The Great Tutankhamen Hoax - Was the Tomb of King Tut Faked? | Ancient Architects

Tutankhamen, the boy king whose tomb was famously discovered in 1922 by Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter, is arguably the most famous pharaoh in Egyptian history. Every child and adult alike has heard about King Tut, and Carter and Carnarvon have both gone down in history and folklore due to the artefacts they uncovered in the Valley of the Kings.

And today, just years away from the 100 year anniversary of the discovery, we continue to learn more and more about the finds. But when you put the information together, when you logically look at the tomb of King Tut, something is clearly very wrong and I’m not talking about the fabled curse. Far from being the greatest historical discovery of all time, have we actually been taken in by greatest historical hoax of all time?

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