Star shaped cities, towns, and forts as evidence of the unified world of the recent past


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This Russian star fort site seems to think there are 2 more but i doubt they are. Its a great site with very in depth coverage of star forts and other anomalies.
Fort Scratchley in Newcastle (NSW) and Bare Island Fort (Sydney) look very suspect.
Also maybe fort Denison in Sydney

I also heard somewhere that Port Jackson in Sydney where the Opera House now stands was also a star fort. How true that is i don't know
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Yeah my thoughts exactly. I grew up in and around port Phillip and Corio bays and never seen anything that came close to a star fort.
The whole of Oz is a strange one because there are none of the star shaped forts that are on almost every other continent, just north for example in the Banda Islands there are the traditional star type forts, also in Indonesia!


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My passion is star forts.
Ive made a few posts at

Im from Wash DC. Military historian.
Few star forts make any military sense and are way, way over-complicated, but some were used as dandy fortifications back in the 16th-18th century, after that big mortars rendered them fairly obsolete. But hey, we know thats not their original function. Vauban was given false credit.
Militaries like simplicity and function over form when building forts. Star forts are super-complex and mystifying sculpture, art, passion, great design, harmony. Sexy too.
Military rebar concrete fortifications and bunkers are not sexy. See: The Wolf's Lair.
Odd angled, pointy bastions are NOT as effective as round ones. The guns can traverse easily on rounded positions.
Moats within moats within moats? Please...
Fort McHenry in Baltimore? My nephew could build a better-designed fort out of flippin' LEGO.

There were many small star forts around the Wash DC area, but three are important in my moldy ol' book.
The first is Fort Alexandria, but only one visible grassy point is left under condos.
50 feet away is the big ass George Washington Masonic temple that sits on a stepped mound. Hmmm...

The second is Fort Washington, an unusual shape, but its all still there in its entirety.
You have to squint to see the big star point under all the newer cement fortifications.
Ha-ha Deep State, we found this one!

The third is the pentagon shaped star fort that the US Pentagon was built around.
FDR was a high degree Mason, and he had the Pentagon built in WW2. He knew some of the hidden truth of our world. Oh yes, he did.
A pentagon is sacred geometry. But you all knew that.
When my Dad worked for the Navy, he had an office there. He said the Pentagon was built around an "old Indian fort."
No offense to Native Americans, but I don't buy that. Old cover stories don't work anymore.
"Fort Monroe in Virginia? Hey, that's just the old Spanish fort from 1640. Nothing to see here!"

A sassy aside: Occult master and court magician Sir Francis Bacon called America the "New Atlantis." George Washington may have had DC built atop very, very old ruins, an Atlantis colony perhaps. The Chesapeake and Ohio canal with all its wondrous locks and tunnels and bridges is another post. Built in 1830. Little manpower, few civil engineers, almost no money in the federal kitty in them thar days. Just like the Erie Canal that was built by 5000 Irishmen paid in whiskey. Im part Irish, anyone else offended by that tall tale?

I think we should consider that many of the stars could be many thousands of years old,
with perhaps some being Prediluvian. Multipurpose of course, and perhaps purified water too.
The hydraulic systems are astounding. Running water is electromagnetic, so power production is obvious.

Cymatic patterns have given us big clues. The forts may have been created using sound frequency to raise
them up out of the soil, then they fortified them with stone and brick.
The Tibetan monks were said to have lifted boulders on high with musical instruments and drums, said
one British officer in 19th C India.
Matching the frequency of the local area seems to have been a MUST.
Defensive sound vibrations? Earth energy Geomancy? Ley Line energy magnifiers?
I think so.

Alexandria star forts.jpegpentagon close up.jpegfort Ward Alexandria.jpegfort wash 4.jpegfort Wash wall.jpegfort washington.jpegcymatic orange.jpegcymatic pentagon.jpegpentagon cymatic.jpeg
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Star shaped cities, towns and fortifications are located through out the entire world. They were predominantly created prior to the 18th century. Their uniformity and style suggests the same shared architecture related educational background of their creators. These structures are located in the areas which seemingly should not share any common features. Additionally, it is important to remember that we are talking about 1600-1700s here, hence lack of just about everything we are used to enjoy today: e-mail, phone, internet, transportation, education etc.

It is very easy to dismiss this strangeness by saying "that is how they built those days". Whether it is a plausible explanation or not, is up to every individual observer. Our conventional science chooses to ignore the topic. After all, why would "traditionalists" look for that chief engineer who made sure that buildings all over the world were built to the same standard? Or how those builders 300-400 years ago were able to create something like this. What tools they used for measuring, for excavation, or where the work force came from? For example, 17th-18th century shovel is only a click away.

These structures were slowly but surely getting destroyed, or remodeled/restructured through out time. It could have been done to eliminate any reminder of the Centralized Global Union existing on Earth in the past. Some of the areas where they were located, look nothing like they used to. At the same time there is plenty of evidence left.

Complexity of the engineering design does not correspond to the technological level, abilities and most importantly possible needs of the time. Simply put, why would those people in the 17th century go through with such a construction process, instead of building simple square walls? It makes very little sense, unless there is an unknown reason hiding somewhere in history. A reason strong enough to make the entire world construct these star shaped walls.

