Tartaria: The Hidden Truth - essay by Marcia Ramalho


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Allegedly white star lines made 2 or 3 identical ships, Titanic being one and don't quote me, Lusitania being the other one. And the Titanic was purposely sunk through welding of the hull in route... It never hit an iceberg..
Titanic, oceanic, and brittanic were the three white star ships in that line. The lucitania was a different ship altogether.

Not sure how the titanic (Oceanic rebadged) was sunk, but I'm confident it was the goal of that trip.


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This is a fantastic compendium of hypothesis's which I have been investigating myself. I am interested in the Tartarian technology and came across a page where it sees there is an architectural explanation of the dome structures for gathering energy. Is there anybody here who can translate this?
tartarian dome energy device explanation.jpg


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I ran across this video on Tartaria, etc on The Blue channel just today. No affiliation, it's the only video on the channel, been there about a month, and already over 11,000 views. (For better or worse, this Tartaria/Tartary thing is blowing up!) While I can't vouch for its accuracy, as I'm no expert on the subject, it did shake a few ideas loose in my little brain. Perhaps it will likewise shake loose some interesting discussion here.

As always, be on guard for disinfo, deliberate or otherwise. If it strikes a particular chord with you, consider downloading a copy "for archive purposes".

For those who prefer text to video, the original essay (or video transcript) is copy/pasted below -- use the numbers for reference if you like. There is a TON of potential discussion material here, so if one topic or another blows up, please consider making a separate post and linking from this thread.

(And no, the music is not 432Hz -- I checked. But I kind of want to do a deep house remix...)


Tartaria - The Hidden Truth by Marcia Ramalho

Video description

You're already used to little lies. And what about the big ones? Is it possible that even greater secrets exist?

Who are the Grey Men and the Parasites? Why would they exterminate billions of highly skilled people from the Great Tartaria Empire? Why would they destroy the highly advanced Scythian-Tartar-Aryan Civilization present on six continents 150 years ago?

Marcia Ramalho researched thousand of images and wrote the essay “Tartaria Empire - Aether,” which has more than 80,000 views on YouTube. Her work was first presented by invitation from The Age of Disclosure channel. In this new essay - and first video of her own - she reveals in 18 minutes, through 80 images, some of the very dark secrets related to our tragic recent past.

You're already used to little lies.
1. You know that the man did not go to the Moon. That the Titanic did not “sink” under the command of jesuit captain “Edward Smith”. That the owners of the ship pretended it sank just to receive high insurance. That the purpose was never to disappear with some tycoons who opposed the creation of the FED because they owned the FED and therefore did not need to die.

2. You know that the Federal Reserve is a private Central Bank created in 1913 for currency issuance, inflation control and interest rates and thus responsible for the all world economic depressions and the real U.S. debt of 75 trillion.

3. You know that attacks on RMS Lusitania, Pearl Harbor and the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin were planned to justify the entry of the U.S. into Vietnam and World Wars. That “Hitler” was a creation of Wall Street bankers to kill the largest number of Russians and Germans and boost the “holocaust” myth. That the creation of a false flag called “Dreyfus Affair” gave rise to prejudice and a new word - “antisemitism” - which would be very useful for wearing wolves into the skin of lambs.

4. You know that the sumptuous ship RMS “Lusitania” - built by Tartarians - was the fastest Atlantic crossing vessel and was taken by the Parasites and their agents, the Grey Men. That the ship had his engines fully powered by electricity from the “aether” and so had to “sink” two times by the Parasites to be converted and reappear years later with less a chimney and under new names. That the “Lusitania” was indeed the “Titanic” , the RMS “Majestic” and the RMS “Queen Elizabeth”.

5. You know that an elite Nazi scientist was taken in the post-war to work in the U.S. through “Operation Paperclip”. That the Nazi Allen Dulles was the CIA director and created the terrorist network responsible for attacks on European capitals since 1980, known as NATO “Gladio Operation”. That Winston Churchill caused tens of millions of deaths and no fire knocked down the Two Towers in NY.

