our contemporary scientists to feed us lies pertaining to older maps, paintings, ruin artists and such. Essentially anything and everything not falling within the accepted narrative is getting ridiculed.

The scientific community of today base their opinion on what? I can see only two things.
  • contemporary scientific data
  • works of the previous sholars
Out of the above they filter out all the info which does not suit their acquired understanding of this world, as well as all the things contradicting the paradigm.

Meanwhile it gets utterly ridiculous sometimes. Meaning to the point when some PHD level scientist living today accuses a scientist or a person who lived 500 years ago of vivid imagination and such. Essentially we are being told that those 15th, 16th , 17th century scientists were lying in their life works.

Some of the intentional "false" interpretations, in my opinion, are in the below threads:
The same Piransi who did this: Aerial view map of Villa Adriana by Battista Piranesi

I think objects like the below ones did exist, while the historians say that Piranesi (Aldrovandi) was a liar.


This is a history book based on the authors understanding of the world: Monstrorum historia cum Paralipomenis historiae omnium animalium

I strongly believe that our contemporary historians are lying through their teeth. Under the disguise of "vivid imagination" of the scholars and artists of the past, our contemporary pseudo-scientists are hiding the truth. Once again, this is my personal opinion on the matter.

Unfortunately we are too programmable to think what we are told to think.


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I strongly believe that our contemporary historians are lying through their teeth. Under the disguise of "vivid imagination" of the scholars and artists of the past, our contemporary pseudo-scientists are hiding the truth. Once again, this is my personal opinion on the matter.
Obviously them sumbitches are lying, the question is, to what extent?

Aldovandi with the "monsters," Piranesi with the ruins. A good artist/engraver/sculptor was pictographic evidence. They were perfectly capable of distinguishing between immagination and reality. It's as if everything older than 200 years requires a sworn affadavit and numerous witnesses with their own affadavits.

Common core man, they separate you from your family and establish a compliance based reward system. No wonder people learn to censor and second guess themselves.


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What do you think this is a fantasy of the author? or the consequences of nuclear war?
The fact that those creatures were to be found on the edge of the civilized world makes me wonder: how did they get there?

Did someone chose those places to do genetic experiments? Did people kill them whenever they encountered such strange creatures?

I tend to think Antarctica/Terra Australis was some kind of open laboratory, which is why most of the monsters are around that area (Patagonia and Indian Islands mostly)

On the other hand the abnormities with some of these creatures do look like some kind of unintended consequence of sudden radiation.

It's not easy to bring this together with other things like the flood. Why did these creatures survive the flood? Why did they all disappear after 1600 or so?

We have both the North and the South pole as bases for suspicious activity. The North Pole was basically the biblical Paradise, that's pretty clear. So it looks like we were seeded from there. Makes sense to colonize earth from the entry point. (Poles as gateway between worlds)

The ancient south pole was said to be exactly under the city of Jerusalem, where Jesus closed the openings to the underworld or something, according to Christian tradition. But that may be a myth, and I have forgotten the exaxt wording.

Nevertheless, Terra Australis was always uninhabitated, so my best guess is that was some kind of testing ground, but the timeline and connection to 'paradise' (whatever it was) and other big events like the great flood eludes me.
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It wouldn't explain the hooves, beaks or some other things in his imagery but-> birth defects are monstrous. *Some* pictures there seem to align with birth defects. I agree too with Ice Nine, some do seem fanciful. The long-necked bird for example.
Google Thalidomide followed by elephantitis or Roberts Syndrome etc. on google images for some serious graphic representation.

The argument for or against these monsters could almost (if not actually) be pulled up alongside the Iguanodon- dinosaurs- did they exist? (My personal jury is still out on that.)

Just wondering as I type... that time frame of Aldrovandi is alongside or near a possible period of reset. Could it be that the women of that period were forced- in order to survive- to eat less than ideal roots or vegetation/meat.. The less access women have to traditional quality foods the more deformed their offspring (whose robust health and character stems first from a healthy grandmother).
Nature has a three-generations-then-you're-OUT policy of fertility/health.

And.. while I doubt the population of the 1500's had the tech. up to speed for genetic manipulation, it's not impossible that the prior civilisation MAY have, (there are so many amazing images found in antiquated wall decorations from an earlier ("earlier") period which depict winged animals, satyrs etc.). The various fauna MAY have been leftovers from such tech.

Aaaaand... One last thing- the creation of the Gutenberg printing press (15thC), and the term medi-eval. I can't ignore medi sounding/looking like medi-a. Those who control it do so for general promotion of control through fear. This could be one of those instances.
Heaven knows they're still at it today.

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I'm rethinking my position on these monsters, especially in light of Verity's post bringing up the prospect of some major birth defects into the mix.

Besides I do think human hybrids were real. I think we were genetically altered by Aliens, so they were doing a lot of messing around. I suspect these might have been unsanctioned experiments however. And beside we needed to be a self replicating beings, hybrids can't reproduce as they don't have viable sex cells, meaning they can't produce eggs or sperm, this is because the chromosomes from their different species parents don't match up.
I think a lot of experimenting went on before they got us right, at least right enough to make good cheap slave labor (which we still are today).


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In one of Dolores Cannon's books there's a person who recalls a past life where they were in "Atlantis" and witnessed animal/human hybrids being made. Take that with a grain of salt if you'd like...