1. KorbenDallas

    Evidence of the Old World

    "Strange as it may appear, America abounds in antiquities, so extensive, so beautiful and majestic, as to rival those of Thebes and Nineveh. Ruins of ancient cities, of immense extent; fortifications, mounds and pyramids; temples with walls built of hewn stown showing a refined taste in...
  2. False Wars and History

    False Wars and History

    Military Bombs Ancient City or more specifically... Russia bombs ancient city of Palmyra, Syria. Historically these wars seem to be more about staged invasions. Two sides do fight each other but behind the scenes the bulk of money and resources are spent on the re shaping of history... one way...
  3. End of Great Tartaria

    End of Great Tartaria

    A video about The End of Great Tartaria the beginning of western civilization. When does our timeline really begin? Who were the Tartars?
  4. In the Beginning. Mountains or Trees?

    In the Beginning. Mountains or Trees?

    This video is about ancient trees and the possibility that they might be petrified into what we now call mountains. The video, ancient trees vs mountains, will touch on columnar basalt and challenge the notion that lava could form such precise and uniform designs as a hexagram. Before giant men...
  5. Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 1.

    Ancient Civilizations of North America. Part 1.

    This video is about ancient civilization in North America. I also touch on why the southwest region of North America may be called Death Valley. We will also touch on the link between Nevada and Peru.