History's greatest con job: the life of Genghis Khan is a work of fiction largely made up by one man named Baavuday Tsend Gun in 1908.


History's Greatest con job
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The Secret History of the Mongols by Mongolian nationalist Baavuday Tsend Gun is History's greatest con job. It is a total work of fiction passed off as fact by dishonest historians. The Secret history of the Mongols describes Genghis Khan's life or Temujin as he sometimes known in great detail yet this book was published in 1908. The sources Baavuday Tsend Gun cites in his book do not corroborate his story, in fact the sources he used do not seem to exist at all.

It is claimed that the secret history of the mongols was rediscovered as an addendum inside another mysterious book called the "The secret history of the Yuan dynasty" however not a single copy of this book can be found. The source he cites is a non-existant book that nobody can read and nobody has ever seen before. Cross referencing sources is important in real research yet on close inspection Baavuday's book has only made up sources.

How can a book written in 1908 accurately describe events in the 1200s without sources to earlier writings? There are NO other books on Genghis Khan's life written before the 1908 publishing of "The Secret history of the Mongols." Temujin or Genghis Khan is hardly mentioned in earlier Chinese manuscripts. Nothing is known of Temujin's life outside of that one book published in 1908. Yet historians consider this book by a 20th century Mongolian nationalist to be the ultimate authority on Genghis Khan's life.

This is what our history is based on. One book written by one man in the 20th century. The original Chinese texts are nowhere to be found so it basically a fairy tale. It is not backed up by any hard evidence so by definition it is a work of fiction.

The following facts must all be brought into consideration:
  • Genghis Khan isn't even a proper name it just means "Great Khan" (Great King)
  • There is not a single period coin depicting the name Genghis Khan or Temujin.
  • The coinage used in the Mongol empire referred to plural "Khans."
  • There are no statues of Genghis Khan older than 200 years
  • There are no direct written accounts by Genghis Khan or his generals
  • Genghis Khan constructed no military fortifications and founded no cities
  • There are no trade pacts or treaties with Genghis Khan
  • No contemporary leader ever references a Genghis Khan
  • There are no period maps of Genghis Khan's conquests. (only modern graphical approximations exist)
  • Genghis Khan has no real tomb. Only monuments that were constructed centuries later exist.
  • Mongolia in 1200s had a tiny population and few resources. Great armies numbering in the millions were not possible. The grasslands of Mongolia could not support that many people.
  • The battlements on the Great wall of China face the wrong direction. Rather than pointing North they face South.
  • When Marco Polo visited the court of Kublai Khan he was described as a white man living in a Western styled palace. The ruin of Kublai Khan's palace can be seen here
Genghis Khan is a work of fiction_1.jpg
  • This building was destroyed by Westerners in the second opium war.
  • There are other books that describe a great "Khan" of the Moguls and his sons as men with blonde hair and blue eyes. Translators of the Golden book were pressured into inserting fictitious names. Mogul is not to be confused with Mongolia.
This is real research based on FACT. Weighing the factual evidence the only logical conclusion is that Genghis Khan is a historical fiction. There is no historical evidence that proves Genghis Khan ever existed. For all intents and purposes he is a fictional character.

On the DNA Hoax
Was Genghis Khan's name written in people's DNA? Signed his name at the molecular level he did? Of course not. Those claims of Genghis Khan's DNA existing in billions of people are total hogwash based on confirmation bias and ridiculous assumptions. What the DNA record shows is that a lot of people have similar DNA. This does not prove it was Genghis Khan's DNA. What it is shows that historians are ramming this Genghis Khan narrative down our throat by continually manufacturing new evidence often times contradicting the old evidence.

When Baavuday Tsend Gun wrote his epic fairy tale he original described Temujin as a noble man faithful to his original wife named Borte Ujin. Now the narrative suddenly changes with DNA that he raped half the known world. As I said hogwash. Of course being a fictional character the historians can write anything they want about him.

In older historical genealogies that predate Baavuday's revisions Genghis Khan lived in India and was a decedent of the emperors of Tartaria.

Genghis Khan is a work of fiction_5.jpg

Period Paintings of Kublai Khan
Genghis Khan is a work of fiction_2.jpg

PLEASE note there is not one single painting of Temujin. All depictions of him were made centuries after his death.

Why the myth of Genghis Khan was concocted
To hide the disappearance from the historic record of the "1000 cities of Bactria." Bactria was prosperous kingdom of Buddhist Greeks. Probable gap in history. Kingdom mysterious disappears only to reappear under a different name when 1,748,000 people died in one hour according to some legends.

Located in present day Afghanistan and Turkmenistan the Kingdom of Bactria was founded by Alexander the Great in 330BC. After Alexander's death it became an independent kingdom of Hellenistic Greeks who converted to Buddhism and following centuries grew to encompass 1000 cities and a total population of over 1 million people. Up until this point this is considered official history.

What happens next is indeed strange. The entire kingdom just vanishes with no explanation in the first century AD. Then nearly 1000 years pass and the kingdom of 1000 cities reappears under a different name of "Khorasan" only to be totally annihilated by Genghis Khan. Populations are slaughtered to the last man. One 1 million people are said have died in a single hour according to local legends.

Genghis Khan is a work of fiction_3.jpg

Genghis Khan is a work of fiction_4.jpg

Additional sources:
Decent video on the origin of Bactria.