6. You know that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That interventions in Kosovo and Afghanistan were to make stratospheric profits with heroin and coke. That children in Sandy Hook did not die. That ISIS is the mercenary army set up by American-French-British-Israeli intelligence agencies to fight for the creation of the “Greater Israel”. That Gaddafi and Assad did kill their own people. That more than 80 countries suffered brutal intervention from the Deep State. That "climate change" means weather engineering programs to cause artificial hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

7. You know that traces of smoke in the sky of "chemtrails" contain aluminum nanoparticles going straight to your lungs. That "sustainability" and "transparency" mean pesticides and hidden destruction. That the profusion of antennas modify magnetic resonance to cause diseases. That the media distribute poor quality propaganda in the shape of news. That thousands of counterfeit operations are created to justify more wars, looting, genocide, displacement, restriction of civil liberties, deliberate harm to health, sale of organs, trafficking of children and huge profits.

And what about the big lies?

Is it possible that even greater secrets exist?

8. What if the magnificent civilization of Tartaria was destroyed with the help and planning of inhuman shadowy forces? What if History taught in schools is a gigantic soap opera fraud, with phantom dynasties, events displaced in time and thousands of years that did not exist? What if the "Middle Ages" were actually a Tartarian Golden Age that ended just 100 years ago? If the Colossus of Rhodes is the Statue of Liberty? What if all you know is a lie?

9. What if the defeat of Great Tartaria was recorded in the official history under the names of “The Fall of Troy”, “The Fall of the Roman Empire”, “Fall of Constantinople”, “Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire”, “Wars for American Independence”, “Collapse of the Qing dynasty” (early 1900s), “Downfall of the Russian Empire” (1917), “Defeat of Austro-Hungarian Empire” (1918) and “World War I” (1919)?

10. What if a “Great Flood" happened 150 years ago and the world was culturally and technologically much more advanced than today? If unknown Parasites generated the cataclisma and took advantage of chaos to seize power? What if between 1865 and 1876 our ancient civilization wrecked under waves of more than 300 meters and now the buildings have their first floor buried under meters of sand and mud, whose vestige to this day can be easily spotted in cities all over the world?

11. What if Etruscan, Inca, Mayan, Chinese emperors and Egypt "pharaohs" had coexisted in the “Middle Ages” with all other great civilizations to form a single harmonious culture, with the same language and DNA, though they have gone down in history with dozens of invented names by Jesuit-Benedictines-Cistercians “historians”? What if Hyperborea in the Arctic Circle were the land of our great divine ancestors?

12. What if Jesus Christ were the Byzantine emperor Andronicus Komnenos, born in Crimea in 1152, son of Russian princess Irina, married to French Agnes - mother of his numerous children - and died in 1185, aged 33? If Buddha, St. George, Apollo, Pythagoras, Genghis Khan, Rurik, and Alexander the Great were replicas of his image, without existence in real life?

13. What if the Church has created a wrong solar system theory and blessed all the wars and heinous crimes to kill the Human Spirit? If a group of Parasites are the inventors of a false Christianity and other religions? If these religions worship Satan pretending that they are worshiping God? If “Solomon's Temple” is the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul? If the city initially called Yoros (Jerusalem), Troy and Constantinople, is the true Rome?

14. What if there were no ancient Greek and Roman Empire? If the worldwide “rock-carved" megaliths are mere Tartarian created concrete, which becomes more resistant over the centuries? If the real pyramids of Egypt were dismantled by a French mercenary army? If “Solomon's Temple” is the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul? If the Wall of China was not built 7000 years ago and Mao Zedong was a German liberal politician ?

15. What if the history of Great Britain was stolen from Tartarian history so that the insignificant island would acquire the brilliance it never possessed? If the “perfidious Albion” was a land of thieves and pirates? If King George VI was the “dead” Duke of Clarence and was crowned two times with different names? If the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was his brother who fled to London after being “assassinated” by the Bolsheviks? If they were both children of Roosevelt, two times president of U.S. under different names?

16. What if the Bible was written in the 19th century? If the "40 years of Moses in the wilderness" were the years in which the treasurers subordinate to the Scythian-Tartar-Arian rulers were confined as punishment for the usury and robbery crimes committed against the Great Tartarian Empire?

17. What if some German-Dutch merchants and Imperial financial agents had rebelled against Great Tartaria and decided to create countries, mafias and monarchies where they could reign and enslave the rest of the world, calling themselves "the chosen ones”, “enlightened ones” and “elected ones”?

18. What if “History” is an intricate novel written and performed by very strange people? What if these people are in contemporary photographs using old clothes and other disguises to fabricate nonexistent historical characters and ghostly families? What if all this has the purpose to fill the void of our very fully destroyed recent past and history? What if they can live more than we can?

