Hubble Telescope and the Olbers' paradox: where is the space dust?


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I agree. While I find the whole ... earth, space, moon stuff to be too questionable overall, this video was making a big deal about nothing.


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this video is badly interpreted, look at what the the girl asked him, she asked if we ever went back to the moon after the apollo age, suffice to say we din't
And apparently we forgot how after losing every scrap of evidence that ever existed showing we went there in the first place.


There is no such thing as outer space.
You can never prove it exists, you can never go there, you can never see it or experience it with your own sense and mind.

Instead, you must trust the modern day high priests of science, and take them at their word. No different than blindly following a slick televangelist or a medicine man from the past. Its a religion to believe in outer space
Ironicaly, a medicine man from the past is exactly what you want. Snake oil has been demonized from our inception of indoctrinization. The various lipid compounds from the fat sack in snakes confer incredible biological benefits in snakes, as well as humans. Medline has numerous white papers detailing the numerous biologic actions of said lipids. There's a reason a snake can consume 80-100% of it's weight in one meal and then survive for a month, while its blood turns to a gel, its heart grows by 40% to accomodate the exponential increase in cholesterol and triglycerides with NO adverse affects. Its the lipid compounds sold by the "snake oil salesman"
I use Google scholar vs PubMed as all published works worldwide will be accessed.
Not surprisingly the first Rockefeller in the US was a travelling medicine man. More likely as an intelligence gatherer using the tried and true medicine of the day, who's agenda was far beyond healing. The knowledge gained from the medicinal standpoint was to patent everything for profit, so long as it wasn't actually beneficial. Hence the litany of useless and very problematic patent drugs, of which they own and control virtually all of.

Anyway, the snake oil salesman lie is a very clever indoctrination.