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Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama

Director: Graham Yost

Cast: Rebecca Ferguson, Common, Harriet Walter, Chinaza Uche, Avi Nash, Rick Gomez, Tim Robbins

First aired:

Overview: Silo is based on the Wool series of novels by author Hugh Howey. In a ruined and toxic future, a community exists in a giant underground silo that plunges hundreds of stories deep. There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them.

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Hello KD, I've watched it.

It's pretty much exactly what's going on here, where we live.


There is a Silo, sort of a bunker hiding the poppulation from a dangerous wasteland outside. The silo was supposedly built by The Ancestors, implying throughout the show (and confirmed at the end) that there are multiple silos (hmm.. craters?) and that the oxygen outside is not that toxic.
TPTB implement sort of a double-lie (?), allowing some truth seekers eventually come to a conclusion that the outside is green and lush (with "faked planted visual evidence"), while it really is just a wasteland, just not as toxic as initially said. And that the reason why humanity is hidden away is of course not the one the "leaders" are telling them. Fake wars come up at some point.

The PTB also use "relics" - which are remnants of old technology or knowledge (in this case, kids books with stars, nature, some HDDs - nothing that interesting, but the message is there) - to control the poppulation and keep them in check. Around the middle of the show it is shown that there is an extensive list of all the relics circulating the silo and it's just another tool to either muddy the waters, spread a certain narrative or just an example of "controlled-opposition"... And yeah, it is of course later implied that the leaders that hid humanity away in silos are most probably the perpetrators of the disasterous events that destroyed society as it was, fabricating the whole story and keeping humanity from finding the truth.

We still have to wait for another season to see if there are any more humans that escaped their silos and ended up in the post-apocalyptic Capital City a few miles away. Not that I care about the narrative, just curious how they would decide to portray that society.

I'd recommend you to watch a recap, there is a lot of filler that's just uninteresting. But you're not missing out, it really is not that special, for us it's nothing new, for others it's just a TV show.

Definitely didn't want my first post/reply to be a half-assed summary of a TV show, but hey - they're pretty much admitting to everything in that show, they're just one cycle ahead!

Much appreciated. Looks like a system limiting people's ability to escape it, with some ancient tech present. Makes me wonder where ideas like this come from. Will follow the advice on the recap.