Video on Genghis Khan raising the cities of the former Kingdom of Bactria renamed Khorasan

Although these two videos are based on official history it shows an extraordinary coincidence of the repetition of events. First the Kingdom of Bactria disappears for unknown reasons with speculation of being wiped out by unknown horsemen from the Steppe of central Asia. Then all the events repeat themselves 1000 years later this time being attributed to Genghis Khan. Another bit of official history is the impossible claim that Genghis Khan killed 1,748,000 people in a single hour yet historians admit this is impossible.

(Did Genghis Khan kill million people in one hour)

The present state of the ruins of Bactria is in a deplorable state. The cities were further destroyed with modern bombs during the recent conflicts in Afghanistan. Research into these sites has been off limits for decades as looters and bandits further pillage the ruins of Bactria. What you are seeing is history being erased in real time. First they delete the kingdom from the history books and then they delete the ruins by turning them into dust. This process is ongoing. What is really going on in Afghanistan and what are they hiding.
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This is all very suspicious. Somebody should put together a timeline of repeating events in history, just to see if all the 1000 yr gaps happen at the same time
I believe Fomenko and Nosovski did just that. They pointed out a bunch of historical clones.

My answer to the OP will come at a later time. Need to educate myself on a few things first.


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This is a real time example of exactly the kind of phantom history that Fomenko extensively studies. You hit the nail on the head about how the exact same event happens in the exact same place 1000 years later.

How many notable rulers in history are phantoms.

I've often thought that they've been digging around Iraq and Afghanistan to find some sort of ancient artifacts, but it's interesting as well to learn this area is important in this respect too.

Seriously... Why are they working so hard to cover up the Tartarians? It's so bizzare. From Peter the Great to Lenin, Tartaria had yo be buried and obscured at all costs. When I study old maps and old histories I sometimes feel like I'm reading sci fi about some alien planet.


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Seriously... Why are they working so hard to cover up the Tartarians? It's so bizzare. From Peter the Great to Lenin, Tartaria had yo be buried and obscured at all costs. When I study old maps and old histories I sometimes feel like I'm reading sci fi about some alien planet.
I don't think anyone has been able to establish that Peter the Great did that. I'm working on an analysis that he simply had no motivation to do that coming from the backgrounds that he did but quite the contrary to find out what it was. To me it looks like the motivation to hide the existence of Tartary is more recent from the 19th century to early 20th century and Russia was more drawn to the opposition of the academy at that time. It most likely vanished from Russia during the Bolshevik era and has now been resurfacing again after the fall of the Soviets.

A later editary comment: I perhaps should not have said quoted that, but give room for all views without the need to taking a comment on it. I was perhaps just a bit triggered with the use of the word fact several times in the OP and that associated me to a mental state regarding this as well when writing this, like thinking that we cannot write in such a definitive way about that. I will digest all of this and improve, perhaps OP did not do that intentionally but it felt like force feeding. We all are entitled to write as we please and suitable for our own way until moderation kicks in and everyone here should already be aware and being able to digest whatever is being written here in a way appropriate for each. So sorry about that, it seems I got defensive.

Regarding the OP it is a good post.

Whenever re-building a history one is required to look for the original sources and if they do not exist then that raises an alarm. However to repeat the word fact five times in reference to academic facts to give more credibility for a post raises alarms for me as well. I always also believed that Genghis Khan was not a Mongolian or Khalkha as you can find out from Chinese history according to some.

I don't refute the existence of this character at some form, but the name Genghis Khan was surely just a title. Perhaps it was the prior 1000 years that was the copied out action to extend the timeline. I thought this was done closer in Europe already as well to extend the dating of Egyptian and Greek civilizations farther back in time. The original sources that were in use of this mongolian nationalist writer could have just been destroyed or secured to a safe location to keep this agenda safe. Give a nationalist or a man with an agenda some sources and he will interpret it in his own way, this book has been in line with the academia at that time to keep Tartary hidden. It was also only about 50 years later of the rise of the nations to give support for the nationalist movement. I believe the original text has existed in some form, but I am open up to being wrong as always. Today it would be easy to just refute this whole book and the wholesome of it's history as non-existant if one cannot track the original sources at all.

But this definitely raises more questions and creates more doubt about everything.
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What is really going on in Afghanistan and what are they hiding
Good question. The 10 year occupation must be a smoke screen for something else. It's been said that the CIA run the opium trade there but that's only one aspect of a larger thing.

Welcome to stolenhistory. You are sort of a legend in this field. Your input his highly regarded by many of us.
Mongol meant "Great One" before modern era. According to a French researcher in France they understood it coming words; Mega Lion, so one can draw a conclusion there. According Fomenko Mongols were a Russian Army before Romanovs took power by a conspiracy. They then re-wrote the history at some point making Mongols what they are thought today. It is also interesting to note that the US Supreme Court didnt recognise Finns as White Europeans until 1906 (from memory, could be 1-2 years off), before that, they were considered as .. you guessed it, a Mongol race. Additional info.

EDIT.. It seems I was 2 years off, it was 1908 and not the Supreme Court, my bad.
"Reprint of Duluth District Judge W. A. Cant's statement and decision in the case of John Svan and 16 other Finns in which it was "officially" declared that the Finnish people are not members of the yellow race."
However, this decision might reflect the ideas of that era and thinking well so I would not dismiss this data.
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