1904: the destruction of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Saint Louis


Makes my blood boil to know these beautiful remnants of the past were razed. America was a such a cancer to this world. Let’s destroy these beautiful cities and make DisneyWorld instead as a consolation prize...


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For anyone who has a subscription to Amazon Prime, there's a documentary about the 1904 St Louis Word's Fair available to view: The World's Greatest Fair.
A fascinating view of the largest World's Fair in history held in 1904. Hundreds of images, early film footage, and engaging interviews bring to life stories of dog-eating tribes on exhibit, marathon runners openly administered drugs, and the alleged creation of the ice cream cone and iced tea.
I haven't watched it yet, but plan to. But wanted to give everyone a heads up.

EDIT: Okay I'm watching it now. The documentary is a treasure trove of photos and films of the fair. So much information presented in the video. There's a lot of photos at the beginning about the building of the fair, and showing the cutting down of trees in the park.

What stood out to me is they recreated the alps and you could take ride up to the tallest peak! Also mentioned that this fair was the first time that lights were shown under water, interesting. There so much info do watch when you have time. You won't regret it. Cheers!
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If we wanted to build a complex this size, with this many buildings, with the same stonework and intricate design, with today's technology, how long would it take? Could we even do it? Seriously. I am not sure we could, or they would still do it. They are beautiful. We don't seem to make buildings out of stone much anymore, and not with the grandeur we have seen in the past. Something doesn't add up. Sure the modern day skyscrapers are huge, but most are pretty freaking boring if you ask me, and seem like they don't require as much skill creating them. Whenever I see these photos and videos discussing the multitude of expositions that were created in like 2 years and then destroyed, it really makes me wonder. I want some company to be tasked with the creation of a duplicate version of one of these expositions, and see if they could do it in the time frame allotted. And maybe even tell them they had to use only the espoused technology of the time.

Maybe this question has been asked before and if it has, I apologize.