19. What if the “Dark Ages” were the apogee of advanced Tartarian culture whose traits were systematically erased by the German Calvinist dinasty Romanov-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, from the “House of Wettin”? If Prince Albert was the tycoon Cecil Rhodes-Teddy Roosevelt and “Queen” Victoria was Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston?

20. What if the true and only French Revolution happened after 1870 and Napoleon III was a simple untalented painter named Alexandre Cabanel who fled to England with his brushes after delivering France for the newly formed German Empire?

21. What if Alexei Nikolaevich, the Tsesarevich of Russia of the “House of Romanov”- murdered in 1918 by the Bolsheviks according to official narrative - has ruled Russia from 1917 to 1980 under the names of Alexander Kerensky, Alexey Kosygin and Joseph Stalin?

22. What if Einstein, Poincaré, Faraday, Marconi, Hertz and Maxwell - among many others - were characters played by some Grey Men who destroyed the existing High Technology of Tartaria to give us expensive crumbs in return?

23. What if all worldwide skyscrapers are secretly collecting and using the free Electromagnetic energy and we are paying for nothing? What if Nikola Tesla had not invented anything at all and “Mark Twain” had played his role?

24. What if obelisks, churches, mosques and cathedral were extremely old Tartarian power plants for the extraction of clean, free, healthy and wireless electromagnetic energy and the generation of all types of waves, mainly infrasound? What it they were destroyed or endowed with crosses by the Parasites to conceal the original purpose?

25. What if Tartarian palaces were illuminated more than 700 years before a Grey Man called “Thomas Edison” began to deprive mankind of free energy and erect monopolies to the benefit of few? What if the American “JP Morgan” was also the maternal grandfather of President John F. Kennedy, the Brazilian “Baron of Rio Branco”, a member of the Rockfeller clan and the French “author” of Les Misérables ?

26. What if the highly advanced global civilization of Tartaria has been completely disassembled and later destroyed by the Parasites between 1900-1940 with direct energy weapons (DEW)?

27. What if the images were later retouched to include false lighting poles and wires? If they "populated" the ruins with the dead people striding carefree among the wreckage? If they have inserted "telegraph and cable" placards in the photos even though San Francisco was totally wireless? If they added fake cranes on top of buildings to pretend they were under construction, and fake skeletons of buildings in a city that could be over 1000 years old?

28. What if San Francisco was a Tartarian Imperial city with more than 10 royal palaces, artificial islands and a strategic port facing Eurasia and connecting the Americas? If their elaborated buildings had much more than 500 years old and the sophisticated technology would contradict the story of the “foundation of the city in 1776” and all the Official History fairytale and so it had to be mercilessly burned and erased?

29. What if the Parasites who took over world power were made up of hybrid-androgynous men and women, with adopted children created in laboratory and genetically modified? What if they systematically falsify their own deaths to play new characters?

30. What if communism, capitalism, socialism, and liberalism were socio-economic theories created to conceal the same form of oppression on the six continents? If highly positioned Grey eminences acted as “Mussolini”, “Hitler”, “Lenin”, and “Trotsky” in performances that never left the photographic paper, movies, encyclopedias or the terrain of illusionism to happen in real life?

31. What if “Bolsheviks” have destroyed the Great Tartaria and rule the world to this day allied with “ZioNazis” and “Fascists”? If revolutions and World Wars were a farce to hide the scheduled extermination of Tartarians? If Parasites big guns worked in the middle of the night to fire unarmed civilians, sleeping in their houses in Paris, Beijing, Messina, Santiago de Chile, Cape Town and San Francisco - among many other cities?

Do you believe someone who constantly tells you lies?


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I complain about point 17. What about Spaniards, Italians, Russians, Americans, Chinese, French, Poles (with artificial implanted identity), Mongols, Zionists, Communists and fascists etc, etc.?
Or what about German and Dutch merchants who are not German and Dutch, but have intermixed and like to give themselves German names?
Who are Tartarians? What language do they speak?
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maybe something similar to these?
Tatar language - Wikipedia
Crimean Tatar language - Wikipedia
Siberian Tatar language - Wikipedia
I'm no linguistic expert but found it strange they have the same "tatar" name... I think the languages must be pretty similar too (all classified as Kipchak languages)
I think that's because it's a mixed folk, if only because of the location of the area where several peoples met. That it was a sophisticated civilization that had secret techniques and is responsible for the extreme palatial buildings that are all over the world, I do not think so.

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