1. 1901 demolition of the Star Theatre in NYC.

    1901 demolition of the Star Theatre in NYC.

    Star Theatre (also known as Demolishing and Building Up the Star Theatre) is a 1901 short documentary film in which time-lapse photography is used to show the dismantling and demolition of New York City's Star Theatre over a period of about a month. Formerly called Wallack's Theatre, the Star...
  2. KorbenDallas

    1896: The Steinert Hall Underground Theater in Boston

    Not far from the Boston Public Garden there is this unremarkable building called Steinert Hall. Piano dealers M. Steinert & Sons own the building, erected in 1896 by company employee Alexander Steinert. Architects Winslow and Wetherell designed the "six-story limestone and brick Beaux Arts-style...