Below, I would like to present a few examples of the star shaped cities, towns and forts located in various parts of this world.

North America

View attachment 1631
Forts: Frederick, Independence, Castilo de San Marcos, Wayne, Clinch, Gaines, McHenry, Mose, Augusta, Malden, Ticonderoga, Ontario, plus multiple on the Manhattan Island.
Cities and Forts: Bourtange (1563), Palmanova (1600s), Naarden (1600s), Kastellet (1600s)
These will follow without links.

Some additional plans:

And I could probably go on and on, but somebody has done the job already: List of Star Forts - hundreds located all over the world.

I see a direct correlation between these star shaped forts, and cities, and buildings described in Similar style buildings are all over the world. Were they built by our civilization? Thus, my summary is going to sound very similar.

Summary: I believe, as recently as 150-200 years ago there was one World Union with no countries. It was a civilization whose technical development was similar to that of ours. I am not saying that it was good or bad. I do believe that current political system of the world conquered and destroyed the previous one. In the process billions of people were killed. These star structured forts, and cities we see all over the world are the remnants of that previous civilization. (I am still working on this concept. I believe something catastrophic happened twice: once in the 18th, and once in the 19 century. I also believe that the Timelines of World History, as well as the World History itself were intentionally altered. Meaning to the point where it is impossible to say what happened, when it happened and if it happened at all.)

* * * * *
P.S.1 Could it be that our technologically advanced civilization has not made a few Nature related technological discoveries yet?

View attachment 1403View attachment 1401View attachment 1402View attachment 1404

Frequencies Sound + Vibration = Secret Geometry

Amazing Resonance Experiment - 432-440Hz

P.S.2 Thinking of why there are some spots free of the star shaped forts and cities on the below map...

1. Central North America and Pacific North West: global changes in the shape and form of the continent. Only some major drastic cataclysm could have caused this transformation. I think a pretty good chunk of the PNW was under water for a long time.

2. Russia and Siberia: Mud flood and something else - What happened to the Siberian forests 200 years ago?

3. Africa: Annihilation of the entire area - 400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

4, 5, 6. South America, Australia and Antarctica: Anything could be under the ice in Antarctica. Australia and South America I have not looked into yet.
The history bools tell us they wer designed for defending against conon warfare. Seems logical but can not explian the extreme age of some of these places. Which in it's self indicate that they have been built by many generations passing down the knoledge. But who?
I come from a building background and some people just have an almost super human knack of just getting it. They know what to do with what they have, fast and to high degree of skill, using Local resources etc.
There are masons/builders... all over the world that have clearly been building amazing structures throught out history or these things would not be there. Question is Why did they stop? & why and when did they start? surely not to defend against canons. Some star fort structures in the meditarainean sea are truly ancient. There should have been no need to defend against canons back then.
I think the regions most densly packed with star forts were more often than not important for trade. As in ports and or some such. Also when looking at the spread of them they look like a raiding people spread them.But when?
So many questions............!!! I love the starfort conumdrum.


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I am inclined to think that the Earth was entirely populated, without blank areas. This would bring its population to hundreds of billions of people, but it's a separate topic.

That article about 200 year old trees in Siberia, somewhat explains my position on what took place. Google, Google Earth using Google Translate become awesome tools. Russian researchers did all the work.

I think some areas got totally covered with dirt during the mud flood. Some areas became fully submerged. Other areas are covered with vegetation, which prevents as from seeing through via tools like Google Earth. Additional areas blurred out. Yet we can still find the undeniable signature of the same civilization.
This map from Antwerpen shows a clearly flooded area around the city. Maybe starforts helped drain the water?



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I wonder how the Dutch drew all those overhead topography maps with such detail. It looks like they had access to the air. (?)
The Dutch star fort chain defenses seem effective militarily, but I think originally that fort chain provided a shit-ton of electromagnetic power for canal-rich Antwerp. Running water is electromagnetic.
Still, they made dandy forts and pontoon bridgeheads when needed.

My analogy: The forts remind me of when certain industrious people take old airliners and make them into unusual homes. Not their original high-tech function, but a great sealed and dry environment in which to live. Animal and pest-proof. Imagine if all of us on this forum were kids, wouldn't we have a lot of fun making an old airliner in the woods a "fort"? Then play cowboys and Indians? I think that's what has happened in our history. We children "play" in the ruins of the past, oblivious of their importance, function, and grandeur.

Antwerp star fort pontoon.jpegairliner.jpegfort Adams Newport RI.jpegfort Jay NYC.jpeg

Star forts were sturdy, high tech, and superbly well-made, thus they could easily be pressed into multi-use roles.
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I thought Berlin had a massive two-piecer? Maybe another reason to bomb the shit out of it.
I'm sure whatever big cities we populated first or built and developed were covered over older ruins.
And whatever happened to our former occupants, didn't always end in cataclysms. Seems like lots of Europe and such they just changed desks and sent out some memos. Vatican City? GREAT SHAPE. And maybe power base #1 in Europe. At least they made it that way.
Wanting to take a tour of the "Old South" cause my wife is from there and I know there's a ton on the east coast. But out west?...
Maybe a DIFFERENT people than our building designers.